Battle For Mariupol Part 4 A : Nazism is Cowardice

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30 March:

Ukrainian security forces, or/aka Azov Nazis, will not be given a corridor to leave Mariupol, Basurin told Novosti
“Such an offer has already been made – they refused. Therefore, they are no longer militants, they are criminals. Because they killed the civilian population.
Yes, we guarantee to save their lives (when they surrender). But we can’t guarantee that we’ll let them go!”

❗ A peaceful resident of Mariupol told how Ukrainian soldiers kept the whole city in fear. How they engaged in looting, shot people and fired tanks at residential buildings. She also said that in mid-March, Ukrainian soldiers placed tanks in their yard. Of how they were engaged in pillaging, shot at people and shelled residential buildings with tanks. She also recalled that Ukrainian militants stationed tanks in their courtyard in mid-March. Her husband went outside and made an observation about that, following which they shot him in the legs. On March 20, when her husband was on his way to get his dressings changed, the Ukrainian militants shot him dead.

Journalists helped a family from Norilsk pick up their 87-year-old relative from Mariupol. Nelli Ivanovna Zenina became one of the heroines of a report about civilians in Mariupol.

🇷🇺🇺🇦 National Guard at the Satellit plant in Mariupol

❗ Azov Nazis in Mariupol are firing at the population trying to leave the city
Video: DPR Territorial Defense Headquarters
“On March 29, he was evacuated to the Donetsk People’s Republic.
When leaving the city, there was the first column of people leaving, the neighbor returned in a car, ran up all in tears, as they were fired upon by the Azov battalion. From sniper rifles, from cars…one neighbor was hit in the stomach, her husband took her away. I don’t want to show my face – I’m afraid of persecution from Ukraine.”

⚡️ On March 30, 337 people, including 66 children, were evacuated from Mariupol to Bezymennoe, Novoazovsky District
Currently, they are at the point of assistance to the evacuated population, which is deployed by the forces of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the DPR. This was reported by the Headquarters of the Territorial Defense of the DPR.
“On March 29, he was evacuated to the Donetsk People’s Republic.
When leaving the city, there was the first column of people leaving, the neighbor returned in a car, ran up all in tears, as they were fired upon by the Azov battalion. From sniper rifles, from cars…one neighbor was hit in the stomach, her husband took her away. I don’t want to show my face – I’m afraid of persecution from Ukraine.”


⚡️The Nazis of Azov in Mariupol are trying to escape from the encirclement

❗ “Thanks to our guys, the Russian military, who came and helped defend Mariupol. Although it turned into a pile of stones, we will rebuild it anyway and it will be even better.
When these creatures (the Azov Nazis. n.o.T.), *** , occupied schools, *** , our mayor gave them sports complex! Look how many people died! We dug out yesterday near the houses … ”
Residents of the destroyed Mariupol spoke about the situation in the city. People blame the Ukrainian authorities for inaction and try to survive in the conditions of a humanitarian catastrophe. Dozens of people still huddle in basements and are afraid to go outside, shots are still heard in the city. With the arrival of the Russian military, the situation in the city begins to improve. For a week now, people have been receiving humanitarian supplies with food and drinking water.
“He was born here, and now he lived to old age, bl @ d that grandchildren have to hide in basements. Well, at least thanks to our guys (RF Armed Forces), who came and helped defend this Mariupol, even though it turned, like this Pozhivanovskaya Church, into a pile of stones. But still we will rebuild it, and it will be even better. Radicals hid (technique) near shops, near schools, bitches! And when these creatures fucking took over the schools! Our mayor provided them with a sports complex! Look how many died! We dug it out yesterday near the houses, b @ d, the corpses are lying around …. ”

“We are already even afraid of any sounds. The wind is blowing today, but we are already scared.”

29 March:

On the left-bank part of Mariupol they hit with Points U
Recall that Tochka-U operational-tactical missiles have not been in service with the Russian Armed Forces since 2019.

⚡️‼️ Putin: To resolve the difficult situation in Mariupol, the Nazi fighters must stop resisting and lay down their arms.

Soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were hiding in one of the schools in Mariupol behind the backs of children and women. In their free time, they drank alcohol and painted swastikas on the walls. This is reported by a correspondent from the scene. They also talk about the Ukrainian military hiding in the school fighters of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DNR).

“This is a school. The children hid here along with the women. They were a protection, a shield. We couldn’t bomb them because there were children there. When they left here, they bombed. They hit houses. They have nothing sacred. Here they did what they wanted. Look what’s going on here: around the swastika, cartridges, bottles of alcohol,” said one of the DPR fighters.

Ambush: Interview with a T-72 tanker who was attacked by a Swedish-British NLAW anti-tank missile in Mariupol.

UAV footage: Special Forces of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the DPR in the battles for Mariupol
Soldiers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs as part of the DPR OBTF, together with the troops of the DPR and Russia, are participating in hostilities. Soldiers of the operational-combat tactical formation liberate Mariupol from Ukrainian nationalists.

Battles for Mariupol: the liberation of the left bank by the troops of Russia and the DPR
Report by military correspondent Mikhail Andronik from Mariupol /VGTRK/.

Prisoner from Mariupol: Nazis from “Azov” set fire to a man’s legs and watched him “dance”
The military 503 military regiment promised never to take up arms again. He told how the Nazis showed their “patriotism” by torturing civilians.

For the past month, residents of the besieged Ukrainian city of Mariupol have had to live below ground in bomb shelters or basements.
RT’s Roman Kosarev visited one of the many shelters to hear their stories.

RIA Novosti correspondent Rostislav Zhuravlev on the situation in Mariupol.
Troops of Russia and the LNR pressurize the Mariupol cauldron. They squeezed everyone into the Azovstal industrial zone. Managed to save a huge number of civilians. People come out in a stream both from the left bank of the Dnieper and from the right.

“Nationalists don’t give up. They’re all on drugs.”
The Russian military intercepted the conversations of the militants of the national battalion “Azov” *.
Communicate “Azov” in Russian.
The military of the Russian army explains that even from these conversations it can be concluded that the militants are under exposure to psychotropic substances.
“They seem to work constantly under drugs. They do not understand anything and do not give up in battle. The roof has already fallen on the machine gunner, three shells were fired at him – he continues to shoot. The border guards surrender. Nationalists are not.

Footage filmed inside the Mariupol Drama Theater blown up by neo-Nazis, which, in addition to the hostages, used to house the headquarters of the Ukrainian military in the basement

28 March:

The situation in Mariupol by 23.00 March 28, 2022
▪️ The flag was hoisted on the administration building of the Kalmiussky district. In the area of the slag mountain, there is really no progress.
▪️ In the Levoberezhny district, industrial zones are being cleaned and they are trying not only to fire, but also to physically block communication with “northern group”. Taganrogskaya street is practically under complete control, an oil plant has been taken.
▪️ In the Central area, the allied forces are advancing towards the station. There are practically no battles on Italian Street today.
▪️ From the east of the city, refugees continue to be withdrawn and provide assistance. Both volunteer organizations and military personnel of the allied forces are working.

Map in high resolution “Numerous crossings, including underground, huge basements, storages, warehouses are made by Azovstal”
a difficult target for assault,” Rodion Miroshnik, adviser to the head of the Luhansk People’s Republic, told the VZGLYAD newspaper
Earlier, the remnants of the national battalions and Ukrainian troops took refuge in Mariupol on the territory of Azovstal.
“In these numerous rooms it is easy to hide not only manpower, but also armored vehicles, equip fortified firing points, and mine the passages. Everything is built of metal and concrete.
From there it is very difficult to knock out the enemy, ”said the interlocutor. “Besides, Azovstal has its own access to the port, because the plant is located right on the coast,” he added.
Nevertheless, Azovstal is vulnerable both from the land side and from the sea, because it is an industrial facility, it does not was originally created as a fortress, emphasizes Miroshnik.

More than 680 people were evacuated from Mariupol to the refugee reception center “Bezymennoe” per day

Footage of the assault on the base of the Nazi battalion “Azov” in Mariupol by the People’s Militia of the DPR and the Russian marines.
Video by military officer Andrey FilatovCorr Filatov.

The head of the Chechen Republic, Ramzan Kadyrov, arrived in Mariupol and met with the commander of the 8th Army, General Mordvichev.

Ramzan Kadyrov was promoted to the rank of lieutenant general of the National Guard. Now he is in Mariupol and personally leads his fighters.

Kadyrov and Commander of the 8th Army General Mordvichev “killed” on the Ukrainian Internet

“Most of the militants are trapped in the industrial sector, assault groups are liberating quarter after quarter”: the Zvezda correspondent told how the liberation of Mariupol from Ukrainian nationalists is going on, as well as what tricks the militants use to leave the city

Battalion “Somalia” raised the flag over the administration of Mariupol
Soldiers of the “Somalia” battalion raised the flag over the administration of the Kalmiussky district of Mariupol.