Battle For Mariupol : Part 6 – The Reckoning ; Azov Nazis War Crimes

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Mariupol citizens never loved Azov Nazis. The western press, or , as it is known by now, the Nazi Press won’t show their testimonies to the world.

Just know this and you will know in full the truth about this war. A war to eradicate Nazis and Nazism anywhere they are at home and abroad…

6 April:

🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺 Russian flag over the SBU building in Mariupol
The center of Mariupol has actually been cleared. The Russian flag flies over the building of the regional SBU. Under the control of the prosecutor’s office and other administrative buildings.
Azov nazis are being pushed back to the embankment and the seaport.

⚡️ VIDEO ⚡️ American grenades on the destroyed Azov base ⚡️
It has long been neither news nor, moreover, a secret that the United States has supplied and continues to supply weapons to UkroNazis. This video is just one more proof of that.

Residents of Mariupol rescued by Russian servicemen and Donetsk People’s Militia revealed crimes against civilians by the Ukrainian Armed Forces and Ukrainian nationalist battalions

❗️ Rescued residents of Mariupol told how UAF soldiers and nationalist battalions set up firing points in kindergartens and hospitals and fired at civilians.
“On our street, the Azov people burned down several houses. Probably they just wanted to take revenge.”
“Our houses were bombed, and they went into the water and they were shot. And then he says they put up equipment and smashed all the houses.”
And who shot?
“- Azov!”
Directly shot children, women?
“- Yes, Yes! It was near the bakery. They were in the 100th house, the snipers sat down there and shot them. The 100th one was burned down, and then they reached our house. And the 113th burned down. They burned Gorlovskaya 4, 6, well, they wanted to take revenge … they had nowhere to go, apparently. They knew they didn’t belong here. They didn’t stay with us for long. Do you know how they evacuated? They put children and women on the bus and took into the basements of Azovstal and the Drama Theatre, and they blew them up. Two old buses were collected. People who broke into that territory in theory, here are our neighbors – they blew up their house, they say they barely got out, they have a child of 10 months, Azov does not let them out, they have seen enough of this. Cars are shot and children and adults. People have seen it with their own eyes. My house was also bombed, burned down and there was nothing left, I’m sitting in someone else’s basement. ”

⚡️ Flight of the “Azovites” to the port of Mariupol
At the disposal of the project @wargonzoo
was shooting from a UAV, where you can see how the Azov squad (about 10 militants) runs away from their positions in the city blocks of Mariupol towards the seaport.

❗️ Correspondent Roman Polshakov provided evidence that there were nationalists in the SBU building – a huge magnet with the symbols of the “Right Sector” (banned in the Russian Federation).
“The entire fourth floor of the city SBU of Mariupol is actually one large server room. Equipment in every classroom

❗️ Residents of Mariupol about the atrocities of the nationalists “Azov”
Residents of Mariupol have been waiting for liberation from nationalists for 8 years and thank the servicemen of the DPR and the Russian Federation for their liberation.
“We just simply waited, yes, until our city was freed from this evil spirits. We don’t know in what area our children are now, we want to find our children and of course stay here. To raise our city in the future as part of the DPR and the Russian Federation. To live together and flourish and completely rebuild our homes. Thank you, of course I also want to Russian, DPR, Chechen troops, Kadyrovites! For help, for the liberation of our city from this evil! And we wish, of course, that the guys quickly destroy this Ukropov, the Azov evil spirits, who mocked people and beat all the houses. This is not much devastation in our country yet, and if we go further, there is generally horror. I know what atrocities Azov commits against people. They scoff, shoot into the basements. If you saw houses behind this house – Stalingrad is there. This is, as Azov said: we can hardly see if the DPR enters. Therefore, we will clean ourselves pass. (For a better view). They covered themselves with children, they covered themselves with people, they were sitting in this house – they were shooting from above with a mortar. And in the 4th entrance, dill (Vsu) were sitting and hacking from a mortar right from the roof. We don’t know what time it is, we don’t know what date it is today. Because day after day, these shelling, these dill, they all do it. My wife and I even watched where a Ukrainian tank drove up to the “Selpo” store and started to just go home. To later say that these are all Russian troops. That is, a Russian plane flies, destroys completely equipment at the Azovstal plant, and he (on a tank) shoots at houses under this noise. In general, the population was intimidated. Then they stood in the yard – people were afraid to go out. Either snipers start shooting, or something else, they mocked people. And when the DPR came, on the very first day we immediately felt relief! No one bothers us, no one scares us, we can walk freely! Our people perked up when the DPR and Russian troops entered. Thanks to Russia, thanks to the Chechens! They help us with food, water, we revived a little! We started going outside! Before that, we were afraid to cook food! They are not at all scary to approach! And you are afraid to approach the Azov! Guys, low bow to you! they shot into the cellars where people were sitting, into hiding places. It’s been terrible for 8 years. Our guys even just passed the inspection at Azov, and someone began to resent in the queue, so the Azov people were in the same place in the queue – they beat the guys. One I know had his spleen removed. The girls were raped, the girl worked on bus 25, she is talkative – so they stopped this bus, brought her to this school (where Azov was), bullying began. They even forbade saying the word “Russia!”. Forbidden! For this you could get a term (prison). For the word “Russia” or “DNR”. We could not lay flowers at the monument (to fallen wars) on May 9th. If they laid flowers, then they stood picking at the flowers, looking for a ribbon (St. George’s) there. For this St. George ribbon they gave 7 years in prison! 7 years! I believe that the Ukrainian government, Azov, they are going for one thing. They didn’t want peace! Didn’t want to! They wanted war, and this war happened. They hated people, if let’s say I want to go to Russia, or I’m for the DPR or Russia. For all this, the SBU or Azov could come to you at night, take you to an unknown destination. There are such cases, I personally went through 12 days of the “Gestapo” for this for everything, and 5 months in prison. For the fact that in 2014 I was the commandant of the headquarters in the DPR. For participating in the referendum, for everything. And I’m not the only one hurt! The fact that the “Gestapo” is shown on TV is all “flowers”. And what I suffered on myself … I just don’t want to remember it, I don’t want to tell these horrors, I’m just very scared! Now our guys have come in, I just want to help them and identify all these freaks. Yes, there are still a lot of disguised people here, these Azov people, Vushniks. They need to be identified. Let’s help, what can we do? I hid this identity very much. Very much. That’s for people to see! If this certificate had been found with me, I would have been shot for this, just imagine!

🐈 “They are never hungry”
In Mariupol, homeless cats from all over the region are fed by local residents, one of the residents told reporter Alexander Safiulin. About 20 cats came to one of the houses.

“Husband from Azov broke” – a resident of Mariupol spoke about the atrocities of the “nationalists”, or Nazis.
The son of a resident of Mariupol, Tatyana Yusupova, died in a battle near the village of Peski. In 2015. After that, “nationalists” regularly visited her home and beat her family.
“The Azov people ‘broken’ my husband. I come home – everything is upside down, the cars are beaten .. < … > We were beaten, I myself have 4 stitches on my head. My eyebrow was broken, they hit me on the head with a baton, ambulances came to us afraid to come” As a result of constant beatings, the husband became disabled, they beat him and he died in 2017.

🇺🇦 Cynical clown – President of Ukraine, a buffon like Beppe Grillo
Yesterday, Zelensky uttered extremely cynical words about the Mariupol residents who escaped from the hell of the war, calling everything that they tell about the weeks they experienced in the basements – staging and editing.
According to Zelensky, Mariupol is inhabited by first-class artists, brilliant actors and actresses, and all of them skillfully act out despair, anger, horror, confusion, pain.

✔️ The guys from the “Angel” battalion, at the request of the woman, found her daughter and mother in Mariupol:
“A 6-year-old girl was found, her mother is pregnant and is on the left bank. We took the baby with her grandmother and they are already sound asleep in a cozy hotel in the center of Donetsk,

5 April:

❗️ The main thing from the statement of the head of the National Center for Defense Management of the Russian Federation Mizintsev:
– the evacuation of foreign citizens from Mariupol today was disrupted by militants of the national battalions;
– Ukrainian nationalists continue to hold hostage as a human shield 6501 foreign citizen;
— per day, the Russian Armed Forces evacuated 18,654 people to Russia from dangerous regions of Ukraine, the DPR and the LPR;
– Ukrainian authorities continue to block more than 60 foreign ships with their crews in their ports, using them as human shields;
— daily from 10:00 Moscow time Russia is provided with humanitarian corridors in the Kharkov and Mariupol directions. Since the beginning of the military special operation, a total of 620,760 people have already been evacuated, of which 122,684 are children; the participation of the Ukrainian side from the lawlessness arranged by the nationalists, 127,776 people have already been saved, including 1,681 people per day;
— from Mariupol through the humanitarian corridor in an easterly direction without any the participation of the Ukrainian side from the lawlessness arranged by the nationalists, 127,776 people have already been saved, including 1,681 people per day;
Since March 2, the Russian Federation has already delivered 8541.3 tons of humanitarian cargo to Ukraine.

‼️🇺🇦 Civilians blame the terrorists from the Azov Regiment for their troubles, and Zelensky is recommended to visit Mariupol and see with his own eyes the results of his clowning.
“How many people suffered, how many housing …. I’m going to approach my house now … tears, I just don’t know. I always came home from work and said: Thank God we are at home. This is before, this is a roof over my head, I had everything … well, really it was impossible to agree ?! I don’t want to speak for our government. Nothing. It’s politics – let them figure it out themselves Well, we could agree! People agree in any way! Well, don’t throw people!”
“You don’t have enough places? Not enough fields? They were allowed, and everything was given to them (Azov, Azov) … I have the impression that they are being killed (Azov), and they multiply … I believe that America influenced everything , they wanted to go to America or to NATO. People needed to be evacuated. As our mayor said: stock up on water for three days. These three days are already in their second month! All this could have been avoided. I wish Zelensky to be here. To sit here and have his children eat the earth with their food! How are we sitting here? And not where they are in Poland, or where they are with their wife. We just voted for some reason: there was Poroshenko and Zelensky. Poroshenko has already been. We didn’t have a choice! Choose the same thing again? We chose a clown! Now let’s have some fun.”

❗️🇷🇺🇺🇦 The situation in Mariupol as of 22.00 April 5, 2022
▪️ In the Primorsky cauldron in the Pravoberezhnaya part of the city, fighting is going on for the seventh microdistrict, in the private sector and on Cheryomushki. The boiler is being pressed slowly, but there is no exact border of the control zones Bakhivandzhi Street has already become a strong rear.

▪️ In the Left Bank part of the city, the private sector along Taganrogskaya Street was completely cleared. The fighting there wrapped up yesterday.

▪️ In the Central region, a center of resistance remains at the Ilyich plant (Azovmash A). The enemy is completely surrounded, the building is being cleared.

❗️ When a resident of Mariupol was lying with her child in the hospital, a Ukrainian shell flew there.
As Alena Konoba herself said, immediately after that, all patients were discharged from the hospital, since there was no shelter in it.
She and her husband Vladislav, child and other relatives for a month I sat in the basement of their house, then – in the basement of friends. Recently, the family was finally able to evacuate. But many more of their loved ones remained in Mariupol.
“We don’t even know, they are alive, not alive there,” says Larisa Konoba, Alena’s mother-in-law.

❗️ Distribution of humanitarian cargo in Mariupol.

⚡️⚡️ Two Ukrainian Mi-8 helicopters again tried to evacuate the leadership of the Azov National Battalion from Mariupol, they were shot down – Russian Defense Ministry.

❗️ Russian soldiers from 384 OMRP Special Forces conducted a brief survey of a captured marine of the Ukrainian State Navy (UG).
Thus, a wounded and captured marine provided the following information about himself:
Chichikov Alexander Mikhailovich, born April 20, 1998, military unit A2802 (36th Naval Infantry Brigade Ukrainian State). He was abandoned by his command in Mariupol to the mercy of fate. As an engineer for the repair of armored vehicles – after artillery counter-battery fire, he received a shrapnel wound in the leg.

He testified that schools, kindergartens and other Mariupol’s civilian infrastructure facilities are used for combat operations by war criminals from AZOV Nazis.

⚡️ The footage shows the same Ukrainian soldiers who voluntarily surrendered in Mariupol to a group of special forces of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the DPR. Personnel of the military commander Sladkov. He reports that groups of surrendering Ukrainian marines were taken prisoner for 12 consecutive hours.

⚡️ Another 30 fighters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine surrendered on the left bank of Mariupol, they were occupying a kindergarten, coward bitches.

Mariupol. We captured 270 Azov Nazi marines of Ukraine. I have had a deja vu, like captured Nazis near Stalingrad. They still have infiltration ahead, and a test for involvement in atrocities.

⚡️ URGENT ⚡️ Azov Marine battalion surrendered in Mariupol ⚡️
This was announced in his telegram channel by the head of the “Combat Brotherhood” and deputy chairman of the State Duma Defense Committee Dmitry Sablin.
According to the project @wargonzoo , we are talking about more than 200 Ukronazi soldiers.

❗️ The scene on the balcony in Mariupol, filmed quite by accident.
Think about what’s going on. And what a strong backstory….

4 April:

✔️ Battalion “Angel”, distribution of humanitarian aid. Mariupol. Sechenov street

They brought baby food and bread to maternity hospital N2. Mariupol

❗️ “Hundreds of entries: children, adults. No face, no arms, no legs, combined injuries. They saved everyone they could and the vast majority were saved”
The doctor of the liberated children’s hospital in the Primorsky district of Mariupol talks about what happened in the hospital and what efforts it was possible to save the lives of civilians.
According to him, the hospital authorities fled the city, so several doctors who remained at their posts had to operate. “They shot at us when we operated. Hundreds of admissions, hundreds of admissions – children, adults. Without a face, without arms, without legs, wounds in the abdominal cavity, combined wounds, mainly it was a mine-explosive injury, there were few injuries from small arms. Three – four surgeons, two interns. This is a children’s hospital …. They saved everyone they could. The vast majority were saved; after operations, people mostly survived. I am an assistant at the Department of General and Pediatric Surgery of the Donetsk National Medical University, I am a “part-time” here. I came to work because it was necessary to strengthen – the war began. We have very few resources, we do not have a large number of surgeons, there was also a traumatologist. All the doctors who came at the beginning stayed and did their duty to the end. Another question is where did the leadership go. Top management – it was not there immediately, then the middle link fled, and then the remnants of the leadership.

❗️ Shots of the clearing of Mariupol from the first person.
Soldiers of the armies of Russia and the DPR are inspecting all buildings and basements, the residents are checked for documents and the absence of Nazi tattoos, which are massively available to the Azov militants /Shot/.

✔️ Anniversary on the Mariupol Front
A whole generation of people who know how to fight has grown up in the Donbass. This generation is not Pepsi, not X, this is generation Z. The project @wargonzoo
under the heading “People’s Militia of the DPR” presents a new fighter.
Meet “Trump” with a smile full of enthusiasm and fire.
Artillery fire – “Trump” serves in the “Samali” battalion. From the age of 17, since 2014, he has been celebrating his birthdays among the military. This time he celebrates his 25th birthday in Mariupol.

‼️🇷🇺 The Russian army destroys the “Azov”, dug in the industrial zone “Azovstal” in Mariupol
High-precision weapons destroy the positions of armored vehicles, MLRS and artillery of the Nazis “Azov” and the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

❗️🇷🇺🇺🇦 Ramzan Kadyrov published footage of an “educational conversation” with marines from the 503rd battalion, assigned to the 36th Marine Corps of the Ukrainian Navy, who laid down their arms today in Mariupol.

❗️ There are a lot of prisoners of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (264 people) in Mariupol.
They write that the soldiers of the 501st separate battalion of the Marine Corps of the Armed Forces of Ukraine surrendered. Made smart choices and saved their lives

The situation in Mariupol as of 21.00 April 4, 2022

▪️ In the Left-bank part of the city, the fighting has shifted beyond the Meotides street. There is already a strong rear on Azovostalskaya Street.

▪️ There are numerous reports from Pravoberezhny Mariupol of active fighting on Cheryomushki and the adjacent private sector. The cauldron in the Primorsky district is slowly shrinking.

▪️ No changes in the Central region.

In 2014, Amnesty International called for an investigation into possible war crimes by battalions in Donbass.
The Ukrainian Azov neo-nazi battalion has long been accused of atrocities, the latest one being the brutal torture and murder of a young woman from Mariupol.

❗️ Drama theater in Mariupol blown up by Ukrainian militants was removed from a copter. The footage shows that the building is completely destroyed. Azov covered up the traces of his deeds by blowing up the theater during the retreat….

❗️ And this is how the SBU officers fled. We found the garage of one of the employees of the Kiev special services in Mariupol. Most likely, having changed into civilian clothes, he will try to get lost in the crowd… But not for long.

⚡️ French legionnaires retreated to the port of Mariupol ⚡️
After the neo-Nazis from “Azov” were kicked out of the Mariupol airport, in the vicinity of which the militants abandoned all their bases and equipment, mercenaries from the “French …

⚡️ EXCLUSIVE ⚡️ French legion in Mariupol ⚡️
Project @wargonzoo
managed to obtain evidence of the presence of mercenaries from France in the ranks of Azov and the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
The video shows the personal belongings of one of the fighters of the famous “French Legion”.

⚡ Mariupol: battles near Azovstal. Our army made serious progress on yet another frontier and finally pinned down a significant enemy grouping at Azovstal.

‼️ DPR army clears mines from playgrounds in Mariupol

Ukronazi leaving the residential areas of Mariupol under the onslaught of the special operation forces, left behind a huge number of mines, stretch marks and other explosive objects on the territory of playgrounds.

Nazis tortured a woman to death in Mariupol.
Footage from Mariupol with a murdered woman wearing a swastika (filmed by US military correspondent Patrick Lancaster a week ago) is passed off as “Russian atrocities in Gostomel.”