[V]Battle for Mariupol : Part 3A1 – The Truth of Mariupol Told By Survivors

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You may find part 3A here.

27 March

In Mariupol, Ukronazi killed men while trying to fetch water for family members in a shelter.
“On March 2, we went down to the basement, there were several families. After heavy shelling began, families were added, because the number of destroyed houses grew. As a result, on the 25th, 28 people came out of the basement. And there should have been 30! The day before, on March 24 at 15:15, my son and my son-in-law were shot dead. Alyosha and Seryozha. Most likely by snipers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. They didn’t let me in there, our men went and looked, and that’s all from their words. They didn’t let me say goodbye to my son, because we didn’t have time, heavy shelling began And we all had to go down to the basement. The boys ran, we didn’t let them in, in spite of everything, risking their lives, they went to the apartment for water, went to pick up the cat and pick up the guitar so that the little girls (in the basement) would not cry and were not afraid. They left and didn’t come back…”


People’s militia of the DPR: in the city of Mariupol, a group of Ukrainian nationalists was driven out of residential areas and blocked on the territory of the Azovstal plant.
Some of the Ukrainian militants have abandoned their weapons and disguised themselves hiding in residential buildings under the guise of local residents, realizing the inevitability of punishment for the crimes they committed against the civilian population of Mariupol. Some of the nationalists are trying to leave the city along humanitarian corridors, but vigilant servicemen and employees of other law enforcement agencies identify the militants.


The people survived from Mariupol hell have been awaiting Russians from 8 years. And now they , as we told you at the very beginning of all of this, want that the Azov Nazis get exterminated, these women yell to Russians : “Make no prisoners…” referring to killing Azov without mercy because Azov do not deserve any mercy.

“Kill them on the spot. No captivity!”. Women of Pervomaisk, which came under fire from the Armed Forces of Ukraine, told what kind of reception awaits captured fighters in the city
“8 years! Don’t go anywhere for a minute. Here’s the basement. You see it’s beaten out? And we lived there for 3 months! 3 months! Without getting out, and the toilet and the bedroom and the food – everything was there! They shelled all night. We couldn’t Don’t sleep. Idiots! Kill them on the spot! And spare no one! No captivity! Let them bring them here! Our May Day women will “take care of them” for the children and for everyone.
Here in this basement people hid from shelling. And it was here that the Ukrainian shell arrived! Thank God everyone is alive! And you see the destruction yourself, what


The Deputy Chief of Staff of the 503rd Marine Battalion of the Armed Forces of Ukraine tried to escape from Mariupol.
He was captured and reported that the remnants of the battalion had broken up into groups and were trying to get out of the encirclement on their own.


⚡️ Spenaz DPR lure Azov snipers to attack them ⚡️
The fighting in certain quarters of Mariupol resembles a real special operation. It is performed by the best units of the People’s Militia of the DPR.

⚡️ How Azov changed its tactics in urban battles in Mariupol ⚡️
Fighters from the Nazi battalion “Azov” changed their tactics of warfare. Having changed into civilian clothes, they infiltrate in pairs, a sniper and a machine gunner, into the urban territory liberated by the forces of Russia and the DPR,

Ukrainian flags still stand over individual administrative buildings in Mariupol. It is important to remember this, because they do not have long to flutter. The militants are being squeezed. Soon exclusive details about how the special forces of the NM DPR are squeezing out neo-Nazis from the civilian quarters of Mariupol.

Mariupol residents on life in the city, what the West does not want you to see…


This man managed to get out of Mariupol with his children in a bloodied car with a completely torn tire. They were assisted by Donetsk volunteers.


“Our houses in Mariupol were disposable for Ukrainian nationalists.”
This young man was lucky enough to leave Mariupol today.
“Ukrainian nationalists expelled residents from the upper floors and set up firing points there. The apartments were on fire. And when they arrived, they just went to the next house” ,- said Rinat. In the same place, in other people’s apartments, Ukrainian Nazis got hold of civilian clothes and other people’s documents.



Hello mom in St. Petersburg! And daughters in Ramenskoye! And Lyulyochka to Moscow!
Mariupol residents send greetings to their relatives. The republican telecom operator is already operating in the city, but people do not have SIM cards. Relatives of Mariupol residents around the world are in the dark.


The “Azovites” killed their son, wounded their grandson, then changed into their clothes and left.
“- Near the entrance, near the house, he stood with his son and another neighbor. And they arrived .. this pipe (on his shoulder) bang – and to death. They killed the Ukrainians, yes. There was a substation, and they shot at the substation), well, fragments flew from there … and killed them. His son’s name is Vadim, he was 51 years old on March 11, and died on the 14th. Grandson is 20 years old. They broke his legs and we don’t know where he is, nothing.”
You didn’t take him out, is he there?
“- How? You can’t imagine what’s going on there. Hell is there. I have a fragment in my hand. My husband is sick, bedridden. We don’t know where the daughter is yet, and we don’t know where the granddaughter is. People run away, and they shoot (Azov). In the yards there are corpses, there the yard is strewn with these corpses. Shame. How arrogant. On the 14th they killed their son, on March 15 they climbed into the apartment through the balcony and came to the daughter-in-law, they say: let me change clothes. Already the Russians were chasing them. “Let me change!” And she herself is in the apartment, she takes out clothes and says: you killed my husband yesterday! This son was injured. Here, take it! They dressed up in it. They dressed the son of my murdered man in a suit … and a grandson, and left. I don’t know how to survive it. They killed their son, wounded their grandson, then they came, put on their clothes and left!”