Battle For Mariupol : Part 3 C -The True Face of The Ukrainian Army, Meet The Azov Nazi Monsters


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25 March:

these are the Survivors of Mariupol that Western Press do not dare to have in an interview. This is the Shame of the Western Elites and People. These people two times as prisoners in 8 years, and a third time “killed” by Western Press. Shame on you westerner, shame on you.
In the video, those with whom we managed to talk yesterday in the METRO area. People survived, looking for their relatives: Russia, DPR, Ukraine, Italy, Transnistria, different countries. They just want to let you know that they are alive and are being helped now

Chechen special forces units led by State Duma Deputy Adam Delimkhanov provide cover and safe exit for refugees from Mariupol.

Chechen special forces units V continue to work to clear Mariupol, and captured neo-Nazis tell how Ukrainian commanders occasionally come to them, issue long-term orders and leave quickly so as not to catch a bullet.

Nazis in Mariupol drove the local population out into the street and occupied their apartments, where they set up combat positions. Civilians have seen American weapons being used right from their homes. What is your name?
“-Alexander. I’m heading to Russia, while I want to go to Krasnodar. I saw Ukrainian equipment, which was based between houses. I saw how the military drove people out of apartments. I saw it in the area of the Skazka studio. Where people were taken out of their houses and they said: get out of here, it will be hot here, there will be no stone left unturned. People were expelled from their apartments, near the underpass, by servicemen. They occupied these houses and they entered with the Javelins. With happy faces. This situation was very reminiscent of the Hitler Youth. The bomb shelter was located where the 3rd city hospital. There were people, children. Then the children were taken out – the military occupied the bomb shelter. Tanks were moving there and the howitzer was standing very close to the Prometheus pool. The man was wounded when I went for water, he received a shrapnel wound. There was nowhere evacuate. I could not stand it anymore and went on foot, I no longer knew where to go. There were no evacuation announcements. The connection didn’t work, nothing. I was in the business of helping people. The third city hospital, I was engaged in volunteering: I chopped firewood, helped prepare food for the wounded and sick medical staff.

Mariupol – The situation on the morning of 03/25/22 ⚡️
According to the project @wargonzoo
, up to 7,000 neo-Nazis still remain in the city. Half of them are units of the 36th brigade, 56th brigade and 17th brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the rest are Azov terrorists. Most of the militants concentrated on industrial zones. Pegov about the situation in Mariupol.
According to him, at night the battles on the Left Bank were going on in the area of \u200b\u200bUkrainian Cossacks Street, and the troops there still advanced several blocks.

Russia is going to fully restore Mariupol, said Secretary of the General Council of United Russia, First Vice Speaker of the Federation Council Andrei Turchak.
“At the moment, we need to finish the operation. And immediately the builders, and everyone will pile on, and we will do everything,” he said.

DPR and Russian servicemen delivered humanitarian aid to Mariupol
A huge queue lined up for help, it stretched for tens of meters. People come with small children. Many of them had documents with them, apparently they thought that they would issue humanitarian aid only with ID papers

Video of distribution of humanitarian aid in Mariupol
The safety of residents at the point of distribution of humanitarian aid was provided by the Russian military and fighters of the People’s Militia of the DPR.

DNR army liberates Mariupol and
reveals the facts of neo-Nazism of the Armed Forces of Ukraine
The Azov militants are followers of the Nazi ideology, it was they who staged this in Mariupol, taking the inhabitants of the city hostage, using them as a “human shield”, according to surviving civilians

Correspondent Valentin Trushnin showed one of the apartments in Mariupol, which was occupied by Azov fighters (the activities of the Azov organization are banned in the Russian Federation).
According to residents, the militants evicted everyone from the top three floors.

This Labrador has been dubbed “Mariupol HaKiko”. The car in which he was traveling with his owners, who were trying to get out of Mariupol, was shot by Ukrainian Nazis. The family died on the spot, and the dog, wounded by shrapnel, did not leave the car for a long time driving away the military.
Veterinarians from Donetsk managed to calm the dog. They took the dog to their place, cured it, gave it the nickname Marik and have already found a new home for it. The recovered Labrador will go to live in Togliatti.

A resident of Mariupol, in tears, asks a soldier of the people’s militia of the DPR to tell her relatives that they are alive and well.
The military carefully writes down all the information in order to convey it to the recipients.

Izvestia has obtained exclusive footage from the house of one of the leaders of the Right Sector (banned in Russia) Maxim Trokhimchuk. A number of interesting finds were made at his place of residence in Melitopol. Among them is a notebook with affirmations, where he wrote down in Russian

People in Mariupol continue to live in basements, go outside to cook food or receive help from the Russian military. But there are those who still decide to leave – women, children, old people. They leave the house with a heavy heart.

“I saw my son on fire, he stretched out his hands to me…”
Irina from Mariupol, lost her husband and son, they were covered by a car blown up next to an anti-tank mine, burned alive! “- We wanted to evacuate to Berdyansk, because there were no hostilities. We just wanted a quiet life. And while passing Mangush, an extraneous car drove past us. It exploded and covered my husband and my 14-year-old son. And they burned alive, under car I tried to save my son, I saw him burning. He pulled his hands towards me, he shouted, but I could not do anything. I was not hurt by the explosion, my mother was not hurt. We received these burns only as a result of the fact that I saved my son, my only son. Which is so little managed to live. He had big plans for his life. After this explosion, the military drove up to us, they provided us with first aid and took us to the Mangush hospital. Then we were brought here. What we will do next I do not know. The only consolation for me, for my families, these will be people who believe in God, so that they put a candle for the repose of Timothy and Dmitry. This is the only solace for my soul, my heart”

This girl was killed by the Nazis with a sniper bullet in the chest. They left the basement with their mother, father and brother to go to the buses.
The mother was hurt. She later died in the hospital. Father with his younger brother by the hand in prostration went towards the gas station where they gather for departure. “He did not understand anything” from grief. Four men carry a small coffin on the curtains, made from the doors of office cabinets..

Correspondent Dmitry Korotaev visited a tent camp for refugees from Mariupol in Bezymenny. He talked with a refugee who survived the Great Patriotic War. She told the journalist about the atrocities of the Azov militants (the activities of the Azov organization are banned in the Russian Federation).

“Only hope is in you, because without you there will be no world”
A resident of Mariupol told Izvestia correspondent Valentin Trushnin about how people survive in the city. According to the woman, she was forced to hide in the basement, where “it is dark, damp, hungry, cold and scary”. She also noted the unity of the residents of Mariupol, who help each other. “We hope that there will be peace,” the woman concluded. “It’s scary, we were sitting in the basement. It’s dark, damp, hungry, cold. And it’s scary, most importantly scary. It seems the whole house is trembling. Now the windows are broken – the windows are blocked with sheets. Who is water, who is matches, who is firewood. Are they doing it right that they are fighting and killing Azov people? “-But how! But how! Only hope for you! Because without you there will be no world. I walked without raising my eyes. Because it’s scary to look! Here I look into your face, into your eyes, and there I did not look (to the nationalists) I walked with lowered eyes, It was scary, what will be the reaction – it is not known. I’m waiting for you! I’m waiting for you! And every time I pray to God, you see … and I read 5 prayers so that everything will be fine. We hope! What will be the world. Everything will be thankful to God…

Exclusive footage of the work of the Chechen special forces in Mariupol.

24 March:

“They just came and opened up the apartment with an axe”
A resident of Mariupol told Izvestia correspondent Valentin Trushnin about the atrocities of the militants of the Azov national battalion (the activities of the Azov organization are banned in the Russian Federation). “At 4 in the morning, these (Ukrainian military) barged in, knocked out the door to the attic on the 14th floor. I say – why didn’t you ask us for the key to the attic? And he says: I need it very quickly. They thought they would quickly shoot back and that’s it. And on the roof is cold. They just came and with an axe opened the next door apartment. On the 14th floor. They sat there, dragged a lot of “equipment”, they were just spotters. We understood this. And then when they started to shoot hard here, they were figured out, people are not fools! We just managed to go down to the basement. Everything, my family was left only in that on us. I am a son and a husband, they left now for humanitarian aid. We live in the basement. I have a sister in Novosibirsk, I want to tell her that we are alive, even she knew what these (nationalists) said: we will make a mess of Mariupol, but we will defend it. What to uphold? Give up and all! After all, they will kill, they will kill! Why, for what? For Zelik?”

In Mariupol, the purge of Azov militants continues (the activities of the Azov organization are banned in the Russian Federation). Azov residents are being forced out of residential areas towards the industrial zone, Izvestia correspondent Valentin Trushnin reports. He pointed to the street that had just been recaptured.

Life and death in Mariupol
Residents of Mariupol are scared and confused. Nationalists continue to shell residential areas of the city. Special correspondent http://KP.RU Dmitry Steshin visited the city hospital № 17 and saw with his own eyes how many civilians were injured.

Kadyrov said that the Chechen security forces had vacated the administration building in Mariupol. The head of the republic added that “other units are moving in parallel directions of the city and cleaning it from the Azov evil spirits”

⚡️ Mariupol cauldron ⚡️ Who is behind the “human shield” tactics ⚡️
Project @wargonzoo
begun investigating the causes of the humanitarian catastrophe in Mariupol, we are finding out who exactly is behind the development of the Ukrainian operation to use civilians as human shields.

A policeman from Mariupol, who voluntarily laid down his arms, tells why the nationalists from the “Azov” killed civilians.
Did you understand where this car was at the checkpoint, who was standing there at the checkpoint?
“-Azov. I even know his call sign. “Grandfather.”
Who could have killed these people in the car?
(A car on the outskirts of the city, in which only the Labrador dog survived). I saw how they treated civilians. I saw it. They immediately brought water, food. Civilians when they saw the Russians were already delighted. They began to ask to leave the cellars, but the Russians asked them to wait a little more. And the Azov people killed, because they already saw that civilians went over to their (Russian) side. Firstly, they were on drugs (Azov), they were all twitchy, it was all visible. It is clear that not a normal person will drive at minus 5-7 with open windows in a T-shirt and in a pickup truck they are still sitting behind him. Personally, we talked with them once, they they asked us: Guys, do you know where you can cut the car?

“As I understood Azov. Well, I saw when the Russians came in,

A sabotage group of 7 Ukrainian soldiers neutralized near Mariupol

Sergei Darga, one of the most important Nazi leaders, in Mariupol.

The flight of “Azov” is covered by a sniper working on civilians ⚡️
Everyone knows that the tactics of neo-Nazis in urban battles cause great damage to the civilian population. A lot has been said about the “human shield” of civilians, with whom the Azov militants covered themselves (and are hiding behind) in Mariupol

A resident of Mariupol spoke about what is happening:
“I am these Nazis, these scumbags, this Zelensky, a pea jester … a drug addict, damn him! ..
And thank you very much. I’ve been waiting all the time!
But these creatures that came from western Ukraine … they were not strangled in 59, all these bastards, and they again raised their heads, all these creatures, and raised all these creatures – Poroshenko, Kolomoisky and Akhmetov … And this mayor of our city, Boychenko! Creature! The last, finished creature! finished! I would tell people – people, take food, stock up on some water …Only on the 24th it began, all these rats got out and began to rob: pharmacies, hospitals, department stores, grocery … ”

“If you rise, we will shoot”
Residents of Mariupol told Izvestia correspondent Dmitry Korotaev how they were treated by Azov militants *. People were expelled from their apartments to take up positions there. Those hiding in the basement were not allowed to come out and were threatened.
Did you have soldiers standing in the yard?
“They were nearby. They ran in, changed into civilian clothes and fled from the city. Men also say, the military came running and said: now you’re quickly vacating the 8-9th floor, otherwise we ourselves knock out the door, open it and go in. We need to be here to correct. This is Azov. We were treated like cattle, we cried, we asked, we had babies in the entrance … they said: so! All apartments are free! We went outside so that all the apartments were open!
We say – where do we go? The children. They tell us: Wherever you want! Even in the basements, even leave. They fired at every house, in our yard there was not a single house of 5 storey houses left. We managed to take the phone and documents. We couldn’t take anything else. All the apartments burned down, the ceilings fell. And the worst thing is that … a family with babies, two: a year old girl and was born on March 8, a child and they are sitting in the basement. We left – not a single tank around. Whom did they shoot? civilians? This is Azov! We remember 14/15 how they mocked us, and now it’s even worse, beyond words. Today they generally said: if you rise, we will shoot! We left at our own risk. We are just lucky! We didn’t have food! We were starving. We had practically nothing. We didn’t get to take it. I don’t understand how our Zelensky allowed Azov to shoot the city! I do not understand. From the first day of the “war” they placed mortars between the houses. For what? On rooftops, between yards. For what? What is this tactic?”

A resident of Mariupol, Lyubov Ustinova, told how neo-Nazis from Azov were proud of the fact that they brutally kill the inhabitants of the city. “I have two acquaintances, one of them is an officer. They often showed, posted videos of how they blew up a person who could no longer resist with a grenade, how they mocked children. Azov people were directly proud that they mock people. That they kill everyone, even ordinary people who are not guilty of anything, who are hiding from the bombing and do not know how to survive”.
Continued: Lubov Ustinova, a refugee from Mariupol, urged fellow countrymen to follow her example and not be afraid to go to Russia: “Here they will help” “I barely managed to walk to the checkpoint in order to evacuate to Russia. And here they already helped, fed. They take you to any city you want, they help with everything they can. nobody wants harm here. Here they will help, here people will feel safe. Without fear of dying. We couldn’t get used to not hearing explosions. We eat on the bus and just aren’t afraid…”

23 March:

“To what our government has brought – abandoned people. People believed. Even a piece of bread the Ukrainian authorities did not give.”
Correspondent Rodion Severyanov showed footage from Mariupol, where local residents receive humanitarian aid.
It is not the first time for Donetsk social activists to deliver food and aid to occupied zones

DPR and Russian troops take control of the Azov-Stal perimeter ⚡️
The Russian Marine Corps of the Russian Federation, the 9th Regiment and the 107th Battalion of the NM DPR Mob Reserve, with the support of the Somali Battalion and Chechen security forces, reached the perimeter of the neo-Nazi fortified area at the industrial zone of the Azov-Stal plant. Thus, our attack aircraft cut off the Azov forces that settled there from groups of other militants remaining in the hotel quarters of the central part of Mariupol and the port. All the details in our special inclusion from the liberated yards of the Left Bank District.

DPR soldiers distribute chocolate to refugee children from Mariupol
In Mariupol, hundreds of thousands of civilians and tens of thousands of children fell victim to the “human shield” tactics used by Ukrainian neo-Nazis.
All that they experienced will forever remain in their memory.

Video from Ramzan Kadyrov:

Our fighters work in Mariupol. Under bullets and shells, Russian servicemen are saving the civilian population, while the Armed Forces of Ukraine have nothing to do with them. The mission takes place in difficult conditions. The command in this area is Timur Ibriev. The hot spot was also visited by journalists from Izvestia, who captured these complex and dangerous footage.
During the interview, a tank shell flew into the five-story building behind the back of the unsuspecting Timur Ibriev and exploded. A fragment hit one of the fighters, but got stuck in a weapon belt. Cold blood, we are Sardaukar !

I am Bitkov Dmitry Gennadievich, born on 07.07.1990. A native of the city of Mariupol. He served in the 23rd Marine Guard Detachment of the Odessa Regional Directorate, as a senior radiometrician. Since the beginning of the war, on February 25, the commander of the detachment Nikolai Levitsky abandoned the personnel from their families to the mercy of fate, without the possibility of evacuation. After that, all hell broke loose. I lived 23 days in the basement. I buried a small child. I put out three apartments. There was no food, no drink, nothing. We were without means of subsistence. Ukrainian army went out for water. Battalion “Azov” (I personally saw) shot civilians who just wanted to get some water. We drank melted snow.
People, everything is fine here. All are alive and well. Family, I’m alive and well. My family is alive and well. We are now in a peaceful place. Children in kindergarten. The children are fed and fed. Everything is fine. Friends, colleagues, who remained in Mariupol, the Donetsk border detachment, the Odessa regional department – lay down your arms. Don’t be afraid guys, don’t be afraid. Don’t be afraid, there are good guys here! Everyone will be saved! Do not be afraid and do not fall for these provocations, do not believe the Ukrainian news. Everything is good here!

❗ The militants of the nationalist regiment “Azov” * shoot back from heavy weapons from residential areas and hospitals, after that they immediately leave, said a soldier of the Armed Forces of Ukraine 66 vmg who laid down his arms
* The national battalion “Azov” is a terrorist organization banned on the territory of the Russian Federation. “Azov shoots back from residential areas with self-propelled guns (SPGs) and around hospitals. Around the hospital it shoots back and immediately leaves. The President (of Ukraine) promised one thing, but we received a lot of blood all over Ukraine. People are suffering, this is not normal … promised peace, and eventually got very tough war. Hello mom dad, hello kids, I’m alive and healthy as promised, I hope to see you soon.”

“Apartments are used as firing points, they come and take away food along with apartments”: residents of Mariupol spoke about the crimes of Ukrainian neo-Nazis, who not only occupy residential buildings for their fortifications, but also steal their housing and food from ordinary people. “Apartments are used as firing points, I personally saw – this is Azov shooting. Azovstalskaya district, Left Bank. Food is taken away – they come right to the houses and take it away and squeeze out the apartments.”
“There is a lot of Azov, guys. Azov. That’s all bangs – this is Azov. (They) fired at us with all their weapons,whichever is available. We have suffered from them, we rely on you. That you can at least protect us a little!”

70% of development in Mariupol under the control of the DPR and the Russian Federation ⚡️
As promised – @wargonzoo publishes a database map in Mariupol. We emphasize that this publication is not official information, it is based only on the data that we have collected ourselves.

Sergey Devyatko about the blockade of Mariupol.

I saw how they stood between the houses (APU) and fired. We lived in the basement for two weeks. Without gas, light, water and bread. Food was cooked on fire. Above the worlds fly, and we …. only silence – you run to the fire. A shell flew to a neighbor, caught fire in apartment, they called me and said that my apartment was left without windows, without glass. On the 15th we left Mariupol. Three times they tried to leave, went to Berdyansk, now we are going further. We left three times, but the military (Ukrainian Armed Forces and Azov) told us – there are no corridors where you climb, we are being fired upon. (note Russia has been officially declaring every day since the beginning of March about the regime of silence from 10 am and the provision of a green light when it is on its side to leave Mariupol!) People left at their own peril and risk, as best they could. We had 45 people living in the basement. They brought food from the refrigerators who had anything left. We lived in the basement for 12 days. Our young people ran for water. They say that humanitarian bread was handed out somewhere, but I did not see it. On TV, whichever channel you turn on, they showed us: that negotiations are underway and they are trying to agree

Mishchenko Oleg Viktorovich, a refugee from Mariupol.
– The whole city was hostages, no one was allowed to go anywhere, it was impossible to get through, it was dangerous to travel by car. “The Armed Forces went into houses when they took up positions, expelled mainly the upper floors in high-rise buildings. They occupied 7- 8- 9 floors mostly. About a week ago, I saw the number 12 at Azovstalskaya 23, a tank drove in, it was covered by infantry, the tank fired back, hid, left for the houses. They also fired from high-rise buildings with automatic grenade launchers, unexploded blanks lay on the lawn. The VSU cannons stood in the park, firing at night. They shot chaotically, it happened that they stupidly hit the house. Beat in different directions in residential buildings, where there was no one (Russian military). Really covered by people. They were constantly covered by people. People constantly (beaten) in residential buildings and the whole city was hostage, because no one was allowed to go anywhere. It was not possible to travel through the regions. On foot you will run somewhere else – If they don’t, then your luck. It was dangerous to drive in cars. The neighbor constantly went for water to the well, not far away. Once I look there is no his car and no. We arrived by car for his wife and child – I approached them and asked, and he blew himself up on a mine. They (APU) even mined roads, everything. There were no signs anywhere, nothing of course. He appears to be alive, but in critical condition. The city of Mariupol was taken hostage. No food, no water, constant shelling of points where people fetched water. And the latest news is that the Drama Theater is ours, where more than 2 thousand people were – blew up from the inside. (According to the DPR, the building was mined, and subsequently the Armed Forces of Ukraine hit it with heavy equipment from the street) They simply folded it. APU or Azov. The army and our government, the city, did absolutely nothing: not a loaf of bread, not a bottle of water for all this time. Never!

Mariupol – The situation on the morning of 03/23/22
Special inclusion of the project @wargonzoo

Have you been fighting here for a long time, on these high-rises?
– It’s been two days since we moved from other 12-storey buildings.
Footage of the interrogation of the Ukrainian militant, who was hiding in residential buildings, was shown by the People’s Militia of the DPR. He tried to escape from the position by disguising himself in the stolen clothes of one of the civilians whose apartment he used as a firing point. He also admitted that he had previously fired from another residential building.

Located 15 kilometers from Mariupol, the village of Volodarskoye, liberated from the Armed Forces of Ukraine, has become one of the transit points for refugees.
Just yesterday, more than 4,000 people passed through it. Normal conditions for all have not yet been created. Many sleep in the local school

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