War On Westworld: “They Are Destroying Our Country, And Ultimately They May Be Responsible For Destroying The World”, Donald J Trump

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When you find a cancer in an organization, you must cut it out before it can spread.


A reputed CIA offshoot – The National Endowment for Democracy – has allegedly been deleting records about financing Ukrainian forces and training members of Ukraine’s controversial Aidar Battalion

A young Ukrainian, a kid without fault except that to be fooled by the Nazi:
According to him, the soldiers were used as cannon fodder, and at some point the command simply abandoned them to their fate.

Donald Trump : He’s stupid and the Democrats are stupid and they shouldn’t be in power anyway.” Trump on the current US government
“They are destroying our country, and ultimately they may be responsible for destroying the world,” the former president added.

The Ministry of Defense, for its part, published evidence that the destroyed annex of the “Retrovile” shopping center housed the parking lot of the “Grad” MLRS and a depot with rocket-propelled ammunition. Destruction of various targets of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the “peaceful shopping center”. Data of objective control.

Walk along the dam mined by the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Marinka ⚡️
“So-so feeling” – burst out from me when, together with the command @wargonzoo
, following the fighter with the call sign “Dukat”, we embarked on a narrow path through a minefield, which the neo-Nazis deployed right on the dam near Marinka.

NATO nishtyaki for mercenaries near Maryinka. We found in the Ukrainian trenches, which came under the control of the DPR just the day before, NATO-style ammunition. We are talking about BC for automatic grenade launchers. Colleagues suggested that they have Bulgarian markings.

Pictured in 2014. Berkut returned to Sevastopol from Kyiv. Just for memory.

“We pray for the children of Donbass”.
In Vienna’s Prater Park, one of the largest public parks in the city, dozens of bluebells with black ribbons appeared on a tree, and a sign about the kids of Donetsk was placed next to it.

Young people of military age are trying by all means to leave the territory of Ukraine in order not to take part in hostilities.

False ❗ – civilians were killed in the Kiev shopping center, and there was no military equipment nearby.
True – the shopping center was filled with military equipment and weapons, and served as a base for the Ukrainian military.
This material is buried in the cemetery of fakes.

IMPORTANT On the all-Ukrainian TV channel “Ukraine 24” (owned by Rinat Akhmetov), the head of the military medical service talks about the fact that an order was given to castrate wounded Russian soldiers, because they are “cockroaches, not people.” All this is on the air of the former host of the “old NTV. Look as the like ukronazi version of Doctor Mengele

“I had to find and neutralize the target.” Employees of the Russian Guard detained a killer in Berdyansk who was preparing a murder under the leadership of the SBU
“It was not my desire. The SBU officers came to me when I was in the cell and offered me a deal. They promised me a new life,
The Russian Ministry of Defense published footage of the movement of a convoy of armored vehicles and vehicles of the Russian Armed Forces in the Sumy region, where Russian military personnel continue to block the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and national battalions
Reconnaissance of the route and safety of the column advance provide UAVs and reconnaissance units on armored vehicles “Tiger” and “Typhoon”.

SBU tricks refugees into non-existent gum corridors and attacks them
The service uses a group on the social network, through which residents try to contact relatives. An eyewitness told reporter Dmitry Zimenkin

Artem Bonov, a member of the nationalist battalion “Azov” (banned in the Russian Federation), said that he had moved from Kiev to Poland. Earlier, he threatened the military and promised to play football with their heads. I wonder how the Poles will react to such “peaceful refugees” from Ukraine.

“We were told that the Russians came to destroy cities, rape women, kill children and the military”
The captured sergeant of the Armed Forces of Ukraine said that the leadership of the military forces intimidated them.
The man said that he, along with his colleagues, came under fire and decided to surrender to the Russian military. He immediately noticed that he was treated normally.

The film crew of “Izvestia” showed the consequences of the destruction of a residential building in the Petrovsky district due to the attacks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Ukrainian extremists, also said ukronazi, who were preparing attacks on Russian servicemen were detained in Kherson.
During searches in their homes, extremist symbols, drugs, and prepared Molotov cocktails were found.

They were pushed to radical actions at rallies and in Telegram channels controlled by the SBU.
It is noteworthy that young people were carried away by radical ideas, sometimes contradicting each other: fascism, anti-fascism, satanism, anarchism, religious movements calling for violence

During interrogation, the detainees confessed

Footage of objective monitoring of the strike with precision weapons at the training center of the 132nd reconnaissance battalion of the air assault troops of Ukraine in the Zhytomyr region

The DPR reported about the shelling from “Gradov” of the Petrovsky district of Donetsk by Ukrainian security forces

Nomination of units of the RF Armed Forces in the Sumy region

Western people think strongly that the civilians protecting in the basement are hiding from Russians.
This is how the bomb shelter in Rubezhnoye looks like.
❗️ There are no elementary conditions, and the number of people exceeds all allowable norms. There are a lot of children who are the first to be evacuated…

In the settlement of NIKOLAEVKA in the suburbs of KIEV, Russian military personnel took control of a protected underground command post of the armed forces of Ukraine. 61 Ukrainian servicemen of the command post voluntarily surrendered, of which more than half senior officers of the armed forces of Ukraine.
Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

High-precision air-launched cruise missiles attacked the Training Center for Foreign Mercenaries and Ukrainian Nationalist Formations at the Novaya Lubomirka combined-arms training ground in the Rivne region, killing more than 80 mercenaries and nationalists reported in the Russian Defense Ministry. Also, high-precision air-launched cruise missiles destroyed an ammunition depot and the headquarters of a mechanized brigade near the village of Selets

Moscow doctors saved a child from Kharkov
A week ago, a shell exploded two meters from the family. Little Anya suffered – fragments hit her in the head.
“When it all exploded, I didn’t even understand, didn’t react, just something in the back … and I fell on her, she screamed,”

Eduard Basurin said that four children were injured due to the shelling of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the DPR. According to him, the situation is very difficult, the Ukrainian military are trying to hit the power grid.

A group of helicopters destroyed 15 armored vehicles of the Armed Forces of Ukraine at night

⚡ Nineteen servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine went over to the side of the DPR in the last 24 hours.
This was announced by the official representative of the People’s Militia of the Republic, Eduard Basurin.

The Russian Aerospace Forces attacked the mercenary training center in Rovno with cruise missiles

Explosion in Kiev, repeated explosion in the territory of the Retroville shopping center put everything in its place: the territory of the Sport Life annex, which was hit, was most likely used as an ammunition depot.

According to information https://rossaprimavera.ru/news/3a77b252
Commissioner for Human Rights of the LPR Victoria Serdyukova, the Ukrainian military seized the building of the nursing home and sent all employees home.
So this is a fake : Russian military shelled a nursing home in Kremennaya with tanks, killing 56 people. Serhiy Gaidai, head of the Lugansk Regional State Administration, writes about this, a ward of Kiev

New defectors from UA army disguising as women..and what women…

Nikolaev: the hard barrier created by ukronazi to stop the advance of Russian Bears. Also humor applied like that is good to keep high the moral among troops.

Yesterday, the Ukrainian side announced that the Ukrainian Armed Forces recaptured Cherkasy Tishki and Russian Tishki in the Kharkiv region.
Today Russian military correspondents issued a refutation of this statement

Ossetians in Ukraine! The guys came to the aid of Donbass! Ossetia the good part of Georgia.

Mariupol people never loved Nazi scum but they were not allowed to go against them being the Ukrainian Government shaking hands with the latter.
“The state treated us like slaves who just have to work for free.”
This is what Yevgeniy, a refugee from Volnovakha, told the channel.
During the shelling, he and his relatives sat in the basement for several days, after which they were taken out by the military armies of the DPR under night cover. Evgeny’s family was sheltered in a hostel in the village of Novy Svet, Starobeshevsky district. But he wants to return to Volnovakha liberated from the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the near future and restore the destroyed house.

Another day in ukronazi controlled places:

Ukraine and shared bribes with his father. Now, when all this has been revealed, the father of this bastard is flooding Ukraine with weapons in order to burn in the fire all possible evidence of the corruption of his criminal family. I believe that our law enforcement agencies will be interested conduct a thorough investigation of these crimes by the ruling family in America in order to understand the true motives of the behavior of the US political elite, primarily the “democrats”, who deposed Yanukovych in 2014 and brought Nazi monkeys to power with a grenade in their hand.

Fake ❗ Ukrainian TG channels are spreading a video of an attack on a Russian armored car.

A New Nuremberg is awaiting the Neo Nazi Militants that perpetrates heinous crimes against civilians, fueled and protected by you : westerner idiot.

Russian military delivered 8 tons of humanitarian aid to the liberated Balakliya
Residents received baby food, cereals, canned food, bread and drinking water. The life of the townspeople is complicated by the constant shelling by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Because of this, many do not come out of hiding places and cannot buy food.

Russian pilots of a group of Mi-24 helicopters accomplished a feat by evacuating the crew of a Ka-52 helicopter, which was damaged during the landing of tactical troops.
The commander of the lead Mi-24 helicopter, Oleg Esman, spoke about the special operation to seize the Gostomel airfield

“No, absolutely. Western people are not protecting Nazi. Azov , Aidar and UA Forces have nothing to do with Nazi” That what a stupid westerner believes in full, and this will be written in his tomb.

Unique shots – the Russian large landing ship “Orsk”, accompanied by the naval forces of the Black Sea Fleet, entered and unloaded military equipment in the port of the liberated Berdyansk.
Ukrainian troops that were based in Berdyansk – thousands and thousands of soldiers and sailors – surrendered the port without a fight

How Western people compare War on Ukronazi on Holocaust ? When assholes without a clue kiss morons without a double clue.

An ammonia leak occurred at the Sumykhimprom plant, Dmitry Zhivitsky, head of the Sumy regional administration, said.
“Currently, the affected area is about 2.5 km. The village of Novoselitsa was under threat,” he said. At the moment, there is no threat to Sumy, as the air masses are not moving towards the city. Emergency teams are on the scene.

On the front line, there is a mass surrender of the Ukrainian military in the Kopylov region of the Kiev region.
According to those who surrendered, the command of the 14th motorized rifle brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is demoralized and confused, the servicemen are leaving their positions.

❗ ‘Shoulder bones, scapula, pelvis’
Nationalists from ‘Aidar’ in the occupied territories kidnapped and shot civilians who disagreed with the Kiev regime!
Now criminologists of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the LPR are searching for the remains, which will then be sent for identification to molecular genetic study
The ‘Aidar’ National Battalion was engaged in atrocities: stealing and shooting people. The corpses were not given to local residents for burial, but were thrown into the river in bags.

Ukrainian troops retreating near Kiev abandoned Western weapons right in the boxes with all the documents. Here is what was attached to the third Panzerfaust: you can trace the entire path of this particular barrel, thanks to German punctuality.

“To be honest, the information that the Russian army was already somewhere near Kryvyi Rih seemed like a panic in the Ukrainian media, picked up even by Mayor Vikul, which we were simply in no hurry to refute. But now it turns out that this is true. These are the columns that “smashed” and “captured”

Americans still think that this world is of them. No. We shall burn it til the last wood just to show that is not like this.