War On Westworld : The Return of Ghost of Kiev; Tribute to Edy Bozambo Ongaro, A True Italian Hero Of Our Dark Times

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You can’t play God without being acquainted with the devil.


Attacks on Ukronazis of the Day:

Military analytics on the situation in Ukraine as of 04/01/2022.

💥 Launch of the high-precision missile “Oniks” by the coastal missile system “Bastion” from the Black Sea coast at the military infrastructure of the Armed Forces of Ukronazi

◽️ The result is the destroyed command post of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Nazis and Degeneracy.

🤦🏻‍♂️ ⚡️ In Odessa, in an underground brothel, Colonel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Andrey Kislovsky, a deputy of the Odessa City Council from the “Trust deeds” party, one of the leaders of the local territorial defense, was detained.

Kislovsky had fun in the company of a transvestite.

❗ LPR Armed Forces are fighting for the village of Nizhnee.
Difficulties are caused by the fact that the Armed Forces of Ukraine retreated into the settlement itself and took up defensive positions in residential buildings. Ukrainian nationalists continue to hide behind civilians

❗ My great-grandfather went through the entire Great Patriotic War and until 1953 drove fascist evil spirits called “Bandera” through the forests. Now I am a glorious successor of this tradition. Now my time has come. I will not disgrace my great-grandfather and will reach the end …

Maximum Honor for Edy “Bozambo” Ongaro, a true Italian hero of our times:

For the pro-Russians in Donbas he had become a kind of hero, heedless of risking his life under bombs to fight against the Kiev government, and alongside “all Donbas civilians who have seen hell on earth”. “This is our day” he wrote when Vladimir Putin signed the decree by which Russia recognized the independence of the Donbass republics from Ukraine. His nom de guerre was “Bozambo“, in memory of a partisan of the Second World War, and he claimed that to push him to fight with the pro-Russian rebels of the republics of Donetsk and Luhanskm would be the memory of the violence inflicted by the fascists on the family of him. Edy Ongaro lost her life yesterday in the village of Adveevka, in the extended Donetsk region, on the northern border. According to initial information, the Italian was in a trench with other soldiers when a hand grenade dropped by enemy forces fell. Ongaro would have thrown his body on the bomb, to protect his companions, dying instantly. “He was a pure and courageous companion, but fragile – his friends of the Red Star Collective wrote – he had made mistakes in Italy. In Donbass he had found his redemption”.

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation published a video with captured armored vehicles of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the vicinity of Chernihiv

✔ While Ukraine is celebrating a local media success in the form of an oil depot attacked in Belgorod, 52 military facilities of Ukraine have been hit by operational-tactical aircraft.
Among them: three command posts, three multiple launch rocket systems, the Buk-M1 anti-aircraft missile system, a radar for illumination and guidance of the S-300 anti-aircraft missile system, as well as 10 military equipment concentration areas and 16 strongholds of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The Return of Ghost of Kiev !!!!

🔥 A DPR fighter with the callsign “Indus” was photographed with the elusive ghost of Kiev

⚡️ DPR fighters are not happy with NATO ammunition ⚡️
DPR fighters criticized captured NATO weapons.
So, for example, the ammunition for the AGS that they obtained in the battle near Mariupol – that is, an analogue of our VOG-17 – turned out to be absolutely unsuitable for front-line use.

Footage of objective monitoring of the destruction of multiple launch rocket systems of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, hidden in urban industrial buildings
💥 The precision strikes were carried out by rocket weapons from an unmanned aerial vehicle.

The Cossacks of the city of Energodar, together with law enforcement agencies, patrol the streets of their native city.


Ukronazi Attacks:

❗ Video footage of the Ukrainian military hitting the Mi-28N of the Russian Federation in the Luhansk region has appeared. The rocket flew in the exhaust area, tearing off the rear beam, the helicopter crashed, but due to its reliable design (survival), the crew was not injured. Unique car.

“A roof pierced through and hundreds of fragments”: what is left of the Donetsk school, which was hit by a shell of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Tanks with equipment are on fire at the site of the impact of helicopters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on a fuel depot in Belgorod.

All under control.
❗ Correspondent Gleb Dudkin, who was at the scene of a fire at an oil depot in Belgorod, spoke about the evacuation of people living near the place of emergency

❗️ Head of Donetsk administration Oleksiy Kulemzin:
As a result of the morning shelling of the Kirovsky district, a direct hit on the roof of school № 30 in Donetsk was recorded.

💥 The moment of the attack of the ukronazi helicopters on the oil depot in Belgorod, RF
The first of the two helicopters missed, but the second managed to make an attack.
8 tanks with fuel with a volume of 2 thousand “cubes” each are burning, there is a threat of the fire moving to another 8.

⚡️ “A hail of fragments on the head”: the film crew of “Zvezda” agreed to help take a 73-year-old resident out of Varvarovka, but upon arrival in the village, a real thriller awaited the journalists

✔ Video from the other side: Arrival of the Ukrainian infantry near Novaya Basanya in the Chernihiv region.

⚡️🇪🇸🇺🇦 Ukraine is trying to get rid of mercenaries from Spain

Most of the Spanish mercenaries who joined the Foreign Legion were not ready for real combat. The leadership of the Armed Forces of Ukraine came to this conclusion and is now trying to get rid of many Spanish fighters, about which say special correspondents edition of El Confidential.
“Many Spaniards are rejected for lack of combat experience and end up wandering the streets hoping to find a way to leave the country,” the authors of the article write.
Spanish mercenaries interviewed by the publication massively complain that the Armed Forces of Ukraine perceive them as “characters from movies downloaded from the Torrent.” Francisco Floro https://t.me/favelasemrus/3805?single , already familiar to us, is offended that he is still kept in the rear and driven either to training or to interviews for beautiful pictures, despite his combat experience.
“The bottom line is that we are underestimated or, in other words, we are overprotected, as the Kurds did in Rojava and Shingale.”
However, Floro confirms the inability to fight most of the Spaniards who signed contracts with the legion. According to him, many of them are not suitable for age and weight. Restrictions. Among the Spaniards there was even “one madman who claimed to have gone through the Lithuanian war.”
Why did the legion recruit Spaniards for more than a month? Firstly, to put some of them on cannon fodder, as their Portuguese “colleagues” claimed. Secondly, with such mercenaries like Floro, you can record a bunch of propaganda interviews in the spirit of “all Europe is with Ukraine.” Some really turn out to be not such vaunted fighters as in interviews with the curators of the Legion, therefore they are refused and are obliged to escape from Ukraine on their own.


War Crimes:

❗ The SBU colonel said that Aidar Nazis shot dead the chief of police in Starobelsk for allegedly surrendering the city to Russian troops.
According to the esbeushnik, for many years the nationalists terrorized not only civilians, but also the Ukrainian security forces – police officers,

❗ Ukrainian “nationalists” continue to shoot civilian cars with civilians.
In the Kiev region, Nazi units fired on a civilian car in which there was a woman and her 16-year-old daughter. The girl was injured. The woman managed to get out from under

The leadership of Ukraine brought to the attention of Britain that it does not intend to comply with the Geneva Convention on the Treatment of Prisoners of War.

‼️🇷🇺 LPR sappers started demining the Lugansk TPP
In the liberated Shchastya, employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Luhansk Republic clear mines from a strategic facility, neutralizing the deadly “gifts” of nationalists.

❗️ In Crimea, a Russian citizen who collaborated with Ukrainian special services was detained while trying to leave for Ukraine – UFSB

🇷🇺🇺🇦 Another portion of prisoners
A group of Ukrainian soldiers was taken prisoner. They say they repented and promise not to do it again


Fake News Alert:

Remember the footage of the cars sneaking between the mines? Here’s what happened after filming. Ukrainian propaganda as it is…..


Help to Civilians:

⚡️ LPR NM fighters and volunteers bring humanitarian aid from the Stavropol Cossacks to Rubizhne and evacuate local residents

Since the beginning of the NWO, the Russian Federation has carried out 709 humanitarian actions in Ukraine, during which 6,769.3 tons of essential items and food were handed over to the population.

❗Ukronazis are hitting humanitarian convoys with civilians.
Andrey Marochko, a representative of the People’s Militia of the LPR, spoke about this:
“We evacuate citizens, including those with small children, under shelling at our own peril and risk. Media representatives who cover these events … themselves on they also take out one or two people in their cars. Because it is very dangerous to take out a large number of people.”

“I thank Ramzan Kadyrov for helping us.” Residents of Melitopol received humanitarian aid from the head of the Chechen Republic
The liberated city literally comes to life day by day.


Pro Russian Support:

⚡️ Recovery of the world economy from the consequences of the crisis in Ukraine may take years or even decades – Xi Jinping

Nothing unusual. Just a poster calling for German volunteers to go to Ukraine….

🇷🇺 “Waiting for victory!” – residents of Tokmak – to the soldiers of the Liberation Army
The humanitarian mission of the Russian Federation was carried out in the city of Tokmak.
Over three thousand residents of Tokmok received food aid.
Soldiers of the Russian Guard gave aid to the local population.

✔ The Times ran a story glorifying the neo-Nazi Azov Battalion.
One of the Nazis in the photo is even wearing a 1488 T-shirt.
The West will support any force that will kill the Russians. So it was and always will be.


⚡️ Giving up Russian gas is impossible unless there is a willingness to live with huge consequences
the head of the Austrian company OMV Alfred Stern on calls for an embargo on gas from Russia

“I did that” – went far beyond the gas stations.

✔ Arestovich, an adviser to the head of the office of the President of Ukraine, admitted that Russia strikes only at military facilities and infrastructure, and damage to civilian facilities is the result of the work of Ukrainian air defense systems.

✔ “Ukrainian flags removed from administrative buildings.” In the Melitopol region, the RF Armed Forces liberated several settlements, they came under the full control of the Russian military.