Dark Art : Lous Ricardo Falero’s Sorcière, 1882

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Exhibited in the Talabardon Gautier Gallery in Paris.

Authored by Louis Ricardo Falero Via Gallery Tabardon Gautier de Paris

The Witch…by Luis Ricardo Falero

Painted on a drum it has a diameter of 28.5 cm. The Witch…We don’t know much except for what the work itself tells us.

The young witch, once the most attractive, buxom women, like a remnant of the Middle Ages that rides and straddles the centuries, materializes in the uncommon woman with red hair, naked, in her ascendant beauty preceded by bats or vampires that come to populate the sky at dusk.

The sound of that drum must also have something magical as a reflection of what it has been imprinted with. This work is invaluable.

Nevertheless, it cannot be paid for less than 700000 €.