United Kingdom : We Saved The Duke of York, We Saved The Monarchy, We Saved The Future For You

Last updated on January 3rd, 2023 at 03:39 pm

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but we aren’t Gods…yet.

Authored by Natasha Anderson Via Daily Mail


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Scoop : The Notorious Photo that Portrays Duke of York With Virginia Giuffrè Roberts is A Sensational Fake

Today we have this :

Virginia Roberts claims to have lost the original print of the famous photo of her and Prince Andrew, which could further the disgraced royal’s argument that the image was doctored.

‘The picture is not in Virginia’s possession,’ a source close to Roberts – who now goes by her married name of Giuffre – told the Daily Beast. It was taken by convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, with his friend – recently-convicted pedophile Ghislaine Maxwell, visible right behind them.

Another insider said they weren’t even sure if the original of print of the picture ‘still existed.’ It was in one of a number of boxes shipped from Giuffre’s former home in Colorado to Sydney, Australia, where she now lives, and where it has been mislaid.

Andrew’s legal team requested the original in November 2021 but it has not yet been provided to them.

The notorious photograph was taken at Ghislaine Maxwell’s London home in March 2001 and shows a smiling 41-year-old Prince Andrew with his arm around Giuffre’s waist when she was 17 as Maxwell stands behind the pair in a doorway.

A photograph of the photo was taken by a professional photographer, with that reproduction first appearing in the Mail on Sunday in 2011. The same copy has been used ever since – but the original has now been misplaced.

Giuffre claims the picture – which has earned her $160,000 in media fees – was taken the same night the Duke of York allegedly sexually assaulted her the first time.

She said in a 2016 deposition in a defamation case brought against Maxwell that she gave the original to the FBI in 2011 when they visited her home in Australia.

According to documents released in the same case, two FBI agents collected 20 original photographs from Miss Roberts which are understood to include the one of her with Andrew.

They gave her a copy of the images on a CD and retained the originals.

Oh truly?

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The photograph is a forgery, a sensational fake, an original copy does not exist because it never existed as matching the reality.

We saved a Duke.

We saved the Monarchy.

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