The True Story of The Pregnant Woman “Killed” At Mariupol Hospital : Published A Video Interview With The Heroine Of The Staged Shooting

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Poor girl, she became an actress in -live stage- without even to know it.

Western Press is two times guilty.

✔ On March 9, all the world’s media published footage from Mariupol, where, according to the Ukrainian authorities, pregnant women and children were killed as a result of a “Russian airstrike” on a maternity hospital.

“The central theme of the report of the Ukrainian stringers of the Associated Press agency from the scene became the figure of a young woman with a bloodied face.

The image was replicated around the world in thousands of publications designed to demonstrate the “war crimes” of the Russian army in Ukraine,” writes the founder of the UkrLeaks project on his Telegram channel. former SBU officer Vasily Prozorov.

“However, very soon, commentators drew attention to the numerous inconsistencies in the report of the American news agency, which raise suspicion that the entire newscast is a staged production: the lack of amateur footage incidents, erased meta-data of photographs, lack of medical personnel, women with newborn children, characteristic lime dust and smoke at the site of the “bomb” explosion.

The main character of the story about the “bombed maternity hospital” was the famous Mariupol and Instagram model Marianna Vyshemirskaya.

Prozorov published a video interview with the heroine of the staged shooting.

“The young mother is now safe on the territory of the DPR.

According to her, the Ukrainian military expelled patients from the best Mariupol maternity hospital, set up their own headquarters and took away food from women in labor, there was no air strike, “journalists in military uniform” appeared at the scene immediately after the suspicious explosions and photographed the evacuated women despite their protests,” he says.

“My name is Marianna Vishimyrska. Before the war, I lived in Donetsk in the military, in Makiivka. Then I met my husband, we decided to get married, so I ended up in Mariupol in 2020, just before quarantine, when the borders were closed. Most thought that nothing special scary…

Well, there will be something, but we will all survive this. But in the end, when the scale had already begun to grow, of course, they had already begun to panic. It’s impossible to leave, they won’t let you out. A friend of her husband, his wife tried to leave – she exploded on a mine near Zaporozhye. On March 2, they turned off the water, turned off

electricity, completely de-energized, there was gas for a couple of days, probably, as a result, the gas was gone.
On March 6, we have already decided that I need to go, because, right now … on demolitions. And we came to the hospital, they accepted us, they did not refuse us. We came to the 3rd maternity hospital, because we had nowhere to go. 2nd does not accept, and the first maternity hospital they had the most modern equipment.
First they came and the staff was told that no one was holding them, whoever needed it could go home. And then they came to them and said that they needed to move out. But they motivated it by the fact that now here the military will come in, they need to settle here, because there are solar panels here.

The women in labor were relocated to the only remaining maternity hospital, where they only have a small generator that runs exclusively on the ventilator for children. Husbands of women in childbirth and pregnant women remained in the basement to live, and on the street there was a field kitchen, which was founded by the same guys, they brought from the houses what they could give them. They had a kettle there, there was a metal barrel in which they heated boiling water, and so on. And there was nothing to help them, the military came one day and asked: give me food, we are hungry for the fifth day.

And they are told – what kind of food, it’s all for pregnant women. But when these two explosions sounded, there were no more explosions either. We sat for literally 5-10 minutes, there was no continuation, the military came and said they were ready to evacuate. I was the last one out. Because I was told there was no need to sew anything up, “you will bleed now, not a deep cut, and it will stop.” I stood for 15 minutes looking at the area around, then I turn around – there is a military man in a helmet and in his hands something so fluffy, I realized what he is filming. I asked him not to take pictures of me, because I don’t have time for that now, I don’t want to shine anywhere now. Why do I need it, this is not the time. And he told me – well. He went out. And when we were leaving, there was a reporter on the first floor, the same one, and he started filming me. Already the guys began to tell him – “do not shoot!”. At first he ignored them, they told him again and he left. My husband looked at them better, because they came the next day. He said this to the Associated Press, they spoke Russian, they had helmets, something was written on their chests. They appeared immediately, because those photos that I saw when I was already in a calm situation, and I understood what was happening … they said that I was lying on the couch (pictured) with a blanket, in different clothes. It wasn’t me, it was There was a girl who died. She was taken out first, because she was in the worst condition. She and the baby were not saved. She was taken to the hospital, but neither she nor the child survived. Her husband was there, he was just crying on his knees. The man simply did not have a family. And it was this girl, it wasn’t me. I was not dressed, did not make up. Then I guess they were right away (reporters). Because we have 2-3 minutes to go down to the basement, and let’s say we sat there for 10 minutes. That is 12 minutes! And she was the first to be carried on a stretcher. And she was already photographed down there by reporters. That is, they were already there in fact (at the time of the explosion). I guess so. And we were taken to the 17 microdistrict to the hospital. They came when I was being caesarean. The very next day they came (reporters). They were the same ones I had seen before. They asked me questions: when, what happened. I said then that, then that. They asked if there was an air raid? I said NO, it wasn’t! Nobody heard at all, even those who were on the street. And now, when I got into favorable conditions, I went online and started looking for these interviews first. I found a bunch of stuff, but I couldn’t find this interview of mine. For some reason I found the rest, I didn’t find this one!

________Whole Credit of this article goes to Vasilisa Larina and Prorozov

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