Why Your Mind Pro-Ukraine Is Remotely Controlled by the Western Media : Meet Mexico Genocide

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There’s a Genocide in Mexico that is literally on going from years, and, in the last ones, is at the top in the world.

We’re talking about Mexico, a country that should be known to United States, and so Americans, and probably also to Europe, and Europeans. But not to their Media.

This is the proved proof about all. And after you will watch these images and videos, that are only the 0.1% of the real database about them, you will have to tell me… are they fake news? Are Mexicans inferior people to Ukrainians?

If you are feeling a cognitive dissonance please call your favorite newspaper and tell this story to their redaction, you could feel better and probably again human.

I could continue… these videos and images are just of last month… if we go back maybe 300 GB are needed and 300 hours of work, maybe more. However here you may find our previous posts on Mexico, that were up before the war on ukronazi began, and sadly now we don’t have time to follow the course of those events in real time as then but we always think to poor people there prisoner of this huge horror any day and any night without that a real strong power could end all of this. Unfortunately Russia isn’t there as country neighbour, they have Americans to help: buying their drugs, providing them weapons of all kind, silence on Media, protection and now this….