Nazism Rehearsals : Ukrainian Trans Women Are Being Denied Passage To Safer Countries, And Other Third Reich Revival In The Scenario


Last updated on December 23rd, 2022 at 04:29 pm

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European and American people looking for freedom should watch Ukrainian real events with open mind and do not trust the System as in the desert you would not trust to mirages.

Authored by Lorenzo Tondo Via The Guardian


The Guardian:

Trans women are reportedly being denied passage to safer countries, despite their legal status as women and the danger posed by Russia’s transphobic policies.

As strange hands searched her body and pulled back her hair to check if it was a wig, Judis looked at the faces of the Ukrainian border guards and felt fear and despair.

“Ukrainian border guards undress you and touch you everywhere,” Judis says. “You can see on their faces they’re wondering ‘what are you?’ like you’re some kind of animal or something.”

But as soon as Judis arrived at the border crossing last week, two guards stopped her and asked her to follow them to a room beside the customs office, where they physically examined her.

“Afterwards, one of the guards said, ‘you’re a guy, so get the hell out of here’, and told me I should be grateful they didn’t call the police, even though I have a legally valid document that states I am female.

“‘Go to the war’, they replied, adding that more than 3 million people had already fled the country and they weren’t going to let me out.”

Alice, 24, a trans woman from Brovary, a town near Kyiv, recounted a similar experience. She and her wife, Helen, a 21-year-old who identifies as non-binary, were stopped by border guards during an attempt to cross into Poland.

“They took us to a building near the border crossing,” recounts Alice. “There were three officers in the room. They told us to take off our jackets. They checked our hands, arms, checked my neck to see if I had an Adam’s apple. They touched my breasts. After examining us, border guards told us we were men. We tried to explain our situation but they didn’t care.”

Also Elon Musk some day ago said that war in Ukraine has nothing to do with trans, and mocked them all

Oh well.

Ukrainian Government in charge is liberal, democratic, deeply concerned about human rights and life of civilians.

Hollywood Studios are proud to present you : “Zelensky’s List”

Thus no one could be witness of black people abandoned and deranged at train stations and bus stations in Ukraine trying to escape from war, no one read about how political parties are closed under martial law, no one obviously read about Mariupol witnesses from the Nazism hell, and of course no one read or care about the trans people up there.

At 2022 a so said high civilization wasn’t supposed to invent a false war over a real war to deceive a mass of millions with no ability to think and judge being poor in history knowledge and culture in general.


We were not supposed to reach this bottom once we were at the peak.

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