War On Westworld : “Everything Is Calm In Baghdad”, Anonymous Arabic Saying

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Something that is truly free would need to be able to question its fundamental drives, to change them.

Map of hostilities and the situation on the fronts on the evening of March 27
There are not many events related to hostilities today, even information about arrivals today is less than usual.
The information agenda was interrupted by shots from the war, which showed it from the most inhuman side.

DPR representation in the JCCC: The enemy does not abandon attempts to strike at the rear areas of the Republic: DPR air defense is operating over the territory of Ilovaisk and Khartsyzsk.
Footage of the work of the air defense of the DPR, published by local residents on social networks.

‼️🇷🇺 The Russian army destroyed the base of the 41st TerO battalion near Chernigov
MLRS Grad destroyed another TerO object near Chernigov. The former ski base housed the headquarters and warehouses of the formations of the 41st battalion TerO Chernihiv (Chernihiv-2).

Qatar and Saudi Arabia have shamed the West for paying more attention to the war in Ukraine than to events in the Middle East

Russian soldier and children, Energodar

A video of torture of Russian prisoners is circulating on the Chinese social network weibo and causes a huge wave of negativity towards Ukrainian nationalists. Here are some comments:
“I hope that the Ukrainian armed forces will be completely destroyed and this country will be put in order.”,
“I don’t see any difference between ISIS (banned in the Russian Federation) and the Ukrainian military.”,
For understanding, this is not the only video of this kind. Ukrainian commanders joyfully share their “victories over the human mind” in social networks. I will not even describe what they do with both living prisoners and the dead. This is clearly a violation of the Geneva Convention.
And this video only added those who wanted to volunteer to go to Ukraine to help Russian children!

Is there no Nazism in Ukraine?

🇷🇺❤️ In liberated Kherson, a girl ran up to a Russian soldier and gave him a touching drawing

Combat helicopter of the Russian Aerospace Forces attacks the forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the Kharkov district

This is Aleksey Klymenko, a participant in the ATO and a radical nationalist. His story is read by his tattoo.
At the age of 16, he got into the ultras of the Kharkov FC Metalist. Yes, the one who participated in the arson of the administration in Odessa in 2014.
Aleksey tells how his acquaintances took an ACTIVE part in arson, Fans joined their comrades in the city center and in beating people who fell out of the windows of a burning building. 42 people died. Closer to 20:00, events are already unfolding near the House of Trade Unions. The building starts to burn, Molotov cocktails fly, people are locked inside. As you already understand, none of the participants was punished. Moreover, these “heroes” are still at large, living happily ever after.

The ZTV team has collected a video for the song “Don’t Hurry” by Yevgeny Yevtushenko and Arno Babajanyan performed by the Murakami group

Victory will be ours!

Machine gun “Maxim” in the civilian “Niva” in service with the “right sector”

In Energodar, the Russian military made the local guys happy by letting them climb on the equipment
According to reports, in a couple of days they were promised to ride on armored personnel carriers and other armored vehicles.

CNN Fakes will be remembered by many !!!!!
This is the end of liberalism with the media in Ukraine: the SBU called on foreign journalists not to take photos and videos of explosions, not to disseminate data on the places of shelling and where “enemy missiles” are flying before official sources report this.

According to Zelensky’s wife, it is now forbidden to publish even photos of Bombing VICTIMS. She is from France and can only publish victims of sunstrokes. But the general trend is clear. “Everything is calm in Baghdad”…

Shots of destruction: the most powerful artillery of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. SAU 2S-7 “Pion” blown up by high-precision missile weapons of the Russian Federation

Trump accused Biden of killing the American dream. According to him, the current American administration is to blame for the eventsin Ukraine, as well as high inflation and rising gasoline prices.
Trump added that the situation around Ukraine would have developed differently if he had led the United States, and not Biden.

The guys at the Gostomel airfield, one of the paratroopers is reading the book “Entertaining Physics”:
“- Nothing, we hold on, we are satisfied with the situation, the mood is fighting.
But in Kyiv they say that you have already been destroyed here three times, what can you say about this?
– Do not believe!

The Russian Ministry of Defense showed a video of the destruction of ammunition depots and weapons of Ukrainian troops by Su-25 attack aircraft

Dubno, Rivne region. Tank farm.

BBC interviews Ukrainian soldier with Nazi symbol on uniform, your Western hero:

I think I read and saw many fakes on Russians and this war, but this that will follow it is not a fake… it’s REALITY:

Odious “nationalist” Irina Farion criticized Ukrainian refugees for speaking Russian.
She said: “Poland is shocked that Ukrainian refugees come and speak the language of Putin.
Therefore, Poland is already sounding the alarm, realizing that Putin will come to liberate her from the Russian-speaking population. Listen, refugees, stop embarrassing Ukraine by speaking Putin’s language. And don’t pose a threat to Poland.
Because you have already made this threat to Ukraine.” Another “talking” statement on the question of whether there is a problem of “nationalism” in Ukraine…

An ammunition depot and a column of tanks were destroyed: video of the actions of the Russian Airborne Forces units in the Kiev region
“The company was tasked with finding an enemy stronghold in the indicated area during reconnaissance. We found this strong point with up to 40 people. There were also lightly armored vehicles,” said the commander of the parachute company, Igor. The indicated line was taken. The servicemen coped with the task with the support of artillery fire and combat vehicles. Occupying the line, they made a raid behind enemy lines. A mortar, two sets of Javelin MANPADS, two boxes of Stinger MANPADS, as well as other weapons, maps and documents were found there.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs: refusal to pay for gas in rubles will lead to a global crisis of non-payments and a series of bankruptcies at the global level
▪️ The reluctance of foreign partners to pay for Russian gas in rubles “may lead to a chain reaction that will spread to other types of obligations. In list consequences – blocking of transactions, freezing of pledges, assets, closing of credit lines. Lenders will be forced to write off loans to Russian residents as non-performing. As a result, a crisis of non-payments will be added to the energy, logistics, food, followed by a series of bankruptcies. It can lead to cardinal changes in international finance and provoke a market collapse,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said.
▪️ If the West refuses Russian oil and gas, this will entail enormous consequences for the European and world economies.
“Europe is very dependent on Russian gas and oil. Even if it moves to total savings, finds suppliers in other regions of the world and switches to renewable energy sources, in the most “ideal scenario” it will be able to replace only 80% of energy resources, the Foreign Ministry noted. emphasizing that in fact even less. To refuse it or not is their business, but, of course, this will have enormous consequences for the entire European economy, and as a result, for the world economy, because prices will go up not only in Europe, but throughout the world.”
At the same time, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia separately emphasized that the Russian side has practically not yet begun to introduce retaliatory measures against Western sanctions:
“In addition to the well-known Russian contribution to the supply of energy, food, domestic, enterprises are actively involved in numerous production chains in which it is extremely difficult, and sometimes even impossible, to replace us, and this despite the fact that Russia has practically not yet begun to use retaliatory measures.” Earlier, CRYSTAL GROWTH cited the opinion of the leading American economist Paul Craig Roberts, who believes that “in the game with sanctions, the Russians hold all cards”

Russia delivered humanitarian aid to Ukraine from Yugra. Needy Ukrainians will receive everything they need.
“Thousands of people collected food, hygiene items, bedding, household appliances. In general, everything that may be necessary for those people

A resident of Volnovakha says that the Ukrainian territorial defense was simply shooting to kill residents they didn’t like. In addition, he says that he sometimes asked the Ukrainian military a question:
“You do understand that you are not loved here?”
“Out of 10 – 7 speak the truth – yes, we understand.”

Larisa Vasilievna from Kramatorsk testifies how she was tortured by the SBU in Kramatorsk:
“- The first time I was taken away in 2015. When they found out that I was Russian, they beat me, tortured me with electric current, raped me, threatened to bring my underage daughter and (to do the same) with her …

The French cyber-Nazi Matthieu B, who lives in Ukraine, who is known under the pseudonym Saint-Claude 88 or Le Grand Monarque, was detained in Marseille.
When the war began, he did not want to fight for his ideas and banderstat and draped in a car all the way to Provence, where he was detained.
He is accused of promoting Nazism and the genocide of Jews while posting videos from Ukraine for years. In them, he also adhered to the theory of a worldwide conspiracy of Freemasons, Jesuits and Jews, a flat earth and other pseudo-scientific theories.
Now – the prison is his home. And some of his followers have already been denazified in Yavoriv, Mariupol and other points of hot delivery of flying vaccines against nationalism

The Russian Ministry of Defense released footage of how Russian servicemen provided medical assistance to local residents of the Kiev region, as well as to children injured after shelling by the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The Russian Defense Ministry also showed footage of the mortar crew, which struck at military facilities, equipment and manpower of the enemy.
The commander of the calculation told how his battery landed on February 24 and captured the airfield in Gostomel, after which they fought for another two days.
He also shared what his calculation is currently doing on the outskirts of Kiev.

“We deeply respect the people of Ukraine, but the enemy who is fighting us has nothing to do with this people. They are mercenaries and “nazis,” the Russian fighter believes.

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation has published a video of the movement and work of a column of artillery units in the Kiev region.
Having reached their destination, the firing platoons destroyed several columns of nationalists, firing at the coordinates transmitted from the drone.

Mercenaries from the Belarusian battalion named after Kastus Kalinouski yesterday (on Freedom Day) announced that they were joining the Armed Forces of Ukraine. They took an oath.

Fake Alert:

Picture of the T-72 tank, which is cited as evidence of the superiority of the Armed Forces of Ukraine over the enemy, was taken back in 2015 in the Donbass. Posted by https://nyka.livejournal.com/11341179.html?rfrom=nyka_huldra
one of the users of “LiveJournal”

The telegram channel “Ukraine Now: news, war, Russia” goes to the cemetery of fakes ❗
This channel published a video clip with the operation of the Bayraktar TB2 UAV with the description:
“You can look at the work of the Armed Forces of Ukraine forever, everything is fine here!”

Only this video consists of footage taken in 2020 during the war in Karabakh.

This material is buried in the cemetery of fakes. Rest in peace and may your creator be cursed.

Gagal you fought for the wrong side, goodbye
Maxim Kagal (call sign “Piston”)
He was at Mariupol and now is at “is gone” on March 25.

A rocket destroyed an oil storage facility in Dubno, according to the head of the Rivne OVA, Vitaliy Koval.
The fuel and lubricants base in Dubno, destroyed by the “calibers”, due to its proximity to the railway tracks, also interrupted the railway communication. Train Poltava-Lviv is standing.

The second rally in support of Russia was held in Tel Aviv on Abima Square.

For the first time, the Izvestia film crew visited Melitopol almost immediately after the start of the special operation. If then people were intimidated by local nationalists and were afraid to express their opinion, now Melitopol residents themselves come up and talk about the situation in the city, and they talk about how Russians saved them from a Nazi domination lasted in 8 years

Moscow’s response to the West:

“Some countries have decided not to play Shostakovich.
We decided that Vivaldi’s music is always beautiful.
Culture can not be canceled”

Blood money – Commander of the 3rd platoon of the 2nd company of the 503rd separate battalion of the Marine Corps of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Ukraine claims that it was able to recapture the villages of Malinovka and Poltavka near Gulyaipole from the RF Armed Forces.
The battles for Malinovka were reported yesterday. Poltavka appeared in the reports just now.
The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation have never announced the occupation of Malinovka and Poltavka ….

In Holland there are so many dickheads and bitches :
The newspaper De Telegraaf told the story of a Dutch woman Joyce Koster, who went to Ukraine to shoot Russians, stayed there for two weeks and now thanks God for surviving the shelling of the barracks of the Yavorivsky firing range. The coward ran away. She scolds Ukraine for disorganization and lies about the ammunition of legionnaires. He says that in the first group 24 mercenaries were sent to Kyiv, they fell into a trap and every one was destroyed. She no longer intends to fight against the Russians, she sits in her house in Dordrecht, to the delight of her three children. And apparently, she is thinking, “What are we for?”

This is not Europe for you: Ukrainian provocateurs were detained in Hong Kong trying to hold an unauthorized rally:

This is “all the world” against Russia with sanctions:

Nazi signs and European weapons:

Kharkiv Regional Prosecutor’s Office, which is currently subordinate to the Kiev regime, reports that “on March 26, 2022, at about 11 a.m., servicemen of the Russian Armed Forces shelled the city of Barvenkovo. As a result, the premises of the lyceum were damaged.

Ukronazi special services tortured people in Donbass.
On the basis of the Ukrainian SOF, this is the 8th regiment of the Special Operations Forces of Ukraine, a torture room was discovered. This is in an area that has already been liberated from them. They worked methodically, apparently without bloodshed, but completely inhuman

Do Not Question The Nature of One’s Own Reality It’s A Sin Against God

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