Editoriale : Nella Bibbia hanno dimenticato i Dinosauri, Così Come Oggi Abbiamo Dimenticato La Ragione

Last updated on August 6th, 2021 at 08:49 am

_χρόνος διαβασματός : [ < 1 minute


Sento echi di grida, cosa c’e’ là fuori? La ragione.

reaching the stars

[5:42am] hahha
[5:42am] I thought that
[5:42am] in the bible they forgot one thing
[5:42am] the dinosaurs
[5:42am] hahah
[5:42am] HAH
[5:43am] what ignominy

reaching the stars
[5:43am] to believe in bullshit wrote down by anonymous people telling a story of primitives from desert drinking their camel’s piss
[5:44am] I cannot accept how humankind in West evolved in own metaphysical conception
[5:44am] More bullshit out there more bullshit they believe, take now the sects
[5:44am] it’s like a cult of cancerogen cells
[5:44am] Scientology, that, this
[5:44am] bloody hell
[5:45am] fuk believe in what you want believe and don’t piss off the world
[5:45am] we are here for another reason
[5:45am] Reaching the stars

reaching the stars
[5:45am] but these idiots think they are here to assist instead to a MASS EXTINCTION
[5:46am] what we shall result in the whole, in the lineage of the History in its whole, for a third observer?
[5:46am] Nothing different
[5:46am] from what dinosaurs have been, walking on Earth
[5:46am] FUKIN HEL

reaching the stars