Ekos Survey : People Who Received 3 Or More Sars2 Vaccine Doses Express Unconditioned Support To Western Elite Aggression On Russia

Last updated on December 24th, 2022 at 11:05 am

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Westerner You Are Remotely Controlled. You will drown into a river. There is not escape, either chance to survive this.

Authored by Anonymous Journalist Via RT.com


A survey conducted by polling firm EKOS shows that Canadians who have received “three or more doses” of a Covid-19 vaccine tended to express significantly more support for aggressive anti-Russian measures with regard to the ongoing military conflict in Ukraine.

The poll was conducted between March 9 and 13, and collected responses from a random sample of 1,035 Canadians.

Overwhelmingly, more than 80% of the vaccinated respondents supported expanding sanctions, seizing assets of Russian nationals associated with President Vladimir Putin, cutting off shipments of Russian oil, and sending military equipment to Ukraine. Over half of the group agreed with the idea of sending military jets to the Ukrainian Army, and 30% thought Canada should dispatch its own military forces to Ukraine.
Furthermore, 82% of vaccinated respondents felt that Canada should impose tougher sanctions on Russia even if it means they would have to suffer higher prices and slower economic growth at home.

On the other hand, respondents who said they were unvaccinated seem to have differing opinions, with the majority (52%) saying they don’t support any of the anti-Russian measures mentioned by the pollsters, and 75% saying they refuse to pay the price by having prices at home skyrocket.

The poll also revealed how the two groups feel about the reasons for the conflict, with 88% of vaccinated respondents saying the repression of Russian speakers in the Donbass region does not justify Russia’s actions in Ukraine. The unvaccinated, however, are more split on the question, with 26% saying Russia’s military operation is justified, 27% saying it isn’t, and 35% saying they neither agree nor disagree with it.

The vaccinated also say, almost unanimously (88%), that Russia is guilty of war crimes in Ukraine, while only 32% of unvaxxed respondents agree, and 42% say they don’t believe it is happening at all.

More than 14000 Nazi fighters , most from all over the western world, came into Ukraine to have their part and parcel in a genocide, an ethnic cleansing, as they are used to.
Ukrainian Government corrupted by western elites placed them in key cities in order to push away the Russian opposition without looking for a dialogue or any democratic solution.
Zelensky is just a puppet placed there by Zionists, who funded Azov and Aidar, two Nazi military battalions, trained to war for 8 years, besieging the same land and civilians “the world” tells they are protecting. Mariupol people who successfully ran away into the Russian green corridors spoke in these days about the atrocities they had to bear under the so said “Azov protection”: threats, killing, tortures, rapes, thefts, and ultimately being used as human shields. No western media reported this, no western media is telling of these Nazi terrorizing and seizing civilians, deceiving public opinion with actresses and actors setting up staged dramas to reach the heart of millions out there.

All of this is not enough for those remotely controlled people in order to wake up and begin thinking with own head.

This is not a war against Ukrainians, it’s a war against Nazi in Ukraine and corrupted people that endangered and harmed civilian lives in both sides of the conflict.

West is doomed.

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