War On Westworld: “Europe Must Put An End To Nazism, because Europe Is Overwhelmed By The Wave Of This Ideology”, Sergey Lavrov

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These violent delights have violent ends.


Attacks On Ukronazis of the day:

Map of hostilities and the situation on the fronts on the evening of March 28
The fronts seemed to be hiding, in most of the directions either regrouping and positional battles, or a gradual advance.
The most active phase is now in Mariupol, and all eyes are now on this city

“Game over because the US has no other plan”
Military expert Scott Ritter on Russia, the US, the global economy and Putin’s victory.
Earlier, Scott Ritter appreciated the special operation of Russia and predicted the inevitable surrender of Kyiv.
“The cornerstone in the American concept of destabilizing Russia was Ukraine. “Sow the wind – reap the whirlwind!”
This is how we reap our rewards. Russia did not take the bait. She turned our trap into a trap for us.
All that Russia is doing now is that they have known about this trap for years. And they prepared the rules of the game, prepared their positions in such a way that it was not they who fell into the trap. It is NATO that has fallen into a trap. Do you want to make sure? Look at the panic at the NATO summit.
They talk about unity. There is no unity! NATO is scared to death and doesn’t know what to do. And Russia just showed the preface, this is not even a military response. This is only the economic aspect of their answer. Remember how Joe Biden boasted that he looked Putin in the eye, trying to show how cool he is. And he said: if you touch Ukraine, we will use the most powerful economic mechanisms in the world. And Putin is like – Okay, thank you! He returned to Moscow: Guys, this is the alignment. What we can do? And they came up with a game plan. And today they laid out a big card on the table. He announced that the EU would have to buy oil and gas for rubles. And it’s just great. You will simply freeze if you do not buy rubles. All the charms of the Western world – say goodbye to them. Because the US lied to Europe. Biden said: we have a plan, guys. Don’t worry about the gas bill. And when the time has come – we say: I’m sorry, we didn’t have any plan…”

Artillery units of the Airborne Forces, during a special military operation, support airborne units with fire, destroy long-term firing points and conduct counter-battery combat with artillery of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

📹 Footage of objective monitoring of the destruction of Ukrainian installations of the Grad MLRS, firing from camouflaged positions

The situation in Odessa near the House of Trade Unions.

Footage of army aviation helicopter crews carrying out tasks during the special military operation

“Alligators” Ka-52 and “Terminators” Mi-8AMTSh escort army columns in Chernihiv region
The columns include tankers, heavy engineering equipment, tanks, as well as trucks with food.

Russian Airborne Forces unit near Kiev + work of air defense officers and a downed UAV.

🇷🇺 Eyes and ears of anti-aircraft gunners – Sky-SV radar station
◽ This radar determines the azimuth, range, flight altitude and ownership of aircraft in all altitude ranges within a radius of several hundred kilometers.

Trophies that were left behind in residential buildings and positions by Ukrainian nationalists in the Tryokhizbenka area of Luhansk region.

According to local authorities and activists, explosions were heard in the Kiev region in the vicinity of Boryspil, Gnedin, Vasylkiv and Sofiyivska Borshchagovka.

Russian artillery working on Ukrainian positions
Russian military destroy Ukrainian strongholds near the village of Rozovka in the Donetsk People’s Republic.

Ukronazi Attack on Donbas Republics:

Smoke in the Kievsky district of Donetsk; The Ukronazi armed force fired 20 rockets from the BM-21 Grad, 10 shells of 152 mm caliber in Donetsk. Shelling continues – People’s Militia of the DPR


In Belarus, criminal cases were opened against mercenaries who fight for the Nazis in Ukraine
The data of more than 50 citizens of Belarus who take part in hostilities on the territory of Ukraine have been established.

‘If Putin is a criminal, then we are 10 times worse’ – Italian reporter after visiting Donbass

Italian journalist Giorgio Bianchi, who works in Mariupol, called the anti-Russian sanctions bombs that the whole world is suffering from.
In an exclusive interview with Izvestia, Bianchi said that Europeans understand that due to anti-Russian sanctions in the next two winters

This Russian girl, a traitor, launched a molotov, now she will serve 22 years in a colony

The Turkish Navy released a video of the second Ukrainian anchor mine discovered from the Odessa region

Freedom of the Press killed in Ukraine by Dictator Zelensky, after the parties closed down for good, now it’s the turn of the Ukrainian Press, therefore who will create now the fake news? Only CNN?
This is the end of liberalism with the media in Ukraine: the SBU called on foreign journalists not to take photos and videos of explosions, not to disseminate data on the places of shelling and where “enemy missiles” are flying before official sources report this.

The faces of nationalists who shot at the feet of the soldiers of the Russian Army and the DPR….
Sergey Olegovich,
Kharkov Ter. defense

⚡️ Mercenaries will not be limited to Ukraine after their inglorious stay on Ukrainian territory ends. They will then be drawn to European cities and continue their “work” there – Lavrov

Europe must put an end to the manifestations of neo-Nazism, so that it is not overwhelmed by the wave of this ideology – Lavrov

⚡ I don’t want to comment on the “nonsense” that the Ukrainian special services are spreading, as well as our Russian neo-liberals – Lavrov about the rumors about the disappearance of Shoigu and other political persons

Humiliation, beatings, bullying. This is how Ukrainian punishers treat Russian prisoners of war. The video with the watermark of Konstantin Nemichev’s telegram channel is actively distributed on the Internet.

Nemichev Konstantin
Commander of the 225th Azov Battalion
Born: 01/10/1996

Bild showed a video of captured Russian soldiers being shot in the legs.
This story was included in the daily video cut across Ukraine. Titled this passage: “Ukrainian war crimes against the Russians.”
The author of the story, Bild journalist Julian Röpke commented on this in Twitter: “Even if it’s not something we want to report, it still needs to be reported.”

A video from the home of the leader of the Right Sector* cell in Berdyansk has been published
Nazi uniform, chevrons, photographs and documents confirming that their owner is a member of far-right organizations. This man is better known to the operatives as Bacha – the leader of the Berdyansk nationalist cell. On account of his fifty committed crimes. Now his house in Berdyansk is empty.

* “Right Sector” – an organization banned in the territory of the Russian Federation.

It’s out on the web a video of Ukronazis shooting Russian prisoners in the back, an execution ISIS alike style. Western Press will pay this, no worries.

“There were parts of the bodies around – arms, legs. We asked the kids not to look, but of course they did.”
A refugee from Mariupol, Olga, told Donbass decides how she evacuated with her two children, having spent almost a month in the basement before that.
Hearing on the radio that evacuation was underway from the territory controlled by the DPR, they set off from the Kirovsky housing estate to that place at their own peril and risk. When they walked, shells flew overhead, houses were burning around, everything was in smoke. An unfamiliar guy helped them get over the blown bridge by the National Battalions – carried things and children. Olga’s daughter cried with fear when she saw the remains of human bodies on the destroyed bridge.
Apparently, people suffered even when the bridge was broken by the military of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. They managed to escape from this hell. But there, in the basement, they left their 84-year-old grandmother, who, according to Olga, she could not go through this terrible path.
“There, all the old people who cannot walk, remained to starve to death,” she said.

Information appeared that the Odessa Volkssturm made a raider seizure of the Turkish merchant ship “MV Rahmi Yagci” in the port of Chornomorsk.
The crew of the ship was held hostage for several days by representatives of the territorial defense of Odessa, who were armed with AK-74 and AKS-74. The purpose of the visit on board the ship is not reported; an attempt at a classic racket cannot be ruled out.

The Ukronazis are just hooligans, idiots taken from stadiums and brought to war with brain full of drugs. That is WHO THEY ARE.
The hooligans who defiled the Eternal Flame in the center of Nevinnomyssk apologized on camera for this indecent act
“I am very ashamed in front of everyone, I apologize to the whole people, to the whole of Russia,” one Ssykunov said in the video…

The Nazis told us that when they leave, they will destroy us. There was Trekhizbenka – here we will leave you three huts. They ruined everything for us here.”
A resident of the village of Trekhizbenka in the LPR told our correspondent about the atrocities of the Ukrainian national battalions. They killed civilians and destroyed their houses and the infrastructure of the settlement – until now, the locals have problems with electricity and heating.
The man thanked Russia for the humanitarian assistance and is looking forward to when life returns to normal and he can work out again agriculture

We are very grateful to Russia, which helped us and freed us from these fascists who humiliated and exploited us here

“They all tell me about the eight year horror that was going on here”. A German journalist who came to find out the truth about the atrocities of Ukrainian nationalists in the LPR spoke with a Zvezda correspondent. A foreign colleague was impressed by the stories of local residents and how they all thank Russia for the salvation. He also explained to our journalist why the topic of Donbass has hardly been raised in the West for all these 8 years: “All chief editors are closely connected with transatlantic NGOs, where they receive education, connections. And if such a journalist writes objectionably, he is fired. I can name German journalists, even on state television, who took on an objectionable topic and simply lost their jobs. Whoever does not march in formation, he is not.”


Fake ❗ Russian model who criticized Putin was found dead in a suitcase. The American newspaper New York Post in the headline links these two events.
True ✔ The publication publishes a high-profile headline, but refutes in the text https://nypost.com/2022/03/17/russian-model-gretta-vedler-who-trashed-putin-found-dead/
in his words, “23-year-old Gretta Vedler went missing a year ago after her anti-Putin tirade on social media, but the two events are unrelated.”
connected: the girl was killed a year ago by her boyfriend Dmitry Korovin. The motive for the murder was a conflict over money: During a quarrel, the girl began to insult Korovin and call him “rogue”, then the man strangled her. https://t.me/ENews112/10978
Before that, Gretta complained repeatedly friends on the aggressive behavior of Korovin.
The killer has now been arrested.

This is another example of the information war against
Russia: Western media manipulate the minds of their readers to demonize the Russian authorities, even when the latter are not have nothing to do with the situation. We have previously given examples of such situations. BBC wrote a highly emotional article about the atrocities of the Russian military, https://t.me/warfakes/1553
based on just one source that cannot be verified. And the Italian La Stampa illustrated an article about an air defense missile explosion in Kyiv with a photograph from Donetsk.
At the same time, the newspaper did not write anything about the UAF attack on Donetsk, which claimed the lives of 20 people.

Ukrainian guys from the center of information and psychological operations drew another decree here, saying that in Russia they will mobilize for the spring conscription and immediately throw the guys into Ukraine. Well done, guys-rubbers from TsIPSO. In print, the word “Russian” is misspelled


Il cantante Pupo, in favore della Russia :



People’s Militia of the LPR and community members delivered humanitarian aid to the liberated Trekhizbenka in Donbass.
Due to the fighting in the area, the village was left without electricity.


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