Hundreds Of Ukrainian Immigrants In Mexico At Tijuana Seeking Asylum In The United States : Wait, What About Mexican Genocide Then?


Last updated on December 29th, 2022 at 06:04 pm

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When a cognitive dissonance meets the reality.

Authored by Jon Levine Via New York Post

When I made this post

Why Your Mind Pro-Ukraine Is Remotely Controlled by the Western Media : Meet Mexico Genocide

I did not think that this, that will follow, would be even possible…

But reality is so powerful, as truth, and wins over any contradiction or artificial reality created by the men.


Hundreds of Ukrainian immigrants are camping out in Tijuana, Mexico, seeking asylum in the US.

Around 600 are camped along the border, while another 500 are holed up in hotels in the border town, according to Enrique Lucero, Tijuana’s migration affairs director. About 40% of those who have arrived are children.

About 100 Ukrainians are being processed and allowed into the United States every day, he said.

The numbers are far fewer than Europe, which has so far absorbed 3.8 million Ukrainians who have fled to neighboring countries.

Many who arrive in Mexico are seeking to be reunited with Ukrainian relatives already living in the United States.

“I couldn’t cry in Ukraine. I thank you even for my tears,” Valentina Shymanveska, a native of war-ravaged Kharkiv, said. “For this place, this food, and the dream of life until [Ukraine’s] victory.”

The Russian invasion has sparked the greatest European refugee crisis since World War II, with millions of Ukrainians now displaced from their homes. President Biden has promised to accept 100,000 Ukrainian refugees.

The promise to accept migrants does not extend to Russians, Mexicans and other South and Central American migrants who also remain encamped in Mexico.

A caravan of volunteers from Orange County, California was also in the city to offer humanitarian aid and said the migrants were showing up on the west coast border after being turned away elsewhere

“I asked them, ‘Why not go to El Paso? Why not go to Laredo? In social media, they’re telling us that they’re being turned around in other ports of entry,’” David Miramontes, a volunteer, told ABC-7 Los Angeles.

There is a genocide in Mexico.

A genocide fueled by American life style. By Hollywood promotion of cocaine and weapons. By Western Media Press Coverage of Fictions around the world. That is.

There is Nazism in Ukraine.

CIA and DEA do use Cartels for a wide range of activities: from money laundering to clandestine weapon traffics, like routing clandestine weapons here and there via narcos routes, using their killers to silence opposition, continue exporting of drugs to finance the dark economy that will help the common economy markets. All of this while dozen of people die any day in Mexico from a decade and more.

And someone comes to tell others about Ukraine as the end of this world rather than Mexico, or other countries around the world, and doing this they are making explicit their support to Nazism. Turning away their look when the evidences about real Nazism that infested and infected Ukraine are brought toward their mendacious eyes.

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