War On Westworld : Russian Special Forces Captured Sergei “Chili” Velichko and Konstantin Nemichev


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I used to see the beauty in this world. And now I see the truth.

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Attacks on Ukronazis of the day:

Map of hostilities and the situation on the fronts on the evening of March 29

Front North. The most important and discussed news today, after which the map will most likely change, is the statement of the Russian Defense Ministry about the redeployment of part of the units from the Kiev and Chernihiv regions to the Donetsk front.
“A decision has been made to drastically reduce military activity in the Kiev and Chernigov directions,” said the deputy head of the Russian Defense Ministry.
This news was superimposed on Medinsky’s speech after negotiations with the Ukrainian side in Turkey, which the “deep people” regarded as a “drain” and “betrayal”. However, this is just the work of diplomats. No one stopped the fighting, so the Ministry of Defense will simply transfer part of the unused resources to help the eastern front. Forces will remain on the northern front only to pin down enemy forces, since serious offensive actions still did not occur.
Front South. After an unsuccessful counter-offensive, the forces of the Ukrainian Armed Forces tried to snap back, opening massive fire from MLRS and artillery on two villages near Kherson, and destroyed the houses of Ukrainians. The Russian Federation responded with precise arrivals, but in the morning a rocket flew into the Nikolaev Regional State Administration. There was a military headquarters and, according to Governor Kim, his strategic supply of aikos. But seriously, under the rubble officially more than ten dead, unofficially – more than 50, the analysis of the rubble continues It is expected that this particular front will be the next stage after the liberation of Mariupol and the destruction of the Donetsk pocket.
Front East. In Mariupol, the successful liquidation of the forces of the Azov Regiment (banned in the Russian Federation) and the remaining forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine continues. Today they took the headquarters of “Azov” (banned in the Russian Federation). On the Donetsk front everything is the same: positional battles and a small advance. There is also progress in the Izyum direction – we are now a little closer to Slavyansk. Near Kramatorsk, the Armed Forces of Ukraine blew up a dam to complicate the Russian offensive in this direction. In the Lisichansk-Severodonetsk agglomeration unchanged, there are heavy battles for the “concrete fortresses” of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
Also, the Russian army launched strikes with Kalibr missiles in the Khmelnytsky region, strikes fell on the airfield in Starokonstantinov and large fuel depots.

At the end of the day, news came of an explosion at an ammunition depot under Belgorod. Cause of detonation – human factor

‼️🇷🇺 The Armed Forces of Ukraine are trying to impede the offensive of the troops of Russia and the DPR in the Kramatorsk direction,
The dam at the fish farm in Novoselovka and the bridge on Drobyshevo were blown up. Fields and gardens flooded.

🇷🇺 Footage of the work of military police units at a checkpoint in the Chernihiv region

The moment the cruise missile hit the Mykolaiv regional administration was caught on camera

Denazification in action!

The list of those liquidated includes only the leaders and the most odious nationalists.
Work brothers

About 600 foreign mercenaries have been killed in the last two weeks in Ukraine, Shoigu said

We read the retirement from Kiev as strategic. Troops will be now deployed “to the borders”: nothing will go out, nothing will come in. Interdiction activated.

Russia has pulled more equipment to the border than it was before the invasion, according to Ukrainian resources affiliated with the intelligence of the Armed Forces of Ukraine
The intelligence community “Informnapalm” clarifies that specifically in the Kursk region a huge amount of military equipment is recorded – more than it was on February 24

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation decided to drastically reduce military activity in the Kiev and Chernigov directions, the deputy head of the department said:

Summaries of hostilities in Ukraine for 28 March 2022 ⚡️
Project @wargonzoo
starts publishing reports on the course of hostilities in Ukraine.
All information is taken from public sources.

The moment the cruise missile hit the Mykolaiv regional administration was caught on camera

Russian “Crocodiles” Mi-24 are flying at low altitude over the Sumy region

The Russian Ministry of Defense published footage of objective monitoring of the destruction of armored vehicles of the Armed Forces of Ukraine with precision-guided munitions:

So Ukronazis learn.
Shots of destruction of armored vehicles of the Armed Forces of Ukraine by attack helicopters

According to the UNM DPR, 17 Ukrainian soldiers were taken prisoner in the Donbas during the day.
12 from the 54th brigade (defended in the area of Novomikhailovka and Ugledar.
5 from the 25th brigade (defended in the area of Verkhnetoretsky and New York)

Russian servicemen received awards for the successful completion of combat missions
In the Chernihiv region, officers and soldiers who distinguished themselves during the liberation of the settlement of Novoselovka were awarded. Commander of the Central Military District

✔ The only one of its kind, very “secret and expensive”, therefore, produced in one copy by the Kiev Armored Plant, the T-72 AG tank (T-72 AG) with the latest imported electronics left Gostomel to the mainland for study

Ukrainians fleeing to Russia are trying to smuggle weapons into caches.
The military police of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation said that during searches of refugees’ transport at checkpoints in the Chernihiv region, the Russian military often find weapons, cartridges and grenades in specially equipped caches. The weapons seized by the military police belong to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, national battalions and saboteurs.
“The most unusual place was, under the spare wheel, an artificial raised floor was made, which was disguised as a natural car upholstery,” said serviceman Denis.


Attack of Ukronazis on Russians:

Armed formations of Ukronazi continue shelling Horlivka. As a result of the shelling of the wholesale market on the street. Gorlovskaya Division wounded three civilians. On st. On March 8, 61 b, a man born in 1962 died. At the moment, all the victims are receiving medical assistance.

Tank survived, the Nazi not. We know for sure. Z .


War Crimes:

❗ “Contract service in the Aidar Battalion* is prestige, we were told”
Former Aidar fighter told how he got into the national battalion and that they were trained by British instructors to break into the territory of Donbass
The course of the “young fighter” Alexey Chernysh took place in 2019. served, as he claims, until 2021. And he joined the national battalion allegedly not because of patriotism, but to earn money and raise his status – Aidar fighters are considered the elite in Ukraine.

Chernysh said that the briefing was held in Lvov. The Aidarovites were taught the tactics of street fighting, the seizure of buildings and the cleansing of territories.

* Banned in the Russian Federation.

Ukrainian spotter, Zubov Yevgeny Yuryevich, reported information to the special services about the movement of Russian military equipment in the territory of the village of Kazachya Lopan, Kharkiv region, already liberated from the Nazis. “And on the 17th, I clearly saw that they were shooting at civilians” (on that day, the Ukrainian army fired at a crowd of people receiving humanitarian aid from the Russian Federation.

❗️ The detainee spoke about the regular Nazi torchlight processions in Kharkov, youth and members of criminal organizations. During these actions, Ukrainian radicals deceived people with alcohol and drug addiction into the ranks of participants in the so-called “ATO” and territorial defense.


Russian special forces captured two Ukrainian soldiers involved in the torture of Russian soldiers, they are Sergei “Chili” Velichko and Konstantin Nemichev from the fan group of the local football club “Metallist” – State Duma deputy Vladimir Shamanov

The mayor of Nikolaev ridiculed the requests of local residents to remove the artillery of the Armed Forces of Ukraine from the city and not endanger them…

The militants of the Armed Forces of Ukraine placed a combat position in the school of Verkhnetoretsky. After it was liberated by the DPR army, correspondent Valentin Gorshenin discovered that children here had been brainwashed with nationalist and anti-Russian literature from an early age

To stay home…. The price of fuel went up 30 cents in 48 hours, how is that possible?!”, maybe because Press lies to you, you are a brainwashed and your leaders are corrupted idiots?

“We will continue to supply weapons. We want Ukraine to join NATO. We will provide Ukraine with all the intelligence.” On the building of the British Embassy in the Russian Federation, a projection of quotes from the British Minister of Defense Ben Wallace, which he said in a conversation with Russian pranksters, was displayed Vladimir Kuznetsov (Vovan) and Alexei Stolyarov (Lexus).
“You can’t kill freedom of speech,” the pranksters themselves note.
Earlier, Vovan and Lexus posted the full version of the video of a conversation with British Defense Minister Ben Wallace, who told the pranksters that Britain was in favor of Ukraine’s entry into NATO. Vovan and Lexus also published another segment of the conversation with Wallace. In it, he said that London sent Kiev a large number of anti-tank installations, and now the stocks of these weapons from the British army are running out. After the publication of the conversations, the channel pranksters on YouTube has been blocked.

Interior Senator Iris Spranger (SPD) told the Tagesspiegel: “It will be punishable because we will intervene immediately.” Other states such as North Rhine-Westphalia and Lower Saxony have also announced that they will penalize the public wearing of the symbol. The basis for this is paragraph 140 of the Criminal Code, according to which the approval of certain offenses is punishable. Up to three years in prison or a fine are possible.

The UN has called for an investigation following the emergence of information about the brutal torture suffered by the Russian military in Ukraine, said the head of the monitoring mission for human rights in Ukraine, Matilda Bogner. Video footage of the Ukrainian military shooting through legs of prisoners from the Russian Federation, were distributed on the Internet.
“We call on the authorities on both sides to conduct a full investigation into the allegations that have arisen in the wake of these videos,” Bogner said. She announced this on CNN. Bogner added that the UN checks everything published materials, saying that the footage “is of great concern.”
Earlier, the head of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation Alexander Bastrykin instructed to identify and investigate all the facts of torture of the Russian military by the Ukrainian army. He emphasized the need investigate the circumstances and take the necessary steps to identify those responsible.


Help to Civilians:

Russian servicemen delivered over 20 tons of humanitarian aid to residents of Kharkiv and Sumy regions

The military personnel of the Southern Military District organized the safe delivery of 138 citizens of the Republic of Turkey and 10 citizens of Ukraine from the Kherson region of Ukraine to the territory of the Russian Federation https://facebook.com/watch/?v=38474

Evacuation of civilians with children under the shelling of the Armed Forces of Ukraine from the city of Rubizhne, LPR.

Volnovakha. Volunteers rescued another dog
There is a humanitarian catastrophe in the city. There is no food, no water, many buildings are destroyed.
The animal nailed to the volunteers. The dog climbed into the car and was not going to leave.
“Where to put him? Don’t leave him here.” As a result, together with military commander Anna Dolgareva and volunteer Zhenya Mikhailova, the dog was taken to Donetsk.
This dog is lucky. Unlike many other animals of Volnovakha and Mariupol.


Pro Russia Support:

The US is run by a mentally handicapped president and his hopeless deputy.” Former Speaker of the US House of Representatives Newt Gingrich on the current situation in the government.
“This is a really serious problem. We are run by a mentally retarded president and intellectually hopeless vice president. The fact that these people are taking their positions means that we have nowhere to turn to be properly managed,” Gingrich said.
Gingrich laments that NATO is uniting only to discuss giving up Russian energy resources and the supply of weapons to Ukraine, but obviously will not take any action, which only strengthens the power of the Russian president.
This is the most discouraging course the US and its partners have ever seen.

Wall Street Journal writes that Russia avoids Western sanctions by creating its own payment system
“Sanctions on Crimea prompted Russia to create its own payment system Mir, which avoided the departure of Visa and Mastercard,” the article says.

For the first time in recent years, CNN called Azov ultra-right radicals

Photos from the Chinese seminar for teachers “How to cover the situation in Ukraine in schools/universities”.
Everything is very clear
– The war in Ukraine was provoked by the actions of the United States and NATO
– Ukraine is a corrupt and failed country, after the collapse of the USSR it only degraded

In Slovakia, too, began to suspect something
Who will suffer from ill-conceived government sanctions? Are we destroying ourselves? asks Milan Mazurek, member of the National Assembly of the Slovak Republic and member of the Respublika movement:
“Government officials are overtaking themselves in stupidity. While one says that Putin stole people’s money, another calls for lowering the temperature in apartments, and the last one calls for disconnecting from gas and oil …It’s like they have some kind of back-up solution that they can apply without catastrophic consequences from one day to the next!”

Not all the French people are bad after all, cependant J’ai oubliè le francais, long story… ;P

Released Markovka. LC
Eight years later, the eternal flame burns again.
Back in 2014, it was extinguished by Ukrainian nationalists as part of the so-called decommunization.
But now both she and Ukraine are in the past.