War On Westworld : MoD Russia Exposes Rogue List Of Americans Involved In The Creation of Biological Weapons Components In Ukraine

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Some things are too precious to lose. Even to be free.



Attacks On Ukronazis of the Day:

❗ “Everyday life of war. Mad Max. Road of fury. Ahead we push a broken fuel truck, behind a full trailer of ammo, on the flanks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine periodically tries to throw from nomadic mortars.


“Victory is ours, the banner is in our hands, and Russian glory flies over the earth.” State Duma deputy, artist Denis Maidanov, together with a performer from the LPR Roman Razum, released a video in support of the special operation to defend Donbass “Victory is ours”.


Lisichansk, March 30, fire at the destroyed Ukrainian oil depot


They took the next VSUshnikov prisoner.


Ukrainian radar station 35D6 abandoned during the retreat from Svatovo.


Footage of objective monitoring of the destruction of the stronghold of the Armed Forces of Ukraine by high-precision weapons

◽️ The fortified stronghold of the Ukrainian nationalists was destroyed by a precise hit of the Krasnopol high-precision artillery munition.

◽️ The aiming of the ammunition was carried out by the calculation of the UAV.

Ka-52 attack helicopters of the Russian Aerospace Forces destroyed fortified strongholds and firing positions of armored vehicles of the Armed Forces of Ukronazi

Ramzan Kadyrov published footage of Chechen fighters storming a building in Rubizhnoye in the LPR, where the “Nazis have settled”. In the video, servicemen laugh as they shell the fortified positions of Ukrainian nationalists.
“The building is surrounded and the bandits cannot escape as they used to do. It was decided to fire on a well-fortified position with grenade launchers. This is also risky – the grenade launcher becomes a convenient target for a sniper for a couple of seconds. But the Nazis were so frightened that they did not dare to look out of their nests,” the Chechen leader said.
Kadyrov hinted that as a result the building was recaptured from the nationalists.


Kadyrov: I want to reiterate to all our citizens, especially the soldiers who are fighting now and who are ready to leave to protect Russia and the Ukrainian people. We will not make any concessions. You don’t have to worry.


❗ Another column of Russian vehicles is heading towards the front line to reinforce our positions. The column consists of tankers, heavy equipment, as well as trucks with ammunition. Every day the soldiers are provided with the necessary amount of ammunition and food.


✔ Another TV2 bayraktar is despondent in Donbass.



Ukronazi Attacks:

⚡️ Evidence of the direct military involvement of the British military in the conflict in Ukraine.
The lead photo of the New York Times story “In Kyiv Suburb, Ukrainian Military Claims a Big Prize” dated March 29 is captioned


Donetsk. Biryuzova after the night shelling of the Ukronazis; Head of Donetsk administration Oleksiy Kulemzin:
According to updated data, as a result of a night shelling of the Kirovsky district, a 27-year-old man was killed by a Ukrainian shell in the village of Biryuzova, and a civilian born in 1986 was also injured.


❗ In Donetsk, rescuers from the Ministry of Emergency Situations are working around the clock at the site of yesterday’s tragedy in the Tekstilshchik microdistrict.
They are clearing the rubble of a residential building destroyed by the shelling of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. According to local residents under the rubble, at least one more person is still a woman.


The head of the Donetsk city administration, Aleksey Kulemzin, published photos of the consequences of the Ukrainian shelling of Oleksandrivka.



War Crimes:

❗ The Russian Defense Ministry has published Hunter Biden’s correspondence with US Department of Defense Threat Reduction officials and Pentagon contractors in Ukraine.

They suggest that the son of President Biden was instrumental in creating the financial opportunity to work with pathogens on

Ukraine by raising funds for Black and Veach and Metabiota, according to the Russian ministry.

It also follows from the correspondence that the goals of the Pentagon in Ukraine are far from scientific – in one of the letters, Vice President of Metabiota notes that the company’s work will be aimed at ensuring “Ukraine’s cultural and economic independence from Russia,” according to the Russian Defense Ministry.

The Russian Ministry of Defense named the names of people who, according to its information, took part in the creation of biological weapons components in Ukraine:

▪️ Robert Pope, then Pentagon Threat Reduction Office (DTRA) officer and director of the Cooperative Threat Reduction Program, the purpose of which was to involve the post-Soviet countries in military biological activities, the author of the idea of creating the Central Depository of Especially Dangerous Microorganisms in Kyiv

▪️ Joanna Wintrall – Head of the DTRA office in Ukraine, led the coordination of military biological projects and selection of performers, under her supervision, the American projects UP-4, UP-6, UP-8 were implemented to study deadly pathogens, including anthrax, Crimean Congo fever and leptospirosis

▪️ Lance Lippencott – head of the Ukrainian division of Black and Veatch, the main contact for the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, since 2008 his company has been conducting projects for the Pentagon to study potentially dangerous bioagents – among them UP-1 to study rickettsia and tick-borne encephalitis in arthropods in northwestern Ukraine and UP-2 to introduce Ukrainian biological objects for remote monitoring of the incidence of tularemia and anthrax

▪️ David Mustra – closely associated with another Pentagon contractor, Metabiota, and oversaw biomonitoring and reporting, formerly led military biological projects at Ukraine and Eastern Europe under the Cooperative Threat Reduction Program

▪️ Mary Guttieri is a Metabiota representative in Ukraine and a confidant of Hunter Biden, her company is known for its developments in infectious disease outbreak forecasting and has been involved Pentagon to modeling the epidemiological situation in the post-Soviet space

▪️ Scott Thornton – oversaw laboratory upgrades, advised local staff on handling high-risk pathogens for Ukrainian DTRA projects

Slides for the briefing of the Russian Ministry of Defense on American biological laboratories in Ukraine


Dnieper. Ukraine. Our days. This is what Western Media tells you to defend and protect:



❗ Russian Defense Ministry: noteworthy is the request of the Ukrainian “Motor Sich” to the Turkish manufacturer of “Bayraktarov” about the possibility of spraying aerosols from them.
In fact, we are talking about the development by the Kiev regime of biological weapons delivery vehicles with the possibility of using against Russia, the Russian agency said.
The Ministry of Defense publishes documents at the request of the Ukrainian “Motor Sich” to the manufacturer of “Bayraktarov” on the possibility of spraying aerosols load and system/mechanism for spraying aerosols, with a capacity of more than 20 liters.
Taking into account the facts of the implementation already known to the Ministry of Defense
on the territory of Ukraine of the US military biological programs under the leadership of DTRA, it can be assumed that the Bayraktars were planned to be adapted under spraying chemical warfare agents over the territory of the enemy, more precisely in his deep rear, tk. the flight range of the UAV (Bayraktar Akinci) is almost 300 km.


❗️ From February 25 to March 4 in the waters of the Black and Azov Seas, the Ukrainian Navy laid about 420 sea anchor mines. No one can know where the mines are located, the department added.
Ministry of Defense of Russia


Graffiti appeared in Slovenia comparing the emblems of the Ukronazis and the troops of the Third Reich. What are we talking about all over the world?

❗ Ukronazis were unsuccessfully captured by the Al-Jazeera TV channel. Thanks to this random shot, we are once again convinced that they use medical vehicles to move around.


The New York Post presented the arrival of the Ukrainian MLRS Smerch in Donetsk on March 30 as Russian bombing of Ukrainian cities, after peace negotiations….


🇺🇦 “I’m not worried about the Russians shooting at me – I’m worried about the thugs of the Zelensky regime kidnapping me” – American filmmaker, left in Kharkiv
Brazilian UFC fighter Paulo Costa in correspondence with American director and film producer Gonzalo Lira
Lopez hinted that Russian troops were allegedly hitting residential buildings. Lopez answered him: “I am in Kharkov now. I trust the Russians much more than I would ever trust the Armed Forces of Ukraine or the SBU.” Previously, Lopez was in Kyiv, when the special operation began, he decided to stay in the country,to tell US citizens about what is happening on his YouTube channel.


🇷🇺🇺🇦 A high-ranking SBU officer who coordinated the actions of sabotage groups was detained near Kiev
This was announced in the National Guard


⚡️ Russian MoD releases photographs showing Zelensky regime’s use of synagogue building in Uman as a storage site for weapons and ammunition
The photographs show how the equipment was loaded by militants into dump trucks


❗ A participant who swore allegiance to the Ukrainian terrorist organization “Right Sector” was detained in Pyatigorsk.
His duties included: collecting personal data on employees of the FSB and the Ministry of Internal Affairs. A criminal case has been initiated under part 2 of article 282. 2 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation.


“We haven’t jumped anywhere since the twenty-fifth, we sat in the basement for a month, heard the tank moving, it fired in different directions”
In Volnovakha, a tank of the Armed Forces of Ukraine took up a position next to a civilian shelter. The Ukrainian military fired on the people’s militia of the DPR, while civilians were hiding in the basement of a local bakery, literally a few meters from the battle. The workshops worked to the last – then the electricity and gas were turned off. Vitaly, one of the workers, says they are ready to fire up the stoves again as soon as supplies resume.
Destroy vehicles managed by accurate shelling, none of the civilians were injured.
While the Ukrainian military was in the city, the infrastructure was badly damaged. The locals stay in the shelter. With their own hands they are trying to restore order in the destroyed houses and return to peaceful life. They worry that without help from outside they can not cope.



Help to Civilians:

✔ Humanitarian aid from Chechnya in Volnovakha.


❗ “We will live – we will not die”

Journalists and volunteers took an 80-year-old grandfather out of Volnovakha. His apartment was destroyed by a Ukrainian shell.

The son of Anatoly Vladimir asked for help. He approached the correspondent and volunteers during the distribution of humanitarian aid and spoke about his father, the gaping hole in the ceiling of his apartment, and the fact that the old man’s health no longer allows him to live in the basement for so long. Naturally, our guys agreed to help and take Anatoly to Donetsk, where his sister and nephews were waiting for him. On the way, grandfather told us that he lived in Volnovakha and worked from a young age. He raised two children who gave him three grandchildren, and those gave him three more great-grandchildren. In 2014, he left for relatives in the Dnipropetrovsk region, but decided to return home. Left literally without a roof over his head, Anatoly does not lose heart. Thanks everyone for help and believe that everything will be fine.


✔ “People are coming for humanitarian aid, they are running. There is no water, no food, no gas, no heat, no electricity. This is the only way of life now, and that is being shelled”
Soldiers of the combined regiment of the “Night Wolves” motorcycle club unit, as well as employees of the Starobelsk prosecutor’s office continue to take residents of the city of Rubizhne to a safe area. People cannot get out on their own – the road is fired upon by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. And for those who, for various reasons, now remain in the city, the volunteers themselves bring humanitarian aid under the daily fire of Ukrainian troops.



Pro Russian Support:

Where was the world when 500,000 Serbs were driven out of Croatia?


❗ The Ukrainian flag has finally been taken down in the center of Kherson. Almost 3 weeks after taking control of the city
A significant event in Kherson, the only regional center of the post-Ukrainian space, which is currently controlled by our troops.


❗ Russia is suing the Italian newspaper Stampa, which used the agency’s photograph of the aftermath of a Ukrainian Tochka-U attack on Donetsk to illustrate a fake “about a massacre in Kiev allegedly perpetrated by the Russian army.” Lawyers are preparing a lawsuit in an Italian court.


✔ Residents of Belgorod bordering Ukraine decided to support a special military operation in Ukraine
The pilots, flying over one of the regional villages, noticed the symbols on the ground and filmed them.


🇸🇮 In Kiev, they asked to remove the flag of Slovenia because of the similarity with the Russian tricolor, said the Slovenian charge d’affaires in the Ukrainian capital Boshtjan Lesiak


❗ 83% of Russians support Putin, according to the Levada Center ❗ (foreign agent) ❗ sociological survey report, conducted March 24-30.
The support of citizens of the Russian Federation for the actions of the head of state in March increased by more than 10% compared with the same indicators in February and January.


Russian soldiers from the funeral teams are removing the bodies of the Ukrainian military from the combat zone in Maryinka. The battle, which is typical, does not subside for a second 1/2