[V]Battle for Mariupol : Part 3A – All Survivors Come To Tell One Truth, and Thanks Russians

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You may find part 2 here.

27 March:

The Kiev security forces covered the traces of a secret prison at the airport of Mariupol, including digging out the dead prisoners, Prozorov, a former lieutenant colonel of the Ukrainian Security Council, told RIA Novosti, who had previously made public the existence of this secret prison, known as the “Library”.

Meet Kira, and she is 7 days old!
She was born in the burning Mariupol. Not in a hospital, not in a maternity hospital, but in a broken apartment where there is no light, water and heat, in a city where people are buried near the entrance, and in order to drink water, they drain it from the batteries.

Traditional homemade map. In blue – enclaves of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, working offline and supporting each other with fire.
1. Grouping at the Azovstal plant. A huge number of concrete shelters, industrial areas and underground utilities can give second DAP. Neighboring neo-Nazis in the Left Bank are holding down allied forces and correcting the fire of artillery stationed at Azovstal.
2. Grouping in the plant. Ilyich. Here is a similar story with Azovstal.
3. Grouping in the Mariupol port. Naturally, terrorists on these enterprises can be destroyed quickly, but only together with enterprises.

Another new problem is that some local residents do not want to voluntarily leave the city. Among them there are terrorists in disguise, who correct the fire of Ukrainian artillery.
Mariupol has become another test, but the allied forces daily destroy the manpower of the militants, which inevitably brings the complete liberation of the city closer

The fighters of “Azov”*, under the threat of execution, did not let the residents out into the street and did not allow the wounded to be treated.
The daughter of a resident of Mariupol, Elena, was injured in the eye when their house was shelled from all sides.
The woman tried to take the wounded woman to the hospital because they had nothing except for hydrogen peroxide, cotton wool and bandage.
“I couldn’t even take her to the doctor, because Azov didn’t let us out. He put the muzzle of a machine gun in my chest and said: “I will die, and you will die. You won’t go anywhere. Now you will have a bullet, ”Elena cries.Now the doctors of the Republican Traumatology Center are taking care of the girl. The treatment will take a long time. #Мариуполь

Russian marine rescues an elderly disabled man in Mariupol under fire from the Armed Forces of Ukraine – a new video from RT stringer Andrey Filatov FilatovCorr. As Andrey himself said, “we first tried to enter through the entrance, but there was hell.”

❗ In the basement of one of the Mariupol schools ( № 25), which was used as a stronghold of the nationalists, the corpse of a woman was found with signs of torture and a swastika painted on her stomach. Drawn in her own blood.

“We were afraid that there would be shelling from the central entrance, from the central square. But they were not shooting from there”
Residents of Mariupol shared information about the shelling of the building of the drama theater, where refugees were hiding.
Earlier, Ukrainian propaganda stated that the theater building was destroyed by Russian troops. However, local residents say that the shelling did not come from the direction from which the offensive of the allied forces of Russia and the DPR developed. “On the 14th, there was the first shot in the direction of the Drama Theater. Well, it was .. they either made a joke on us or simply “boarded”, warning. They shot down the Christmas tree, just the guys were standing (all in) – a field kitchen. The shells cut off the top of the Christmas tree, two people were injured. They were taken to the 17th microdistrict to the hospital, and it was the Russian doctors who helped them. Then on the 16th there was a serious explosion, when people were injured. Of course, there were already fewer people there, but somewhere there were 600-700 people. Shot from the right side of the Drama Theatre, diagonally turns out, from the sea. We got there again, it turns out where they had a field kitchen (vsu). Was it not from the direction of the city center, where are the (Russian) troops moving from now? “No. No, not from this side. It was from the other side. To be honest, we were a little bit afraid. We thought that it would be from the main entrance, from the central square.
Azov came, filmed. We asked them: why are you doing this? They said with a smile “for history”. It made us even more scared. We began to understand, the day before this explosion..
they wanted to get into the Drama Theater at night, the guys did not let them in. The day before, they began to strengthen the doors and windows. Maybe they wanted to occupy themselves, and kick us out of there”

⚡️ EXCLUSIVE ⚡️ Somali tanks on the assault on Mariupol ⚡️
The legendary Donbas assault battalion “Somalia” under the command of “Boycott” has been at the forefront of the attack since the first day of the military operation.
It was the “Somalis” who first broke into Mariupol and liberated most of its northern quarters. At the moment, under the cover of tanks, the unit is moving towards Azovstal, the main base of neo-Nazis and militants.

Children from Mariupol tell how militants of the Ukrainian “Azov” regiment fired machine guns at their feet for fun, as well as how they set their houses on fire.

Briton John Joyce and his wife Tatyana – about the flight from Mariupol, the atrocities of “Azov” * and Russophobia in Ukraine
Married couple John and Tatyana Joyce, who escaped from Mariupol, spoke about how they got out of the city occupied by the “Azov”. According to them, the fighters of the National Battalion.
they continuously shelled the city, did not let civilians out, threatening not to leave a living place from Mariupol, and shot their own soldiers in the back.
John lived in Ukraine for 15 years, Tatyana – all her life.
They talked about the Russophobia that flourishes in the country, fueled by the cult of right-wing movements, and about the influence of America, which pits friendly nations against each other.
“They said they would arrange a second Stalingrad in the city” – the Briton and his Ukrainian wife told how they got out of Mariupol
March 26, 2022
The couple lived in the basement for two weeks because of the Azov Battalion*, which was holding civilians in the city
Family from Mariupol – English husband from Great Britain, John Joyce and his Ukrainian wife Tatyana lived in the basement for almost two weeks. In the very first days of the special operation, their house was completely destroyed by the fighters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, who installed equipment in residential areas. According to John, the fighting over their shelter was almost non-stop – one day, while rescuing his dog, who ran out of hiding, John almost died under fire. And there were a lot of such episodes. “They fired 14 shells and left. The next day, we started rummaging through the boxes, found a piece of paper that it was Azov that received 14 shells, sergeant such and such a painting. We were so shocked, what kind of “Azov”, why do we need them in the yard, so that they would shoot at our peaceful houses. The next day another gun is brought in and they start firing in the same way. We asked them where they were flying from, there was no one there, there were no Russians there, ” said Tatyana.
More than once, the lives of the spouses literally hung in the balance – after a few days in the basement, they, risking their lives, went after Tatyana Nina’s mother, who lives in the next block. The elderly woman was brought to the shelter, but when the question arose of to leave the city, she decided to stay, contrary to persuasion – John and Tatyana had to leave Mariupol without her, they now have no connection with Nina.
The couple took their belongings and the dog, loaded everything into the car and drove towards Russia under shelling and explosions. They still managed to get out. despite the fact that the “Azovites”, it means the Nazis, openly threatened the residents, trying to keep them in the city.
“The Azov battalion opened fire on the base, they said they would arrange a second Stalingrad in the city, that they would never surrender Mariupol, no matter what the cost,” John said.
Now John and Tatyana, along with a thousand other refugees, are in the Crimea – from there the couple will go to Krasnodar, where Tatyana’s son lives. According to John, he is glad that he is now in Russia – the Russian military helped them to leave.
“The way here was difficult, but I want to note that we have passed about 20 checkpoints, and the Russian soldiers were always courteous and helpful. Now I feel safe, because I survived, ”said John. All 15 years of his life in Ukraine, John worked as an English teacher and observed the oppression of the Russian-speaking population – citizens were forbidden even speak Russian, and fascism and the cult of right-wing movements flourished in the country.
“The city was peaceful, but, unfortunately, it is different now. I remember the first conflict here, which took place under Yanukovych. Here harassment went into Russian, it seemed strange to me, because half country speaks Russian. I think Ukraine has a lot of problems, and language is not one of them,” John added.

We are responsible for those we have tamed! “These animals survived with us in the hell of Mariupol, we shared water and food with them. How could you leave them?”
Many residents of Mariupol, fleeing from shelling, did not forget their pets in the destroyed apartments.
Even birds and hamsters were taken out in boxes. “That’s all we have left. Now we stand warming each other” ,- said a resident of Mariupol, who has four cats. Just one for each member of the family.

Ukrainian military aka Ukronazi expelled civilians from their apartments and mined entire porches in the houses of Mariupol

Shots from the Mariupol airport, liberated from Ukrainian troops and nationalists, taken by RIA Novosti correspondents, including from a bird’s eye view.
“The airport is now completely empty. There are no military, no civilians, only hungry cats running around the empty building.

“It’s hell. They shot at us! It was ‘Azov’ who fired. ‘Azov’! We personally saw it! I personally saw it! Let everyone know. Let the whole world know. Azov and the Right Sector were killing us! Azovstal “- they fired at the private sector from there. They completely destroyed everything! Completely! Mariupol civilians continue to share stories about how Ukrainian nationalists terrorized them by hiding in civilian objects and hiding behind ordinary people.

A fighter of the people’s militia of the DPR “Ilyich” spoke about the tactics that the national battalions use in Mariupol.
“They settled in all the houses, they drove people into the basements. Women, children, the elderly are sitting in the basements. There is no food, there is nothing. People are not allowed to leave the basements,” he said. According to him, the DPR fighters, trying to get people out, do not even open fire on the nationalists, and they, in turn, make traps for the peacekeepers.

In west newspapers you read about Mariupol hell not about how Russians help its citizens, while Armed Forces of Ukraine continue to randomly shoot at the city,” he said.
According to local residents, Ukrainian forces did not offer them humanitarian aid.
In Mariupol, the combined forces of the Russian Federation continue to distribute humanitarian aid to residents of the liberated areas. Correspondent Alexander Safiulin shared footage from the scene. “A huge line for receiving humanitarian aid lined up at the shopping center.

Conversation with seriously wounded Diana Tsemeda, who was evacuated from Mariupol this morning.
“Nationalists” from “Azov” opened fire on her with a child.
“We were walking home with a young man and a child, crossing the road. Azov soldiers were hiding there along Karpinsky Street. It was already almost a curfew. And they just fired without warning. Thank God they hit me, not the child. , I do not know.

Mariupol residents are taken out of the city in shelled and broken cars.
This is a real feat on the part of local residents who, in their broken cars, manage to make sorties to Mariupol and take out those who are no longer able to go on their own.
“It’s terrible on Vostochny. Azovstalskaya Street, Meotida Boulevard – people burned alive in their houses there. Ceilings and beams could not stand it – they fell from the fifth floor” ,- cries Dmitry, who ate hot food for the first time in several days at an evacuation point in the village of Vinogradnoe. The man admitted that he and his family were taken out on a similar vehicle, after a month in the basement people simply could not walk.

The situation in Mariupol by the end of March 26, 2022
🔹 At the moment, the territorial control of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the nationalist regiment “Azov” has been reduced to three areas: Azovstal, northern and coastal.
There is no longer a centralized communication between the sections. What is not cleared – then under the fire control of the Russian side.
🔹 On the left bank, the cleansing of residential areas is being completed, fighting is underway in the industrial zones adjacent to Azovstal. In particular, we are talking about the battles at the intersection of the Ukrainian Cossacks and Taganrog. On the right bank, there was a turn to the coastal grouping, intense battles for the area of Prospect Mira – Italian. Most likely, the city council of Mariupol has already been taken, and in the morning we will receive confirmation.
🔹 In the north, fighting is underway in the area of Gonda – the slag mountain, the exact line of control unknown. But the slag mountain itself, apparently, is still controlled by Ukrainian units. Metallurgists Avenue itself is under the control of the allied forces throughout its entire length.
🔹 Ukrainian social networks are now dispersing the topic of an impending chemical attack by the RF Armed Forces. Enterprises there is no chemical industry in Mariupol. Theoretically, the Ukrainian side can blow something up (if they find it) in the controlled territory.

But only civilians and the remaining “defenders” will suffer – the regions under their control are in the lowland.

Russian soldiers in Mariupol help civilians every day. They are taken out of the neighborhoods where the fighting continues, and those who want to leave are helped to leave the city.

❗ Another interesting discovery was made in Mariupol. A fighter with the call sign “Kursk” found a pack of passports in one of the apartments in the neighborhoods under fire.
Among Russian foreigners there is even a USSR passport. And all the documents are for one person, but each has different photographs.

In Mariupol, correspondent Rodion Severyanov visited the apartment where an employee of the Ukrainian law enforcement agencies lived. Departmental awards and documents were found here, and grenades and explosives were found under the bed.

People who left Mariupol cry at the sight of bread…..
The guys from the Off-Road Club of Donbass, like many other volunteers, are trying in every possible way to help people. They bring food, medicines, give the opportunity to contact relatives. The situation in the city is catastrophic.

They took the commander of the Azov battalion in Mariupol. Along with other scum. Here it is a simple opinion of the locals
“Shoot him! You bastard! The ultimate bitch! Faggot! What are you doing here, what do you want from us! Why did you come here, bitch! Look, bitch, what have you done!”

A health worker from the liberated village of Vinogradnoye spoke about the abuse of local residents by Azov Nazis
“Here, in our Vinogradnoye, of course, there was a whole disaster. And in general in the city of Mariupol. There are a lot of wounded patients. Because all the evacuated patients from Mariupol received shrapnel wounds. it’s scary of course. People sat in basements for more than 20 days without bread. My daughter gave bread to a two-year-old child – you should have seen it! You can’t tell without crying! He ate this bread as if he had never seen it before. Offered cookies – he pushed. And such greed and tears…
In the village, too, there are injuries. The Ukrainian authorities scattered “toys” with white ribbons on them. This is the third injury. One fatal and two were sent the day before yesterday to Novoazovsk, shrapnel wounds to the thigh, lower leg with heavy bleeding. From Mariupol the day before yesterday we had 35 sick, wounded. Shrapnel wounds, all serious, all with massive blood loss. Today is also a very busy day for us. Ukrainian Azov does not let people out of their apartments, and if they let them out of basements and apartments, then they try either to injure them, shoot at them, or some “objects” explode. There were injuries to the femoral, femoral artery, lower leg. The woman “blew up” her near the entrance, leaving, received multiple wounds to her eyes, neck, chest, lower and upper limbs. Seriously injured, we sent her to Novoazovsk. Grandmother (evacuated) asked the question, why am I going to go here, they will shoot me here ?! (To the liberated territory) this is all propaganda activity there (in Ukraine). Many sick wounded people say that neighbors were killed, families are being killed right at home. Of course, it was impossible to do without the help of the military (RF), Thank you very much to them! They help us in the evacuation of people, they help us with humanitarian products: bread, canned food, sunflower oil, cereals, sugar. Even entering our locality, having nothing, they gave us their military rations. Soldiers rode with a tank, they distributed to all the refugees their rations, which were intended for them. They threw them to us from tanks. They threw (their rations) to us from the cars. They will see that a column of people (refugees) is coming – they gave everything their own to them. Completely everything! And cigarettes and bread and food. The soldiers brought us a good ration today and before that. A package, a box, how many of them have – they brought us, they fed us, they gave us their last! We are very grateful to them! For order here! We get bread almost every day, there was enough bread, there was enough water. Both Russian soldiers and the government, which is located in Novoazovsk (liberated), are worried about us. We also thank them for this!