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Everything in this world is magic, except the magician.

Truth hurts…

Map of hostilities and the situation on the fronts on the evening of March 22


1. Mariupol direction. Street fighting continues in Mariupol. The enemy stubbornly and organized resists, despite the losses incurred. There is a terrible humanitarian situation in the city

and follows[..]

The Black Sea Fleet strikes at the Armed Forces!
Caliber-NK cruise missiles have just been launched from the Sevastopol region from a Project 21631 small rocket ship.
Six missiles rush to the targets.
/Overheard in Sevastopol/

🇺🇦 In the meantime, such characters appear in Chuguev more and more often, who shamelessly sell ‼️ humanitarian aid from abroad 🇪🇺 . In their shops you can stock up on products from Spain and other EU countries at a price of 200 to 600 UAH 💰 .
Local governments do nothing

Donetsk. The result of the Ukrainian shelling. Arrivals in the school area № 54 near the chapel

The movement of equipment of the armed forces of the Russian Federation in Chernobaevka. Yesterday Arestovich informed the citizens that “they were beaten 7 times…”

Ukrainian Armed Forces shelled the main stadium of the republic – “Donbass Arena” in Donetsk.
“tram route № 1 has been temporarily suspended on the site near the Donbass Arena in the Kievsky district of the city.”
Reported by the head of Donetsk Alexei Kulemzin.

Today’s video from Marinka.
The village has not yet been taken.
Ours are pressing from the east and advancing in the village.
The video directly says that it will take several more days to clear Marinka.
From the Ukrainian side there is also a video from Maryinka today.

“We were told to take up positions in residential quarters… There were civilians there…”
NGU serviceman Maxim offered no resistance and voluntarily laid down his arms to the marines of the Russian army, because he understood all the criminality of the orders of his commanders.

Canadian writer Yves Engler interrupted the Foreign Minister’s speech about the situation around Ukraine.
“Why didn’t you push Kyiv to sign the Minsk agreements? Stop the escalation! Stop supplying weapons! No NATO!!
After his speech, the writer was almost immediately taken out by security.

Bye bye westerner ammo …
The railway junction in Pavlograd, through which trains with equipment and ammunition for nationalists went from western and central Ukraine, no longer exists)
Went there twice today. 4 more arrived along Lozovaya

All last night Rubizhne was rocked by shelling.
Servicemen of the People’s Militia of the LPR control half of the city, the second part is still captured by the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
Fleeing from shelling, civilians spend the night in basements. People don’t have water, food, basic necessities,medicines.
The video of the Donbass channel decides – the delivery of humanitarian aid by the military and the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the republic to the residents of Rubizhne.

Without help of Russian Soldiers this Ukrainian soldier was going to lose a leg, now he tells his story and thanks the Russians who “are not the monsters that they tell in TV”

Another Ukrainian school turned into a barracks… but Western Media will tell that Russians destroyed it freely within some day or two.

Azov Nazi supporters in Athens , Greece, we’re awaiting the rest of Nazi scum, starting from Casapound Zionists in Rome.
💬#Zakharova: We are indignant over the desecration of the Monument to Soviet Soldiers in the centre of Athens. They lost their lives fighting for the freedom and independence of Greece in 1941-1944.

❗ We strongly condemn this crime.

The authorities manage to contain the growth of crime in Russia, Medvedev said. The Deputy Chairman of the Security Council added that under the current conditions, the number of radical elements coming to the country from Ukraine may increase

Russian military personnel delivered 20 tonnes of humanitarian aid to #Melitopol which was distributed among its residents.
🚛 The cargo comprised essential items, including baby food, cereals, canned meat and fish, vegetables.

The other day, that same “woman in labor” from Mariupol and the staged “victim of the Russian attack on the maternity hospital” turned out to be alive, healthy and received humanitarian aid from Russia.

Video from Ramzan Kadyrov:
Friends, we are showing you footage of coordinated attacks on enemy positions and equipment.

The movement of equipment of the armed forces of the Russian Federation along Chernobaevka
Russian soldiers are in full control of this territory. Equipment in place, personnel in positions.
Earlier, the Ukrainian media spread fake information that the paratroopers drove the Russians out of the village.

Wow…Sicilian Vespers…: in the comments it turned out that many Ukrainians hear about some words for the first time and most likely – they are apparently also subject to liquidation as Russian saboteurs.

Republic forces destroy equipment of the Ukrainian army in Marinka
Republican tanks and mortars of the NM DPR jointly destroy a convoy of Ukrainian army equipment in Maryinka.

An endless column of cars at the entrance to the village of Bezymennoye. These are the civilians of Mariupol who escaped from the epicenter of the fighting
An excellent illustration of the tales of Ukrainian propaganda, how the DPR and Russia forcibly take the residents of Mariupol to their place, although they allegedly rush deep into Ukraine

Military correspondent Andrey Filatov removed evidence that the militants of the Azov National Battalion were using the apartments of civilians as firing points:
“From this balcony, 9 floors hit the advancing forces from the RPG-26. The tube left here.

“They are clearing the area”
A native of Mariupol spoke about the atrocities of Ukrainian nationalists in the city, and also asked to “put things in order.”

“They are intimidating the population. And by their intimidation they want to hang some awards on themselves. For eight years we have nothing from them did not see good. They went into the store, took what they needed from the shelves, turned around and left.” “We were hit by the Grads of our dear Ukrainian dill, I don’t know what else to call them. They shot at one building, but hit another building. a big fire, we all “burned out.” Well, there were such breaks! They were like that .. I can’t even imagine this, I don’t know at all how we survived. Now there is nowhere to live, in Mariupol they did not leave a stone unturned. After these Grads, which are made by our dear dill. They either shoot at Donetsk, then they shoot at Horlivka, then they shoot at Avdiivka…wherever they shoot. I can’t say for the Armed Forces of Ukraine whether they are more or less normal guys, but these are “Natsiks” – it’s written on their foreheads who they are and how they behave. They are clearing the area. 100% Drama Theater in Mariupol covered our dill. The whole city knows it! So what is it – 500 displaced people in the basement, they “buried” them and that’s it. They intimidate the population. By this intimidation they want to hang some kind of “award” on themselves. But we know perfectly well that in 8 years we have not seen anything good from them. They went into the store like this, took what they needed from the shelves, turned around and left … these are the ones who came from western Ukraine. Guys, I beg you, well, put things in order! Let there be peace! Because we need peace, inside and out!”


Advancement of an automobile convoy of supply of the RF Armed Forces in the Kharkiv region

A touching story with a little boy, presumably near Kiev
According to reports, our military brought humanitarian aid, but the baby did not get it. The military quickly corrected this situation.

“Ready to perform assigned tasks.” High morale of the Russian army near Kherson
The positions of the Russian military in Chernobaevka are fully prepared for combat operations.

A Russian member of the “Right Sector” was found among Ukrainian prisoners of war
A native of St. Petersburg, a citizen of the Russian Federation Evgeny Kazantsev, the so-called “grey eminence”, was identified by law enforcement agencies of the Kursk region. He has performed various leadership assignments

In Madrid, the farmers were so freaked out by the anti-Russian sanctions imposed that they gathered a rally of 100,000. All fuel, fertilizers, electricity have risen in price, and you can blame Russia as much as you like, but the sowing campaign is already in jeopardy.
You see, sanctions work

On approach to Belgorod (a city on the border with Ukraine), the air defense of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation shot down two “Tochka-U” of the Armed Forces of Ukraine
The moment of interception of the Russian air defense of the Ukrainian ballistic missile

Eduard Basurin: 10 servicemen of the 54th Mechanized Brigade and 6 of the 25th Airborne Brigade voluntarily laid down their arms and went over to our side.

Meet The Ukronazi queen of the fakes :

It became known who posed in a mask under the guise of “simple Ukrainian girls” addressed the Belarusian military.
Inquisitive telegrammers identified “a simple Ukrainian girl who fights with the volunteers of the Kalinouski battalion and calls on Belarusian servicemen (who are not currently participating in the operation) to go over to the side of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, ”a well-known actress from the Central Institute of Psychology and Society, who has already been repeatedly caught on staged“ tearful ”videos. So, this is Molchanova Anna Sergeevna, then an employee of the 72nd Center for Information and Psychological operations of the MTR of Ukraine, a native of the city of Krivoy Rog, Dnepropetrovsk region. Previously, this person has already been filmed in fake videos, in which the Russians have already managed to “burn her mother”, “bomb the school”, etc.

Footage of objective monitoring of the destruction of a high-capacity self-propelled artillery mount of the Armed Forces of Ukraine at a camouflaged firing position.
The artillery system was destroyed by precision-guided fire

Biden about “Dagger”: it’s an ordinary missile, however, it cannot be stopped ! LoL !!!!

They write that in the Latvian church the pastor preached about the events in Ukraine, during which he decided to ask God whether it was necessary to forgive Russian soldiers.
The Creator responded rather quickly and set fire to the church.

Footage with broken equipment in the liberated village of Taramchuk
Servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine took away houses from civilians in order to use them for the location of militants, said Oleg Nikitin, a military correspondent of the UNM DNR

Ukronazi treatment of Roma people, same screenplay from 1939-1945:

A lot of soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are captured by the Russian army. Everyone has their families, relatives, plans and goals for the future. Izvestia correspondent Leonid Kitrar figured out how they all ended up in the uniform of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
It turns out that many soldiers did not want to follow the orders of the Ukrainian authorities. One of the prisoners even admitted that it was unacceptable for him to kill children and women. Everyone was driven “to defend Ukraine” without even asking if they wanted it or not. But what is included in this very “protection” did not suit everyone. Seeing such atrocities that, for example, take place in Mariupol, the soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine themselves surrender to the Russian military.
But the lies of the Ukrainian authorities do not end there. A woman who served in the Armed Forces of Ukraine told why they surrendered. According to her, the Ukrainian authorities are lying to citizens, talking about small losses. In fact, everything is quite different.

Armed Forces of Ukraine are equipping positions in schools and hospitals in Odessa

The Russian Ministry of Defense published footage of the use of the Buk-M3 anti-aircraft missile system, which shot down two Su-25 attack aircraft of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

The crash site of a rocket fired by Ukrainian fighters and shot down in the sky over Makiivka

The destruction of Russian and pro-Russian forces in the Donbass has become genocidal, said French volunteer sniper Ervan Castel. He is 58 years old, he is a veteran of the French army, who arrived in the Donbass in the ranks of the People’s Militia in February 2014.

The Ukrainian Mir Hotel, which, according to CNN, was bombed by the Russian Armed Forces.
Oops…it’s the Serbian resort Zvonacka Banja awaiting renovation

Saudi Arabia.
“We have been working with Putin for 20 years. Both legal and oral agreements were concluded with him. So, he fulfilled ALL his promises over the years. The Americans, when the situation changes a little, immediately forget about any agreements and promises.”

Inform civilians – you can turn to our fighters with any question!!!” Female:
“I’ve been waiting for you for 8 years! 8 years!”
Army V: – Everything will be fine!
“I’ve been waiting for 8 years. From this idiot, clown, how can you endure this?!”
Army soldier V: – Do you have food?
Man: “Very few.”
V: – Let’s go, now you have to eat ladies, all ladies, all that we have. Next time we meet, I’ll give you more. Eat!
Man: “Guys, I’m grateful!”
Woman: “We’ve been waiting for 8 years for this Kiev junta to be bombed!”
Army fighter V: – Now everything will be fine!

Rocket attack on the railway station of Slavyansk. Units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were located in the buildings and premises of the station, which was repeatedly reported earlier. New missile attacks on these locations only confirm these data.

For several days everyone saw explosions on the coast of Odessa. Here the mine will fly into the air, then there. Here are the next shots.
Considering the general threat both to navigation in the Black Sea basin, https://twitter.com/Vasilisa_2_0/status/1506011695743107073?t=3HWZRVqnlVyi_F-0kKoqsg&s=19
and for the territorial waters of Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey

According to UNICEF, more than 300 million refugees have already left Ukraine.
Three hundred million Ukrainians is a serious challenge for Europe.

Fake ❗ air defense of the Ukrainian Armed Forces shot down two aircraft of the Russian Aerospace Forces at once. The video recording of the air battle is published in the Ukrainian telegram channels.

A group of journalists became the story on Sunday as they were caught under an artillery shelling in Mariupol.
Crew from the Russian media outlets RIA Novosti, NTC, TASS and ‘Ivestia’ were reportedly among them.

Russian Defense Ministry on the situation with humanitarian corridors in Ukraine:

▪️ Kiev refused Russian proposals to create corridors for the exit of civilians and nationalists without weapons from Mariupol.

▪️ Kiev instructed the national battalions in Mariupol to leave the city under the guise of civilians

Odessa mines threaten the entire Black Sea basin
The FSB of Russia reported on the danger of minefields off the coast of Odessa for civilian shipping. In order to demonstrate this as clearly as possible, we attach a map of currents.

Footage of the weapons of the nationalist battalions and the Armed Forces of Ukraine seized in the Kiev region

Moscow has broken off talks to formally end its WWII conflict with Tokyo, citing Japanese sanctions against Russia

Destroyed two Ukrainian Su-25s in a row
Senior Lieutenant Sergei Ovcharenko covered the actions of units of the RF Armed Forces and motorcades in the Chernihiv region.
During the work, the calculation of the Buk-M3 air defense system under his command discovered the enemy’s Su-25 attack aircraft and destroyed it then he had to make a change of position, but found a second aircraft that came to his position. Ovcharenko also destroyed the second target.

Hungary is against a ban on Russian energy supplies, the country will vote against such sanctions.
“As for possible EU sanctions that could lead to the restriction or cessation of energy supplies to Russia, European unity is certainly not possible. We will not support any sanctions measures that jeopardize Hungary’s energy security,” Foreign Minister Piotr Szijjarto said.

Port hub of Berdyansk taken by the Russian military after local Ukrainian forces fled without a fight.

❗ Military expert Boris Rozhin with a brief summary of the results of the denazification and demilitarization operation for March 21, 2022.
1. “Daggers”.
The use of hypersonic weapons in Ukraine has become a very significant event. Russia has demonstrated a weapon that can be launched from long distances, which easily overcomes the existing focal air defense system of Ukraine and destroys complex targets. The Russian Defense Ministry hinted at “other warheads.” The hint, of course, is not for Ukraine. The case when the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation showed a “cartoon” to the general public, and this I didn’t like the cartoon at all.

2. Kyiv.
Against the background of fighting to the west and east of Kyiv, the main theme was the strike on the shopping center in the northwestern part of Kyiv. The cries about the “attack on a peaceful facility” were easily interrupted by the invoice, when it turned out that the shopping center was used as a parking lot for MLRS and self-propelled guns, and as well as an ammunition depot. With the help of technical reconnaissance data, the position of the Ukrainian artillery was calculated and destroyed with jewelry. After that, in Ukraine, they began to prepare a law prohibiting the removal of the positions of Ukrainian equipment on pain of imprisonment. However, the Russian means of objective control will not be frightened by the prison, but the citizens who report the location and positions of the Ukrainian occupation forces will do it a little more anonymously and cautiously. Near Chernigov without changes.

3. Sumy.
There was an attempt to make provocation with chemicals in the area of the city, about which the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation had warned a few days before. It turned out somehow completely rotten, and a few hours after the leak, it was announced that it had been eliminated. But, of course, new provocations with “the use of chem. weapons in Ukraine”

inevitable. It is necessary to somehow interrupt the topic with biolaboratories. Moreover, the owners of the White Helmets and the Ukrainian Nazis are approximately the same people. So the movie about “Russia poisons Ukraine with chemistry” is still ahead.

4. Kharkov.
To the north and the city fighting. Chuguev – under the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Balakliya and most of Izyum are under the RF Armed Forces. The APU in the southern part of the city is still sitting. Fighting is going on near the Izyum-Slavyansk highway, as well as near Kamenka.

5. LPR.
Fighting in the area of Lisichansk, Severodonetsk and Popasnaya. No significant progress has been reported.

6. Marinka/Avdeevka.
small promotion at Maryinka. Avdiivka without major changes. Also, fighting continues at Verkhnetoretsky. The Armed Forces of Ukraine continue to try to cling to this village.

7. Carbon.
Ugledar itself has not yet been taken. Fighting continues in the direction of the Maryinka-Kurakhovo highway. Their results will become clear sooner. just tomorrow. Velyka Novoselka is under the control of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Stepnoe, Sladkoe and Taramchuk are under the DPR army.

8. Mariupol.
The cleansing of the city continues, there are small advances in development. There are more and more cases of attempts by the defenders to mix with the civilian population and break out of cities. The less resistant ones begin to gradually flake off from the main core of the defenders and try to save their lives. According to Pushilin, the capture of the city will take another week or even more.

9. Nikolaev.
There are no major changes. Hard flights continue around the city identified goals and positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Kim’s “counteroffensive” is no longer remembered. In Kherson, they began to disperse the maydauns by force. A step in the right direction. Throughout the territory liberated from the Nazis, filtration and counter-terrorist measures are gradually being activated.

10. Zaporozhye.
No major changes, only local battles were noted. Near Nikopol there is also no significant progress.

A hotel in Nikolaev after today’s attack by the RF Armed Forces.
In which the “military tourists” were located. How many “guests” were there is still an open question.

A resident of Rubizhne went to the maternity hospital from the basement, where she had been hiding from the shelling of the Armed Forces of Ukraine for more than a month.
Today, servicemen of the People’s Militia of the LPR and officers of the JCCC evacuated 135 residents of Rubizhne.
“We already call each other by name and patronymic, we know who lives where. We have a first-born: 3600, 55 cm, they named Miron, ”said one of the women.
The Ukrainian military will have to answer for their crimes, said the fighter NM LPR Vitaly ✔ Servicemen of the People’s Militia of the LPR evacuated the civilian population under the shelling of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. “We broke through to Rubezhnoye. We work together with the Ministry of Emergency Situations. The shelling intensified today. Art school, direct hit. Children were found in the basement. We will evacuate. There are still shelling going on.”

Correspondent Rodion Severyanov showed how humanitarian aid is distributed in Nikolskoye. They brought the most necessary things to help civilians. A huge line formed almost immediately. It turned out that people had not seen bread for more than thirty days most of all now they are waiting for medicines. Volunteers made lists
“Now you’ll take a picture of me, maybe my daughter will see me somewhere that I’m still alive,” says a woman who alone had to endure the horror of constant shelling.

US allegedly funded Neo Nazis in Ukraine to fight Russia