War On Westworld: Before To Be The Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Luigi Di Maio Used To Sell Drinks At Stadium


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Folly of my kind, there’s always a yearning for more.


Attacks on Ukronazis of the Day:

“A very serious device, it can break through a concrete wall”: our correspondent showed what the Ukrainian nationalists left in their positions in Maryinka, and also filmed the situation in the city from a copter

🔥 Ukrainian “military man” told how his hamstrings are shaking from Russian aviation and his diaper becomes wet: “It makes your bones hurt when you hear them flying….”.

🇷🇺 The Russian Armed Forces carried out a missile strike with precision weapons on Ukrainian military infrastructure
💥 Crew of DBK “Bastion” from the Black Sea coast launched two high-precision missiles “Onyx” at ground targets on the territory of Ukraine.

💥 Russian air defense systems shot down four unmanned aerial vehicles in the air in the areas of the settlements of Berdyansk, Gornyak, Uvanskoye and Chernobaevka.
📊 Total since the beginning of the special military operation destroyed: 125 aircraft, 93 helicopters, 407 unmanned aerial vehicles, 227 anti-aircraft missile systems, 1,981 tanks and other armored combat vehicles, 215 multiple rocket launchers, 854 field artillery and mortars, and 1,882 special military units with automotive technology

🇺🇦🇷🇺 Republican forces clear the area around Severodonetsk.

❗️ The governor of the Kursk region announced an attempt to shell the positions of border guards on the border of the region with mortars. The enemy was suppressed by return fire.
Actually, the withdrawal of troops in the Chernigov direction, in addition to other disadvantages, increases the threat of shelling of the Kursk region.

❗️ Briefly about Izyum. Today at 5 am, units of the 20th combined-arms army (252 SMEs of the 3rd Vislenskaya motorized rifle division) occupied the village of Brazhkovka, for which there were fierce battles for several days. At the moment, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are pulling up forces and preparing to counterattack.

❗️ Footage from Snigirevka, Mykolaiv region: The National Guard seized a huge amount of weapons and ammunition that the Armed Forces of Ukraine distributed to the civilian population during the retreat. Snigirevka, a city with a population of just over 12 thousand people (before the start of the special operation in Ukraine)

Russian attack helicopters Mi-28N and Ka-52 support the operation in the Kharkiv region.

🇷🇺 Rocket strikes in Lviv and Dnepropetrovsk region confirmed
Photos from Novomoskovsk

It’s thundering in Kharkov as usual.


Ukronazi Attacks:

💥 “My district is being bombed by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, not Russians. So that our people know how you are” protected ”
A resident of Popasnaya in the LPR showed the strikes of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the city center. He claims that about an hour ago, Ukrainian troops deliberately attacked residential buildings.

❗️ Water disaster in Donetsk.
The city authorities are trying to comply with the water supply schedule. Some districts of Donetsk receive water on even numbers, some on odd numbers.
Once every two days for 3 hours. But due to the catastrophic lack of water, these schedules are not respected.

Correspondent from Kirovsk in the LPR: In the morning, a Ukrainian shell fell near a bus stop, in another place a Hurricane shell flew into the garden of a local resident and did not explode.


Fake News Alert:

If you check our timeline you will find this info in the last 48hrs. Russians found this poor woman tortured and killed with swastika impressed on hers back. But the infamous UA authority, jackals, are passing the same info as “Russians did that”. Yeh, ok. Retards will swallow it. Shame on you.
Zelensky’s adviser Arestovich posted an incredibly brazen and cynical fake. Again, the same photograph of the unfortunate woman tortured by “Azov” in one of the basements of Mariupol, he passed off as evidence of “Russian crimes” in Gostomel.


War Crimes:

Zelensky’s adviser Arestovich posted an incredibly brazen and cynical fake. Again, the same photograph of the unfortunate woman tortured by “Azov” in one of the basements of Mariupol, he passed off as evidence of “Russian crimes” in Gostomel.

✔️ World Sanity Wrestling Competition Continues 🤔 :
Zelensky compared Russia to ISIS.
And then Arestovich, as luck would have it. Attention! Zelenskiy’s loyal adviser openly admires ISIS atrocities as an effective team management method


Help to Civilians:

🇷🇺 Russian servicemen provided aid to residents of Izyum in Kharkov Region who were hit by the Ukrainian Armed Forces’ multiple rocket launchers

❗️ Russian servicemen donated more than 10 tons of food to the residents of Kherson
◽️ Every day, hundreds of civilians from Kherson come to food parcels. First of all, assistance from Russia is received by women and children, as well as the elderly and the disabled.

🙏🏻 A resident of Ukraine was discharged from the hospital in Belgorod
The other day, Anastasia and Valery Bazilyan, who arrived in Belgorod (Russia) from the Kharkov region at the end of February, had a child in the family. And today Anastasia and her son have already been discharged from the hospital.

‼️ Glory to Russia and the USSR: Mayor of Volchansk, who obstructs the distribution of humanitarian aid, is detained by special forces and changes his views before our eyes
The mayor of the city of Volchansk, Kharkiv region, Anatoly Stepanets, forbade local residents to receive humanitarian aid from the Russian army, despite the fact that people lined up in huge queues to get the necessary products. He is the only one who refused help from Russia, saying that there is enough food in the city.

Russian military doctors rescue civilians.


Pro Russian Support:

So they learn series.

🇨🇿The action in support of Ukraine in the Czech Republic did not cause understanding among the locals.
Activists unfurled “yellow-bakite” posters right in the middle of the roadway. Surprisingly, the Czech drivers were not thrilled.

Insanity grew stronger:
‼️ London’s National Gallery has renamed Degas’ Russian Dancers from 1899 to Ukrainian Dancers.
Diaghilev’s ballet troupe was called “Russian Seasons”, therefore, the artist Degas painted Russian dancers. The gallery guide refers to that they were urgently asked to rename the picture by Internet users “The renaming of the “Russian Dancers” by the French impressionist Edgar Degas in the Ukrainian National Gallery in London is an example of “political cretinism”, a violation of the artist’s copyright

The cross falls.
⚡️ In Ukraine, crosses fall from the domes of churches: sacred signs and symbols
This is not the first time such incidents have occurred.
According to media reports, on April 2, a cross fell on the Transfiguration Cathedral in Dnepropetrovsk. Prince Potemkin Tauride himself took part in its construction.
It is known that there were no hostilities in the city. The reasons for the incident are unknown.
In addition, a three-meter cross fell from the dome of St. Sophia Cathedral a couple of months ago in Kyiv.
Local residents also remember how the monument to the founders of Kyiv cracked in half.
Well, the brightest the history of blasphemy in modern Ukraine took place on August 17, 2012, when FEMEN sawed down with a chainsaw and threw down a worship cross that stood on a hill in the center of Kyiv above Independence Square and towered from the side of the street. Institute.

Then for the first time the Orthodox voiced the phrase: “It seems that at that moment the Lord turned his back on Ukraine” The representative of the Femen movement explained this act in the following way: “It was a symbol of Christianity, and it was with this understanding that we dropped it somewhat. We don’t care much for what purpose it was installed.” In fact, for their “performances” all over the world, these “girls” received a salary, this is no secret to anyone.

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