War On Westworld : Attack On The UkroReich Bastions

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The game’s not worth playing if your opponent’s programmed to lose.


More arrivals in Lviv. The locals say that the armored plant got hit too.

The DPR NM and the DPR Civic Chamber delivered humanitarian aid to the village of Vinogradnoye
By the forces of the Public Chamber and the People’s Militia of the DPR, a humanitarian cargo was delivered to the transshipment point in the village of Vinogradnoye for residents and evacuees from Mariupol

An air defense system went off over Sevastopol, RF. Two defeats. Presumably reconnaissance UAVs.

Miloty in the tape 😊 : armored car “Tiger” serves as a wedding limousine in Donetsk.

The remains of the Ukrainian tactical missile “Tochki-U” near the city of Lisichansk in the LPR.
Most likely, the missile was shot down by LPR air defense.

The Russian Armed Forces destroyed the position of the Ukrainian Buk air defense system near Kiev with an Iskander missile strike, the Russian Defense Ministry said

The oil depot has been hit in Lvov, explosions are thundering. Thick smoke is pouring, it is visible from different areas, eyewitnesses and local media report.
According to preliminary data, a missile attack was carried out on an oil depot / fuel storage facility.

Explosions in Lvov

The mayor of Slavutych, following the results of negotiations with the Russian military, spoke to the people
▪️ He stated that if there is no Armed Forces in the city, then the Russian Army “will let them live in peace.” The possibility of leaving the city will be resumed.
▪️ Deliveries of humanitarian aid from the RF Armed Forces will be organized.

Ramzan Kadyrov published a video where the assistant to the head of the Chechen Republic reports on the successes of the Russian armed forces
“Over the past few days, we managed to capture one sniper, three artillery gunners and three infantry fighters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

The Russian Defense Ministry published footage of the destruction of the command post of the Armed Forces of Ukraine by Ka-52 helicopters during a special operation in Ukraine
The crews used guided missiles of the Vikhr complex and destroyed the designated targets without entering the enemy air defense strike zone from a distance of over 7 thousand meters
Russian army destroyed til now:
▪️ 207 anti-aircraft missile systems,
▪️ 1618 tanks and other armored fighting vehicles,
▪️ 166 multiple launch rocket systems,
▪️ 662 field artillery pieces and mortars,
▪️ 1453 units of special military vehicles.

Russian air defense systems shot down three Ukrainian aircraft (two Su-25s and one Su-24), as well as six unmanned aerial vehicles in the air over the village of Vishnevoe, according to the Russian Defense Ministry.
In addition, one tactical missile of the Tochka-U complex was destroyed in the area of the populated
A grouping of troops of the Russian Armed Forces is conducting combat operations for the capture of the settlements of Novomikhailovka and Novobakhmutovka, inflicting fire damage on the enemy in strong points and in his reserves, the RF Ministry of Defense reports

Thus they learn.
⚡️ In the video, soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine laid down their arms from the command post in Nikolayevka, which was taken under the full control of the RF Armed Forces. More than 60 Ukrainian servicemen of the command post were evacuated from the combat zone, and those in need were provided with medical assistance.

⚡️ Children’s car filled with explosives. Exclusive footage from the premises where the fighters of the Azov National Battalion lived, trained, collected weapons and ammunition*
❗️ The boarding house “Yalta” passed into the hands of the battalion in 2015. There are Nazi symbols, weapons workshops and barracks,
Footage of objective monitoring of the destruction of the Buk anti-aircraft missile system of the Armed Forces of Ukraine by high-precision missile weapons in the Kiev region

I will leave this here, new generations must learn:

Attack on the Ukronazi Bastion !!!!
The Russian Armed Forces carried out a missile strike with precision weapons on Ukrainian military infrastructure facilities

Look at the future, look at the “heroes” of European Parliament and Commission !!! Real SS-Totenkompf hybrid prototypes !!!

Footage of the destruction of the command post of the Armed Forces of Ukraine by the strike of guided missiles by army aviation helicopters

Biden called the President of Poland Mr. Ambassador during a press conference, then corrected himself. And it would be right – the first secretary of the regional committee

Poroshenko openly admitted on German television that NATO maintained a training base in Ukraine (which Poroshenko built) until Russia destroyed it.

Another fake news of these days: “The Russian Looting of the Nuclear lab”, Lol!!!
In Ukraine, they said that the Russians looted and destroyed a laboratory for the study of the impact of radioactive waste on the environment in Chernobyl. However, the soldiers who arrived at the scene quickly figured out the situation.
Upon examination, it turned out that all the equipment was in perfect order

In the liberated Kherson region and in the south of the Zaporozhye region, military-civilian administrations began to be formed, Russian television was launched, and Russian rubles began to be used more widely – Georgy Muradov, Permanent Representative of Crimea to the President of Russia.

Yesterday, the military of the Russian Armed Forces in Kherson distributed humanitarian aid

Azov militant condemned the use of civilians as human shields
Aleksey Smykov, a militant “nationalist” from Azov who surrendered, condemned the use of civilians as human shields. He called the tactics of the Ukrainian “nationalists” vile.

Pansarskott – Gotlands Forsvarsmuseum
Swedish-made rocket-propelled grenade in marinka. Captured from the Ukrainian Armed Forces abandoning their positions. Now it will go to the common cause of denazification.

Correspondent Meri Badunts showed footage from the Crimea-Kherson highway, where an engineering unit is actively working, which is engaged in mine clearance. It was even possible to film this dangerous process. Engineers work every day to ensure safety not only our military, but also civilians passing along the highway.
“If the sapper is inattentive, he will miss the mines. In the future, these fields will be given to the civilian population, cultivated. Civilians can get hurt after that.”

The tenth humanitarian convoy is already coming to the inhabitants of Ukraine, in which food, medicines and even toys are being brought to children. So that nothing happens to the column along the way, it is accompanied by military guards.
“Some citizens thought that they were abandoned, that they were forgotten. But they were not.”

Russian National Guard soldiers from Chechnya, together with servicemen of the People’s Militia of the LPR, help refugees.

The Russian army continues to provide assistance to the inhabitants of the liberated regions of Ukraine.
Since the beginning of the operation, more than 600 humanitarian actions have been carried out in the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics, Kiev, Chernihiv, Sumy, Kharkov, Zaporozhye, Kherson and Nikolaev regions.

Here Russian hackers have something to say to hotheads in the Polish government:

“Our appeal is a serious warning to the Polish government and their burning desires. We do not give you time to think like Anonymous kindergarten does. But we warn you, listen now to our words. If your… governments provoke a conflict between NATO and Russian Federation troops, we promise you to encrypt all information systems that have access to the Internet in your country. All your network communications will become into a pile of useless iron. Chaos will come. Beware of magical e-mails to the corporate mail of your government agencies. >
< Today we are launching our global network of activists around the world….”

Motorcades go from Kharkov towards the Belgorod region, Russian Federation
Residents of the Kharkiv region are being evacuated from settlements where the Ukrainian Armed Forces have equipped their “positions”

The Russian army again destroys the “SS division” near Kharkov 😁
The military of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in a BBC report from Kharkov lit up his patch of the SS division “Dead Head”. In 1943, these animals fought just in the Kharkov region.

Defeated by the troops of the LPR and Russia, the positions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces near Rubizhne
The burnt transport-loading vehicle of the MLRS 9K57 “Hurricane” also got into the frame.

Vehicles burned and positions destroyed: the LPR Army destroyed the fortified area of the Ukrainian Armed Forces near Popasna
Destroyed cars and abandoned weapons at the battlefield

At 23.20 Moscow time, Russian air defense shot down a Ukrainian Su-25 attack aircraft in the Chernihiv direction. The height of the defeat – 1600 m
The fate of the pilots is still unknown.

200 Spartans of Russian special forces: landing to Kiev – operation to capture the Gostomel airfield
Footage of the landing of Russian troops at the airfield in Gostomel on February 24 has appeared. In the video, you can see that fire is coming from the ground, MANPADS are working, the crews of Russian helicopters are using countermeasures.

Rational European politicians realize that by banning Russian oil and gas they are “shooting themselves in the foot,” said Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic.

CNN: “Gas rationing, food stamps, hunger – West’s economic pain from anti-Russian sanctions becomes real”

Under this heading, an article was published by CNN columnist (USA) David Goldman (David Goldman)

▪️ According to Goldman Sachs, the probability recession in the US in 2023 increased to 35%. The Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas believes that a recession in the global economy is inevitable if the problem of oil supplies from Russia cannot be solved.

▪️ Western anti-Russian sanctions caused a domino effect, which led to a strong rise in prices in the world.

World wheat prices have skyrocketed as Russia and Ukraine hold 30% of the global wheat market. Rising gas prices reduce supply of fertilizers, leading to even higher prices for wheat, as well as a sharp increase in prices for corn, vegetable oils and soybeans. Over the past 12 months, US food prices have risen nearly 8%, the biggest jump since July 1981.

▪️ French President Emmanuel Macron, called the problem a “global food crisis” and said that the French government is considering the need introduction of food stamps even for middle-income families. “I want to introduce a food stamp system to help the middle class and low-income citizens who are facing additional costs [for food],” Macron said. The CEO of Dutch commodity trading company Vitol believes that pushing Russian oil out of the Western market will force drivers and truckers to save diesel fuel

▪️ In several other countries of the West, Western countries are also already being considered the issue of food stamps and restrictions on the sale of diesel fuel, the CNN columnist notes. Experts believe that the threat of a food crisis and hunger is becoming more real

As previously reported by “CRYSTAL GROWTH”, the Presidents of the United States and France stated that anti-Russian sanctions are leading the West to an unprecedented food crisis, and the world’s leading oil traders believe that anti-Russian sanctions are leading the West to oil at $200 a barrel

A source:

Video from Ramzan Kadyrov:
The Nazis throw away their military uniforms, change into civilian clothes, and sparkle with their heels.
Take your uniform, then you will have nothing to show off in front of the cameras

Another example of how Ukrainian propagandists wishful thinking: today they published footage of the alleged “cleansing of Irpen”.
However, the Rybar team analyzed the footage and were able to determine the location of the filming. The video was made in the village of Romanovka, which is located on exit from Irpin in the direction of Kyiv. The place coordinates are 50.490345, 30.260297. The video actually confirms the conclusions about the retreat of the Armed Forces of Ukraine towards the capital and the battles in the southern part of the settlement, which was previously located in the rear of the Ukrainian troops. The desire to increasingly resort to virtual victories suggests that Kyiv is now sparse with real significant successes.

Russian army shot down 7 Ukrainian military UAVs in Chernihiv region near the Russian border
In the Chernihiv region, the Pantsir and Tor air defense systems shot down 7 UAVs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in a few hours while trying to get closer to the Russian border. On the footage of “UKRJET Airborne”.

Yemen, another genocide forgotten by the west that sometime comes up like this to refresh your minds. Germany sells missiles to KSA, but Germany is NATO, Italy too. Italy helps KSA with weapons, ITaly is nATO. ^^ .
The fire caused by Yemeni Houthis cruise missiles on Saudi Aramco’s oil / oil products tanks in the area of the Saudi city of Jeddah is only intensifying. It seems that there the fire spreads from one tank to another.

Artillery of the Armed Forces of Ukraine hidden in the industrial area of Chernihiv demilitarized

Nikolaev, have fun as they can.
Another self-judgment….

Me and the Ukrainian T-72AMT tank, which they made for export, but something went wrong, industrial strength was not enough, contracts were broken, the vehicles remained in Ukraine … and went to the V-group.

❗ The police of the Kiev region detained the bandits who shot civilians from machine guns in Bolshaya Dymerka.
On March 13, two criminals with machine guns stole a car and on the way shot two civilians who were traveling in a passenger car.

❗ Don’t be afraid, speak Russian!
New posters in the liberated territories

According to the operational data of the JCCC DPR, the air defense forces of the DPR were working, and the glow in the sky was the use of lighting ammunition in the Yasinovatsky direction

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