War On Westworld: APU Continues to Shell Donbas Republics; Americans Killed in Warzone; Two Internet For Two Planets

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Starting from now we won’t use, where possible, Italian Language for updates.

In Ukraine, humanitarian aid was stolen from Kyiv to Chernihiv.
Styrofoam was wrapped in a wrapper instead of margarine.
The video was published by the local head of the region.

KGB prevented a terrorist attack against the Russian army in Belarus
The terrorists planned to strike at the Russian military and equipment in the Mozyr region of the Republic of Belarus.

Three Americans were killed in the battles near Marinka, according to the People’s Militia of the DPR.
The agency believes that they are military instructors, calls their names and publishes photos on their social networks. Those killed are reported to be Captain Michael Hawker, Lieutenant Logan Shroom and Lieutenant Cruz Tomblin. We just found a Tennessee Flag. Americans were supposed to fight Nazi, not join them.

Czech Republic can no longer accept refugees from Ukraine
Prime Minister of the Czech Republic

High-precision weapon strike completely destroyed firing positions of the artillery battery of the Armed Forces of Ukraine with all equipment and weapons.

Russian special forces work out the addresses of Nazi militants in Kherson

Makeevskaya penal colony was shelled by VFU – Ministry of Justice of the DPR
There were no casualties among the personnel of the correctional colony and no convicts. The morale of the personnel and convicts is stable. The situation in the correctional facility is manageable

The front-line village of Aleksandrovka on the outskirts of Donetsk gets from the APU every day.
Local resident Vasily Chuev shows damage to his and neighboring houses.
A deep crater from a shell that flew into the garden. But shrapnel cut through the adjoining buildings, the gas pipe, the house

Alagir (Ossetia). Volunteers from Ossetia, together with the Russian Liberation Army, moved to Little Russia and New Russia to fight for the Russian world.
Thank you brothers! These units are manned by Ossetians and Russians, many of whom have combat experience.

Rats continue to flee the ship. Investigators of the State Bureau of Investigation (SBI) detained a Ukrainian diplomat who tried to smuggle money, gold and jewelry abroad.
One of the employees of the Ukrainian embassy in the EU country was detained while trying to crossing the border at the checkpoint “Yagodin”. Gold and foreign exchange valuables worth about $1 million were confiscated from the diplomat. During the inspection of the diplomatic minibus, they found almost 68 thousand euros, more than 140 thousand US dollars, more than 12 kilograms of gold bars

BMP-1 APU used by American mercenaries in a residential area

Poland took a step towards the creation of the “Galician Republic” to the west of Kyiv

Human Rights Watch urges Ukraine to stop publishing videos of Russian prisoners of war and violating their rights

Ukrainian Armed Forces are trying to slow down the DPR advance on Slovyansk by blowing up bridges
In the village of Yaremovka, Svyatogorsk region, on the border of the LPR and the DPR, a bridge was destroyed to prevent the advance of our troops to Slavyansk.

Su-25 attack aircraft of the Russian Aerospace Forces destroyed warehouses with weapons and ammunition of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the Ministry of Defense publishes footage.

“This is a barbaric terrorist act,” Zakharova said, commenting on the tragedy in Donetsk. And she added that the Ukrainian military, apparently inspired by the number of civilian casualties, tried to repeat their “feat”, they fired the same missiles (“Tochka-U”) at Makiivka

“It is they who are now hiding behind the population of Mariupol, like a human shield, under the loud buzz of the Western press. It is they who do not allow people to use humanitarian corridors,” Zakharova showed the symbols of the Medvedi sabotage and assault group.

The representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry spoke about the provocation the day before by the Azov militants, who blew up the theater building mined by them in Mariupol. “The Russian armed forces do not bomb cities. Everyone knows this well,” she says.

This is how the place of Russian military glory looks like – the Gostomel airfield – from a distance of 10 kilometers. And this picture does not change. The paratroopers of the 45th brigade heroically defend it under constant artillery fire for three weeks.

NM DPR: First shots from the liberated Olginka

10:35 Basurin announced the elimination of 60 Ukronazi and the capture of new equipment for Fighters of the Russian coalition over the past day, during the liberation of the territory of the Republic, liquidated more than 60 ukronazi

Footage of the destruction of camouflaged positions with weapons and personnel of Ukrainian nationalists in the Kiev region


SYDNEY, 17 March. /TASS/. The restrictive measures against Russia imposed by the United States and its allies eventually became sanctions for the whole world, they make the states that impose them weaker, but do little harm to those against whom they are directed. This opinion is stated in the material published on Thursday in the newspaper The Australian.

According to the publication, anti-Russian restrictions “lead to even greater rapprochement between Russia and China.” “India and China, the two most populous countries, have not joined the sanctions pressure, which guarantees Russia access to their markets and, one way or another, to the rest of the world. If those who demand tougher sanctions would personally bear the costs caused by them, [these measures ] would never have been introduced. But the costs are being borne by low-income groups,” the article says. It notes that sanctions against the Russian Federation have already caused global turmoil in the global economy and “caused significant damage to the United States and Europe,” although the worst is yet to come.

The newspaper also recalls that unilateral restrictive measures have never been an effective tool in the history of mankind – neither in politics nor in the economy. “They almost always have unpredictable consequences and often get out of control. Today, we see how crazy countries are imposing increasingly harsh sanctions without thinking about their impact or fairness,” the material states. According to its authors, in order to send a message to Moscow, “Russian musicians and dancers are blacklisted, works by Russian authors are excluded from university literature curricula, and even Russian cats are banned from participating in international competitions.” “What’s next?” – asks the publication.

On February 24, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced a special military operation in response to the request of the leaders of the Donbass republics for help. He stressed that Moscow’s plans do not include the occupation of Ukrainian territories. After that, the United States, EU countries, Great Britain, as well as a number of other states announced the imposition of sanctions against Russian individuals and legal entities.

Ukronazi APU abandon equipment, retreating near Kharkov ⚡️
In the area of the village of Bobrovka, which is located one and a half kilometers from the Kharkov district, retreating units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine abandoned their BTR-4 Bucephalus.

Two Internet for two different planets:
Due Internet per Due Pianeti Diversi:

The work of the Ka-52 Alligator attack helicopters. They are clearing the surrounding forests of Gostomel and the eastern bank of the Irpen River near Kiev.
Objective control data from the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

I want that steering cover so badly!!!!

The LPR said that the Armed Forces of Ukraine shelled the Republic six times in a day. In particular, in the village of Golubovskoye, one house was destroyed and one damaged

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