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22 March:

A member of the city council of Mariupol, turned to Russia and the DPR for help.
At the request of the Deputy of the Mariupol City Council Konstantin Ivashchenko, a convoy of humanitarian aid from the DPR and the Russian Federation was sent to the central region of Mariupol, food was delivered, medicines and water.
The Ukrainian people’s choice appealed to the Armed Forces of Ukraine and nationalist battalions in the city, with a call to stop using people as human shields.

Azov gave orders to kill eye witnesses of their atrocities and staged scenes like the woman at Mariupol Hospital who is now risking her life for real, her name is Marianna Podgurskaya, yes the woman who played a woman in labor in the closed maternity hospital of Mariupol, used by Azov to place own snipers

⚡️ Nazis threatened the inhabitants of Mariupol with minefields ⚡️
The project @wargonzoo
managed to communicate with local residents in the residential areas of the Left Bank district of Mariupol. They talked about how the neo-Nazis did not let them out of the basements – threatening that everything around was mined.

In addition, one of the eyewitnesses explained how the tactics of those groups that took residential apartments for their needs and the equipment of firing points were arranged.
Watch the special inclusion of the project from Myotida Boulevard, where just a quarter of an hour ago our units passed

Industrial enterprises of Mariupol will soon be supplied with electricity
Now employees of the energy company “GMSK” are restoring the overhead line “Khartsyzskaya-Zarya” with a length of 45.5 km. Electricity will go to Mariupol as soon as the Zarya substation is powered

The first days of hostilities on the streets of Mariupol, March 2022
The remaining T-64B1M tanks of the Ukrainian army are shelling the street, along which, as they say, the republican forces are advancing.

Refugee from Mariupol: “A bunch of corpses are lying around the city, horror is happening… We are trying to leave for Rostov… We are trying to survive…”
According to him, now there is no electricity and gas in the city, the windows in the houses flew out. At the same time, the man noted that Russian servicemen helped civilians, as could: first they gave their dry rations, and then they brought food and medicines.

Did the whole family get out?
“-No. My parents and my wife remained in the 17th hospital. Under shelling.”
Is he injured?
“- Yes, both one and the second father were wounded in the legs. My daughter, too – a bullet hit in the knee, the bullet remained in the leg. The child fell ill, sat in the cellars. They helped the sick. A pile of corpses is lying around the city. The horror is happening, we are trying to leave for Rostov.
Is there any family there?
“- Yes, we have relatives. We will arrive there – we will try to call. They said call – we will come and pick it up. We are trying to survive.”
Is there food, medicines, what happened?
“-Yours (Army Z) helped, brought water, medicines, at first they gave their dry rations. They helped as best they could. There was no gas, no light, it was cold. A tank fired at the hospital (nationalists), then ours went (army Z) , tank selected. I don’t know what’s wrong with him, where he’s gone. It was scary! We have already arrived here – there is a peaceful sky, well, at least it seems so to us. We hope that this will continue.”

BTR-80, captured by soldiers of the 9th oo NM “Novoazovsk” during the liberation of Mariupol and already used in battles against the Nazis of the “Azov” regiment

Residents of Mariupol spoke about their “love” for the Nazi regiment “Azov”:
“Fucking “Azov”! Boys, so that you kill them all to the last!”
No humanitarian aid, no water, nothing. Our city has been abandoned. Everyone who ruled the city left – Boychenko (mayor) left on the second day. What are they doing! They staged a genocide there! Certain death! No food, nothing. It’s good I’m young, he – we survived, we came out to you. And there are still people old people who can’t walk. They sit and cry. There is nothing to take them out. They (nationalists) bombed everything! They bombed everything! Fucking Azov! Boys, so you fucking killed them all to the last!

Video report from the refugee camp near Mariupol
Neo-Nazis hold another half of Mariupol hostage, shooting objectionable people.
“When we already saw the Russian military – the DPR, Russia – only then did we decide to leave,” the survivors say.

The DPR said that initially there were up to 14 thousand nationalists in Mariupol, now there are about half as many

Fight against snipers of the national battalion “Azov” or why it is so difficult to “clean” Mariupol. Why is it difficult to “clean” it: yesterday militia forces entered the city to evacuate the civilian population. The “Azov” militants launched the Russian army inside in order to gather people, and then they began to “pound”. They killed two civilians with sniper fire, wounded several, then started with grenadesthrow. The fighters were squeezed here, unfortunately there were dead, now they are trying to take out the bodies of the fallen. Now the sniper started firing. Works with subsonic cartridges, you can’t hear him shit. We just hear the bullet hitting.

Building to building fighting in Mariupol | RT Exclusive
Fierce fighting in Mariupol as civilians are forced to hide in apartment building stairways.

Earlier, residents reported that Ukrainian army is occupying basements and people’s apartments

Army of Russia at Mariupol

“Men who went out for water were shot immediately”
Correspondent Kirill Vorobyov spoke with refugees from Mariupol, who spent three weeks in the basement of a technical school.
“They told us: shut your mouth and sit there,” the woman told how the nationalists covered themselves

21 March:

“Here is an Azov militant here… He sat in a civilian house, resisted, and they suppressed it.”
Suburb of Mariupol…

One of Azov’s media fighters slipped out of Mariupol in a body transporter.

⚡️ VIDEO ⚡️ DPR tanks clear Mariupol from Azov militants ⚡️
At the disposal of the project @wargonzoo was a video of the work of the Donbass tank crews in Mariupol on the firing points of the Azov militants and other Neo Nazi gangs

The People’s Militia of the DPR publishes a photo of a Chinese TV journalist injured in the shelling.
Correspondents of federal and international media were fired upon by the Nazis of the Azov Regiment (banned in Russia).

Eight wounded civilians from Mariupol and one wounded from Vinogradnoye were taken to medical facilities in the DPR.
This was told in the representation of the DPR in the JCCC.
It is reported that among the victims there are adults and children from 1961 to 2016 years of birth

During the day, 466 people, including 89 children, were evacuated from Mariupol to the village of Bezymennoye in the DPR. This was reported by the headquarters of the territorial defense of the DPR. In total, 3,440 people were evacuated to the temporary accommodation center from March 5 to March 21

From the statement of the Russian Ministry of Defense:
▪️ Russia opens humanitarian corridors from Mariupol to the east and west from 10:00 Moscow time on March 21;
▪️ RF Armed Forces call on nationalists to lay down their arms and leave Mariupol for areas controlled by Kiev, guaranteeing their lives;

“Azov” is surrounded in the Left Bank. The situation in the northeast of the city
The anna_news film crew managed to reach Mariupol from the northeast direction, where, among other units, the fighters of the Vostok battalion are fighting
“The bomb won’t come here again.” Those who fled from Mariupol to Bezymianny in the DPR tell whether it was safe in the Mariupol basements and how it is now

“There is no safe place in Mariupol at all. Even in basements. We do not expect to return, because there are no houses, no apartments … everything is destroyed”

We leave the basement, look for water in some sewers and go back to the basement. There is no food, no water.
There is only one hospital for the entire city. Surgery and the children’s infectious disease department are working. Well, of course, there are no medicines – first aid is provided to the living.

A native of Mariupol talks about how the Ukrainian national battalions and the military robbed local and surrounding residents.
About how the Ukrainian post office officially stopped accepting their “parcels” to western Ukraine – there was a flow of loot in the Donbass
He directly says that Ukrainian the military were worse than the Germans – they robbed everything that was possible.
He also tells how they treated the Russians who dared to talk about it. The fact that the nationalists had their own “special state”. About torture at the Mariupol airport in the “Library”, murders and rapes…

The Ukrainian army in Mariupol will not lay down its arms and leave the city, Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine Iryna Vereshchuk said

We all almost suffocated, we had to get out of the basement. (Crying) That’s what bitches do!
– Did the Ukrainian authorities offer to evacuate you?
“There were no authorities, They changed clothes and left. We told everyone, call! If there is a connection, tell them that we are here.
I really want to look in the face of all European officials who are now talking about bad Russians and the repair of the Drama Theater in Mariupol. Or rather, take them there and make them look into the eyes of these people.