Battle For Mariupol : Part 5 – Final Assault; Into The Cauldron; Azov Nazis Try To Escape Disguising As Civilians; DGSE Among Azov

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CNN and scum alike: “Mariupol Evacuation Busses Held at Russian Checkpoint”

Reality: Russia checks no Azov are abusing the convoy to flee Mariupol.

3 April:

❗️ Residents of the liberated quarters of Mariupol, who have been sitting in cellars for more than a month, come out to meet their liberators.
“We live, cook on fires, it’s very tasty! Without electricity, without gas, without water, we walk like … I don’t know who. But in general, we are waiting for peace, finally. Can I take a picture with you?”
“(A woman to her dog)
Say: we were waiting for you and you came!”
“(Dad to daughter)
Thank them for pulling us out of this hell!”

❗️ “Because the order had to be obeyed” — a Ukrainian captive mortar gunner confessed to shelling civilians in Mariupol
The detained mortarman said that his job was to go to a position in the field, lay out the 120th mortar and fire at designated coordinates.
The mortars were directed towards the city of Mariupol. He himself admits that he understood that he was shelling the civilian population, and justifies his actions with drug intoxication and the need to fulfill the criminal senior officer of the battery.

In the village of Urzuf, they conduct an inspection of the base of nationalists of the Azov unit.
Their tank company was based here, which shot peaceful houses. Everywhere – ammunition, Bandera and nationalist posters and symbols.

Video from military officer Sladkov:
They sweep roads, peel potatoes, take out the garbage. And they are satisfied with life, they are waiting for an exchange, or other options, but not death
They are given our camouflage, belts with stars, they are almost not guarded.

The head of the Chechen Republic shares footage of the republic’s military personnel taking part in Mariupol battles

Despite the ongoing shelling, some residents of Mariupol do not want to leave their homes. The unknown is frightening, the fear of losing one’s last “fortress” – one’s home.
This large family is one of those who survived the horror of hostilities in their apartment on the east coast Mariupol. Three children are constantly in a life-threatening environment.
The anna_news military officers managed to convince the parents of these children that evacuation is a guarantee of safety, that they will be protected and provided with everything necessary. They will not be abandoned, they will be taken care of and as soon as the situation stabilizes they will be able to return to their home. And finally, the family made the right decision, they are moving to Novoazovsk.


2 April:

❗️ Ukrainian military and national battalions robbed and then blew up shops in Mariupol. Residents of the city told reporters about this.
“The military themselves robbed stores, opened them. I personally saw. I myself personally saw how three APU officers jumped out, maybe these are the Azovites”

Battalion “Angel”: Mariupol. “We distribute food on Pokryshkin Street, many houses here are relatively intact”

❗️ Footage of the battle for Azovstal in Mariupol. A wounded Chechen fighter is pulled out by a cable from under Ukrainian shelling.
The help asks if he caught the rope and warn that there will be smoke grenades and a volley of fire. To which he heroically replies: “Yes, calm down, you’re fine. No problem.”

❗️ “I don’t even know how we can pay for the warmth and responsiveness of those who support us.”
Says Alexander from Mariupol, who managed to escape from the city being destroyed by the Ukrainian military.
“Many thanks to the people of Donetsk who help us!

❗️ DPR military drag loudspeakers to the line of fire in the left-bank part of Mariupol. Offer “Nazis” from Azov to lay down their arms. And they turn on music that has not been heard here for 8 years.

✔️ Ramzan Kadyrov on humanitarian aid to Mariupol
Friends, a cargo of food aid from the Regional Public Fund named after the Hero of Russia Akhmat-Khadzhi Kadyrov has been delivered to the distressed residents of the city of Mariupol.

✔️ Refugees from Mariupol have good food, besides, they can come to have tea or coffee at any time. Some people say that they didn’t eat at home like they did in Donetsk.
“For a family of four, we take three servings and eat up. The food here is delicious!”

✔️ What kind of Russian humanitarian aid is given to Mariupol residents at the aid center?
This was told by a resident of the city, Irina, who volunteers at the center, located in the former Metro hypermarket.

❗️ Another “nationalist” from “Azov” used the humanitarian corridor from Mariupol to try to escape from the city. He dropped the uniform, but you can’t hide the tattoos anywhere. The whole body of this “man” is decorated with swastikas.

❗️ Video from the “Angel” battalion:
For those who were worried about the surviving animals of the Mariupol Zoo. A generator is being brought to them today, which will allow them to arrange some feeding. The caretaker survived, so the animals must be rescued.

❗️ Correspondent Alexander Safiulin showed the things that the Armed Forces left in the house between the floors in Mariupol. According to the journalist, the Ukrainian military were preparing to defend themselves, but could not and fled.

❗️ They even throw underpants, or a sketch about how Ukronazis flee from Mariupol:
In the presented video, soldiers from the 384th OMRP of the Special Forces demonstrate an abandoned Ukrainian military uniform, who do not disdain anything in order to take their feet out of Mariupol.

✔️ “We are the Akhmat battalion, Kadyrov’s special forces.” Chechen fighters stationed in Mariupol stated that they arrived in Donbas on the orders of Ramzan Kadyrov and are now actively liberating the city from Ukronazis.

Fighters from the Chechen Republic began to storm the plant in Mariupol, the head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov said in his Telegram channel

⚡️ Mariupol cauldron ⚡️ Situation on 04/02/22 ⚡️
The project @wargonzoo continues to inform online about the situation in Mariupol.

🇺🇦🇫🇷 It turns out interesting: on the French Internet they write that in Mariupol, during the unsuccessful evacuation of high-ranking officers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and Azov, two French intelligence officers were on board.
Employees of the General Directorate of External Security of the French Ministry of Defense(DGSE) could be on board the Ukrainian Mi-8 destroyed from the Stinger MANPADS, according to the Russian service of the Chinese channel CGTN.
Just the mention of it provoked a real storm. Now there was an explanation for Macron’s desperate attempts to organize a humanitarian operation in Mariupol, and the presidential rating is again desperately staggering.

Assault continues
As fighting continues in the city of Mariupol, RT’s Murad Gazdiev follows a Russian tank crew fighting against Ukraine’s Azov Battalion.

Sad tigers in the Mariupol Zoo are waiting for the Azov to be finished there and they will be fed normally.

❗️ In Mariupol, the military of the Russian Federation bakes bread for the inhabitants of the city
The military showed how bread is baked in the field for the residents of the city.
Bread is prepared with care and love

1 April:

❗ Azov militants continue shelling civilians. Artillery fire was fired at the area of the maternity hospital in Mariupol. Shells fall a few meters from the building. There are over a hundred people inside.

Mariupol is like one continuous “Nord-Ost”
More precisely, “Nord-Ost” in the cube. If only because the volume of the tragedy in terms of the number of deaths is incomparable.
At the same time, our special forces are doing really very hard, terrible front-line work in Mariupol. And Russian special forces, and Donbass.

✔ Correspondent Alexander Safiulin is in the building of a hospital in Mariupol, where nationalists from the Azov group (a terrorist organization banned in the Russian Federation) occupied positions. After themselves, they left a pile of things, according to the journalist.

Izvestia correspondent Alexander Safiulin shared footage of the explosion at the Ilyich plant in Mariupol, which Ukrainian nationalists turned into a fortified area

Mariupol cauldron cut into two parts

❗ “Azovites”* shot a neighbor right in front of our eyes. The residents were evicted. They fired from our apartments”
With the liberation of Mariupol from the nationalists, more and more is becoming known about the atrocities of the “Azov” battalion *. National Battalion soldiers broke into the apartments of local residents and organized

❗️ Three main centers of resistance of Ukrainian nationalists remained in Mariupol – the city center, the Azovstal plant and the port – Basurin

⚡️ VIDEO ⚡️ The work of the DPR special forces on the assault on Azov- ⚡️
Units of the NM of the DPR and the RF Armed Forces have already entered the territory of Azov-Stal from several directions at once. The industrial zone is being crossed both from the side of the city and from the sea.

🇷🇺 Assault on Mariupol: Special Forces of the DPR Customs Service are fighting alongside Republican and Russian troops

❗️ In Mariupol, the military of the Russian Federation bakes bread for the inhabitants of the city
The military showed how bread is baked in the field for the residents of the city.
Bread is prepared with care and love

❗ The civilians of Mariupol wished the Ukronazi junta to feel all the suffering that the neo-Nazis inflicted on them: “Damn Poroshenko, Zelensky and all their henchmen.”

❗ We visited the children who were rescued from captivity in Mariupol. Children without limbs, with solid blows to the back. They say that when the children dared to run from the basement, from cold and horror, the Nazis shot them in the back. Ahmed Dudayev

⚡️ At the personal request of the President of France and the Federal Chancellor of Germany to the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, from 10:00 (Moscow time) on April 1, the Russian Armed Forces reopen a humanitarian corridor from Mariupol to Zaporozhye (with an intermediate point in Berdyansk).

Are there civilians? This is the Russian army,” a report from Mariupol on the approaches to Azovstal.

✔ Refugees from Mariupol are eating hot food for the first time in 10 days.
They spent almost 2 weeks in the basement, starved and drank technical water. Now they are in the village of Vinogradnoye, where the reception of the social movement of the head of the DPR is located.