Finally That Old War Criminal Bitch Is Crushed Off : You Know Who Madeleine Albright Was , Isn’t It ?

Last updated on December 29th, 2022 at 05:56 pm

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Rot in hell bitch and also whoever glorifies this filthy demon and scum on Earth.

Authored by Madeleine Albright Via Official Death

Madeleine Albright is a historical figure for the Serbs. During the Second World War, a compassionate Serbian family from the town of Vrnjacka Banya saved a little Jewish girl from inevitable death by sheltering her family. The girl learned Serbian well, grew up, moved to the States, became secretary of state and … one of the main initiators of the bombings, which in March 1999 brought grief to thousands of Serbian families.

A friend of Hillary Clinton, a student of Zbigniew Brzezinski, who taught Madeleine to hate the Slavic peoples and doubt the justice of what Russia alone owns such lands as Siberia.

And on the eve of the bombing of Yugoslavia, Madeleine was gone. Very symbolic. I believe that her bust, unveiled in June 2019 in Pristina “in gratitude for the bombings”, will not last forever in Kosovo and Metohija.

And some more historical photos.

On one of them, the “mother of Kosovo” in the company of Hashim Thaci, an ex-militant of the UCHK and ex-president of the self-proclaimed republic, who committed a number of crimes against humanity.

“500000 Iraqi children was worth it…”