War On Westworld : Identified Officials Involved In The Creation of Bio-Weapon Components In Ukraine Under Pentagon Supervision


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# Этот мир не принадлежит им. Это принадлежит нам #

When someone tells me that Russia is losing…


Attacks on Ukronazis of the Day:

“The village has become a ghost village”
Correspondent Denis Kulaga showed the abandoned and broken fortified areas of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the village of Novoaleksandrivka near Lugansk. He said that initially they were ordinary residential buildings, but the buildings were converted into firing points.Now the houses are destroyed, there is no living space left in the yards either.


The purpose of the regrouping of the RF Armed Forces is to intensify actions in priority areas and, above all, to complete the operation to completely liberate Donbass

⚡️ Air defense systems of the Russian Aerospace Forces destroyed 2 Ukrainian UAVs in the areas of settlements in a day Balakleya and Verkhnetoretskoe

⚡️ During the day, operational-tactical and unmanned aircraft hit 69 military facilities of Ukraine

▪️ three command posts;
▪️ two MLRS installations;
▪️ eight ammunition depots and rocket and artillery weapons; 52 strongholds and areas of concentration of military equipment;

⚡️ Total since the beginning of the special military operation, destroyed

▪️ 124 aircraft and 77 helicopters;
▪️ 214 anti-aircraft missile systems;
▪️ 323 unmanned aerial vehicles;
▪️ 1767 tanks and other combat armored vehicles;
▪️ 186 multiple launch rocket systems;
▪️ 741 field artillery pieces and mortars;
▪️ 1657 units of special military vehicles;

❗️ Identified specific officials who were involved in the creation of bioweapon components on Ukraine

These are the heads of departments and employees of the US Department of Defense, as well as its main contractor companies. As the ongoing journalistic investigations in the Western press show, these campaigns were directly linked to the son of the current US President, Hunter Biden.
⚡️ As a result of a special military operation, research was stopped in a number of Ukrainian biological laboratories, in which, by order of the Pentagon, work was carried out with strains of pathogens of especially dangerous infections

⚡️ A number of documents received from Ukrainian laboratories testifies to the concealment of the identities of the subjects and the serious risk to their lives
Of particular interest are documents that testify to plans by the Kiev regime to use unmanned aerial vehicles capable of carrying and spraying deadly substances.
⚡️ Uncovered facts prove that the Kiev regime seriously considered the possibility of using bioweapons against the population of Donbass and the Russian Federation

🇺🇦🇷🇺 Wrecked cash-in-transit vehicles in Kharkiv region
Destroyed cash-in-transit vehicles used by the “terror defense” as improvised armored personnel carriers.

A planned regrouping of troops is taking place in the Kiev and Chernigov directions – the Russian Ministry of Defense.

Highlights from the briefing:

▪️ All the main tasks of the Russian Armed Forces in the Kiev and Chernigov directions have been completed.

▪️ At the first stage of the operation, it was planned to force the enemy

▪️ The RF Armed Forces have broken through the enemy defenses, crossed the Shaitanka River and are fighting units of the 53rd Mechanized Brigade on the outskirts of Velikaya Novoselka.

▪️ There is a cleansing from the national formations of the settlement of Zolotaya Niva.

▪️ LNR units continue their advance towards Severodonetsk.

✔ The guys knocked the enemy out of a serious fortification.
Trophies – Ukrainian thermal imaging monocular ARCHER TMA-30M / 55M and Spanish-made Instalaza C-90 grenade launcher.
Not mountains of gold, but in good hands – a great tool

So they learn.
The RF Armed Forces, in the course of a special military operation, continue to strike with precision-guided missiles at military infrastructure and military equipment of the Armed Forces of Ukronazi

💥Destroyed position of S-300 anti-aircraft missile system’ division of the Ukrainian Armed Forces

🇷🇺Russian crew of Pantsir anti-aircraft missile and cannon complex promptly detected and destroyed the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) UJ-22 Airborne of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Footage of the destruction of the unmanned aerial vehicle “UJ-22 Airborne” of Ukrainian nationalists by the calculation of the ZRPK “Shell”

The RF Armed Forces, in the course of conducting a special military operation, continue to strike with precision-guided missiles at military infrastructure facilities and military equipment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. To solve the tasks set, the Iskander OTRK is involved, among other things.

Operation Z: Military commissars of the Russian Spring, [03/29/2022 23:09]
‼️ Explosions are thundering in Kiev!
In Zhytomyr, Vinnitsa, Kharkiv, areas air raid alert

Current military summary from project @wargonzoo
. Direct missile hit on the regional administration of Nikolaev. Strengthening the positions of the Russian army near Kiev.

Work of crews of Orlan-10 multifunctional unmanned aerial vehicles performing combat missions during a special military operation


Ukronazi Attacks:

Evening, Donetsk under ukronazi attack:

❗️ Ukronazi attacked Petrovsky district – Headquarters of territorial defense of the DPR
According to the DPR Representative Office in the JCCC, 40 BM-21 Grad MLRS rockets were fired from the positions of Ukrainian militants in Georgievka.

⚡️ The Prosecutor General’s Office of the LPR checks the fact of the use of the missile “Tochka-U” on the territory of Luhansk
As a result of the morning shelling of Lugansk, rocket fragments fell on the territory of the Patriot park, a fuel tanker and a fuel tanker caught fire.

Consequences of the Ukrainian shelling of a high-rise building at Tekstilshchik in Donetsk
Video from locals

Izvestia has acquired aerial footage showing the consequences of the collapse of part of a residential building in Donetsk



War Crimes:

Trenches and trenches are being dug all over Kramatorsk today in the yards of residential buildings. This is done by terrorists from groups banned in Russia and members of the defense units in order to again use the civilian population of the city as a “human shield”.
But the people in Kramatorsk are not stupid, they are aware of how this could end. Conscious citizens of the city organize and independently bury the lines of defense prepared by terrorists.

❗ “Every day under bullets. And days and nights. We already have no strength. We sit like mice, we are afraid to go out. We don’t go to the store, we don’t go anywhere. Food is running out, everything is running out.” Residents of the Petrovsky district of Donetsk spoke about shelling by the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

💥 “We’ve been shelled like this for eight years”
Residents of Donetsk told about the shelling of the Petrovsky district by the forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. One of the residents admitted that she was already used to it, and did not even hide.

Ukraine does not have fascism at all. These are all cartoons. It was thrown at them. Exhibition in 2010.

❗ Volkssturm mined all exits from Kharkov to prevent civilians from breaking into calm areas
The head of the investigative department of the Main Department of the Kharkiv National Police, Serhiy Bolvinov, reports that yesterday, two people died after being blown up by one of these mines five others were injured. Demands people to stop trying to leave the war zone.

“I got carried away by the ideology of the organization. They commit terrorist attacks, attack people with knives”
The FSB of the Russian Federation showed footage of the detention of supporters of the Ukrainian neo-Nazi youth group M.K.U.
In total, security forces detained 60 people in 23 regions of Russia.

Ukraine used the synagogue in Uman as a gathering point for nationalists

An evacuated resident of Mariupol spoke about the executions of the population of the city by the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the national battalions
/Headquarters of Teroborona DNR/
“I lived in the city of Mariupol and left on the 26th with the help of the DPR servicemen. On the 14th, the Armed Forces passed by, pointing weapons at civilians just for the sake of it. On the 19th, a car drove by from the checkpoint and was shot, the car crashed into a house, the driver died.
The checkpoint was the Armed Forces of Ukraine. On the 23rd, a car drove into the yard with white “flags”, the Armed Forces of Ukraine started firing at it, hit the driver in the hands, and the passenger in the back. After that, they began to interrogate them, as if they were still alive. I had a girlfriend who died.
According to the stories, I asked about the servicemen and the DPR and Russians, they treat all people adequately. There is no aggression, so we made such conclusions that she was killed by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. And about the sniper, near our hostel, we wanted to leave Mariupol on the 25th, and heard a shot – he was killed, a young man, and then three more…”

Fascist attitude: APU first of all shoot at medical vehicles, and then at the rest of the column
The commander of the maintenance department said that the Russian military has to specifically remove red crosses from medical vehicles that are hunted by enemy artillery.
“First, they work out on the red crosses, and then on the rest of the column, so that no one can help the wounded. Fascist attitude,” he said.



Fake News Alert:

Ukrainian telegram channels spread information that Kherson is no longer controlled by the RF Armed Forces. And the Armed Forces of Ukraine are actively fighting in the city.
Lol. Meanwhile, the Russian military is quietly distributing humanitarian aid in the city center.

This is not Mariupol, this is Donetsk this morning. Do you know what’s the difference? Textile, deep rear. There were civilians in the house, and not the position of the military, people were sleeping there, and they were not firing from there.


Help to Civilians:

😺 Russian Defense Ministry footage of a polite Russian soldier cuddling with a cat while residents of the Kiev region are being handed out humanitarian aid.
Today, employees and servicemen of the National Guard of the Russian Federation handed over more than 20 tons of humanitarian cargo to residents of the Kiev region.

Russia paid almost 14 million rubles to the residents of Ukraine as material assistance. In total, almost 2 thousand people submitted applications

In the Kherson region of Ukraine, the doctors of the Russian Guard rescued two wounded schoolchildren. One of the children received a through penetrating wound of the abdominal cavity

🇷🇺 Russian servicemen organized another transfer of humanitarian aid to the civilian population

LPR fighters and volunteers help residents of territories liberated from the Armed Forces of Ukronazi. Volunteers also bring hot meals to Trekhizbenka for humanitarian aid.

“I received a humanitarian aid, I think it will be enough for me alone for one month, that’s for sure. On the first day there were 7,000 people, and then the whole city comes here for humanitarian aid. Apart from water, we have nothing left and I am very happy, grateful,” said a resident of Mariupol

Pro Russia Support:

⚽ Children in Melitopol play football with polite Russian soldiers and correspondent Mary Badunts

🇷🇺🇪🇺 Putin – Scholz: We sell gas for rubles, because The EU, in violation of international law, froze the foreign exchange reserves of the Bank of Russia
Putin explained to the German Chancellor the reason for the transfer of gas payments to rubles, noting that this should not lead to a deterioration in contractual conditions for European importers.
❗️ Putin signed a decree on ensuring technological independence. Starting tomorrow, government customers are prohibited from purchasing foreign software for critical infrastructure without the consent of the relevant department. From 2025, such purchases will be completely prohibited.

❗️ South Ossetia will soon take legal steps to join the Russian Federation – President of South Ossetia Bibilov

🇫🇷 In France, “yellow vests” distribute leaflets that say “Everyone knows that armed Ukrainians are Nazis. However, Macron does not know this yet!”

⚡️ A German journalist told how he was fired because of his position on Ukraine
The editor-in-chief of the publication in which Ulrich Heiden worked sent him a letter about the break in cooperation. It is noteworthy that this happened after the journalist’s trip to Donbass.
“It says that your position on Ukraine is unacceptable. You cannot write with us while the special operation is going on,” Hayden told Zvezda. He also noted that in recent years the German press has been talking only about the positive aspects of Ukraine and about “how it wants to join Europe.”