War On Westworld: “U.K., E.U. and U.S. Have Trained and Armed Neo Nazis In Ukraine For 8 Years”, Joe Biden


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This whole world is a story. I’ve read every page except the last one. I need to find out how it ends. I want to know what this all means.

Fanculo la Picierno.


Attacks on Ukronazis of the Day:

✔️ Map of hostilities and the situation on the fronts on the evening of April 7

🇷🇺 The Russian Defense Ministry released footage of the destruction of an artillery gun crew of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and a military heavy vehicle towing a 152 mm howitzer.
The artillery gun was destroyed by a missile attack by an unmanned aerial vehicle

Shots of fires in Kharkov.

⚡️ The RF Armed Forces took control of the instrument-making plant in Izyum, according to the Ministry of Defense

Ensuring the operation of the crossing across the Seversky Donets River has become an important part of the offensive operation of the Russian Armed Forces and the units of the people’s militia of the DPR and LPR in the Kharkiv region

✔️ 46th OBRON VV of Russia and their trophies taken in the village of Pologi, Zaporozhye region.

✔️ The military of the NM of the LPR took an important stronghold of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the area of the village of Novotoshkovsky, opening the way to the large city of Lisichansk, which remains under the control of Kiev.

❗️ “I’d better take off my uniform, let’s do an action.”
An amazing story about how a fighter of the Vistula division of the 20th combined arms army in the Slavic direction single-handedly took the tank of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, disarmed the enemy crew with one PM in their hands.
Tank behind the hero!

⚡️ Turchak and Pushilin hoisted flags in Zaporozhye
The Chairman of the Federation Council and Secretary General of the United Russia Andrey Turchak, together with the head of the DPR, hoisted the banner of Victory and the flag of Russia in Rozovka, Zaporozhye.

Well, I drove along Izyum. It’s the same here. Filmed including in the direction of movement of the column. Apparently, the actors of Mosfilm were placed in the streets in advance.

Servicemen of the repair and restoration units of the Russian Armed Forces continue to maintain and repair armored vehicles in the course of performing special tasks in Ukraine.

🇷🇺💥 The Russian Armed Forces carried out a missile strike with precision-guided weapons on Ukraine’s military infrastructure.
The crew of the frigate of the Black Sea Fleet from the Black Sea carried out a salvo launch of four Kalibr cruise missiles at ground targets in Ukraine.

Russian ‘Grad’ multiple rocket launcher systems fire in Ukraine

‼️ 3 missiles hit a large supply hub of the Ukronazis force in Lozova in Kharkiv region
The intersection of the railway lines made this area a major transshipment base for the supply of the Ukrainian occupying forces in the Donbass.

Neo-Nazi Group Botsman Boys entered in Bucha after Russians left.
Russia’s Ministry of Defense has announced its intention to finish clearing Mariupol, alongside the forces of the Donetsk Republic, as the city remains embattled.


Ukronazi Attacks:

❗️ TFR: the cause of the explosion in the ammunition depot near Belgorod was the Tochka-U missile fired by Ukraine
“It has been preliminary established that on March 29, 2022, at about 20:00, Ukrainian servicemen, using the Tochka-U tactical missile system, fired from the territory

The situation in the area of the railway station Kramatorsk. People are trying with all their might to get out of the city, which the Ukrainian “military” plans to turn into a “second Mariupol”.

United States Trained Neo Nazis.
❗️ “What the fuck do you think we did? We trained them and gave them weapons so they could at least fight back
Biden said that this is how the general answered the question “What have you done for Ukraine?”


Fake News Alert:

‼️ “I saw what happened with Bucha in Iraq in 2002 and 2003. I saw it in the Balkans in connection with what happened in Bosnia and then in Kosovo.” Retired US Army Colonel Douglas McGregor on Western media’s false picture. “When there is such unity in the American and Western media and such perfect timing, an extraordinary explosion of hatred, criticism of Russia that bursts onto the scene almost immediately, everyone is saying the same thing at the same time – when this happens, it is very suspicious suspicious activity, allegedly related to the Center. Lugar.

Russians will attack own cities, fresh new fake brand of Western Paper for garbage :


War Crimes:

💬”I ended up in the hospital on March 2 thanks to, so-called the brave Azov combatants who destroyed my apartment…”

A story of torture on Russian prisoners as no one you will read elsewhere in the west.
❗️ “One of the Russian servicemen had the letter “Z” cut out on his forehead. The Investigative Committee revealed the details of the abuse of Russian servicemen in Ukrainian captivity.
The department told about the Russian soldier E (the name is hidden in the interests of the investigation), who was captured due to injury. As soon as the Ukrainian military found him in one of the hospitals, they put a potato sack on his head, after which they tortured him, despite the fact that the Russian military still needed treatment. He was beaten on the head with fists, with a brick, with a pistol, threatened with murder, pulled on the operating tubes. Ye also saw torture of other Russian servicemen and Ukrainian citizens accused of collaborating with Russia.
“Giving evidence, the private explained that, while in captivity, he heard how one of the Russian servicemen was carved on the forehead the letter “Z”, and also said that citizens of Ukraine were also tortured, whom representatives of the Ukrainian security forces called traitors,” the investigative committee said in a statement.
The serviceman returned to Russia thanks to the exchange of prisoners of war on April 1, 2022.

💬”We were begging for water, but they didn’t even bother, they gave us nothing. Wherever you go, the Ukrainian troops are fiiring everywhere and simply do not let people go anywhere. People just died from hunger and dehydration….”

💬 “Ukrainian army, national guard and damned Azov. They destroying everything, plundering cities and filming videos to show around the world: Look what Russia is doing…”

❗️ Dilyana Gaytandzhieva, a journalist from Bulgaria, presented a report on the US biolaboratories in the territories of Ukraine and Georgia. On April 6, she spoke at an informal UN Security Council summit on the “Arria formula”.
Gaytandzhieva showed a report from Tbilisi, where local residents talked about suspicious activity, allegedly related to the Center. Lugar. She also showed a map of Ukraine with location markers for US-funded biological laboratories.
“The State Department and the Pentagon have funded biolabs in 25 countries around the world for 20 years, many of which are strategically located around the US’s main rivals, Russia and China,” she said. At the disposal of the journalist were also “leaked” documents from the United States Embassy in Kyiv. Among them is an agreement that was allegedly concluded The Pentagon and the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. According to him, the Ukrainian side undertook to provide the United States with samples of pathogens identified in laboratories located on its territory.

❗️ Ukrainian military, who voluntarily laid down their arms, were taken to the pre-trial detention center in Lugansk. Now law enforcement officers are studying the cases of the detainees. It is noted that many military VFU have a strong drug addiction. Prohibited substances were often confiscated from those who handed over their weapons, the LPR Ministry of Internal Affairs emphasized.
“We see a list of some psychotropic substances, specifically, most likely, these are: alpha-PVP, salt and amphetamine,” said Maxim Plotnikov, head of the department for combating drug trafficking of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic. According to him, the drugs are used to increase efficiency, concentration. Frequent and prolonged use can cause mental disorders.

“The State Department and the Pentagon have funded Biolabs in 25 countries around the world for 20 years,

A resident of the Ukrainian town of Bucha has drawn ire on Facebook after posting a photo of herself posing as a corpse

Ukrainian Journalist in 2014: 1.5M people in Donbas are “superfluous”, need to be “exterminated”

‼ Soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine 🇺🇦 mock the old people waiting for Russian troops
🤯 A video has appeared that once again proves that denazification is necessary and inevitable! 💥
Taking advantage of the gullibility of elderly civilians, the soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine sneer at the pensioners who…

⚡️ It is reported that a Ukrainian naval mine was found on the beach in Crimea

A video posted online on Monday and verified by The New York Times appears to show a group of Ukrainian soldiers killing captured Russian troops outside a village west of Kyiv.


Help to Civilians:

❗️ The Izvestia film crew evacuated pensioners from the village of Aleksandrovka, who had been hiding from shelling in the basement for more than a month.
Getting close to them because of the constant arrivals is very difficult. The line of fire is very close. Correspondent Denis Kulaga asks random passers-by

Thank you guys help us out, here come the DPR, the Russian marines, and the Chechens are generally golden people! Golden people! And so they began to help us, began to give us water, as far as possible they bring us from Novoazovsk, to share their rations. Here! That’s how we survived! I don’t know what’s going to happen next… but it’s scary. We have Armageddon. We don’t wish this on our enemy! Tell the whole world that they’re being bullied! This is not the government! And he is also a “Servant of the People” (Zelensky), how do you serve the people? How? Bastard! Only “la la la” … robbed and left, left us by chance. Yes, we do not need such a president! And we do not need such deputies! I don’t know how you can be friends with England? With France? Why did you put so many weapons here?? Specifically to kill us! Fascists! Worse than fascists! I would tear them apart myself!

📹 Power engineers restored power supply to 39 liberated settlements

📹 Under the control of the Ministry of Transport of the DPR, emergency resurfacing of the Mariupol-Markino highway continues
Work was completed on a section of about 4.5 km of pavement. In total, it is planned to restore 6.3 km on this section of the road.

⚡️ Humanitarian aid was delivered to Novaya Kakhovka from the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations with the assistance of the military-civilian administration of the city. Delivering food and medicine first
Novokakhovka military-civilian administration organized the issuance of humanitarian aid in settlements

🇷🇺 Russian marines and servicemen of the People’s Militia of the DPR ensured the evacuation of more than 100 civilians from the city hospital of Mariupol, who were not released by the Azov militants.


Pro Russian Support:

A Neo Nazi from Azov Battalion that guarded Zelensky speaks via video link in the Greek parliament…..

And look who was with that Azov scum:

Zelensky demands Russia be removed from the UN Security Council, comparing Russians to Nazis saying they should be punished. The problem is Russia is one of five permanent members of the UN Security Council because of their pivotal role in the defeat of, you guessed it, Nazis. And guess what Russia is fighting now? Nazis.

Swarm of foreign journalists in #Bucha in the Ukraine. Six people take pictures of a cat.
This is the level of Western media

Twitter banned former Marine Corps intelligence officer and UN weapons inspector Scott Ritter, he expressed positions in favor of Russians basing his mind on facts.
Here the Democracy of Americans and Europeans get an explanation, read if you know how to read:

✔️ Italian MEP Francesca Donato has publicly stated that she doubts the facts about the incident in Bucha, which are spread by the Ukrainian authorities and Western media.
“Today I even hear proposals for a complete embargo on Russian gas, in fact, absolutely unacceptable for our economy, based on the facts about Bucha, which were reported by the Ukrainian government, but the veracity of which there are already big doubts,” the parliamentarian noted.
Italian MP calls for “an independent investigation to clarify dynamics of events and establish real responsibility for the killing of civilians.” “The EU must be impartial and objective,” Donato added.

After that a woman that used to have very low results as good votes in school and a mother of a child of unknown father, a dude named Pina Picierno, took the word, addressing as to TRUE the staged Bucha Massacre. And the NATO puppets, the same people that get paid by Pharmaceutical Industries to place their drugs on our bodies with the USE of FORCE, applauded hers speech against MP Donato, a real shame for all Italians to have a woman like that to represent them in such a delicate moment like this. Shame on You Italy, shame on you.

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