War On Westworld : Scholz, Lindner, Lauterback, And Tusk Were All In Third Reich Ranks


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It doesn’t matter how fast the route is if you’re gonna end up dead in the middle of it,


Supplying weapons of whatever measure and form to Ukronazis is an act of war.

Train lines of Poland and Slovakia off the warzone borders will be destroyed.

I’m reading in the Nazi press that the missile that killed civilians at Kramatorsk was launched by Russians. Hence Russians are attacking own cities and own civilians.
Another memorable strategy of fake news that in this dystopic era that does not deserve any comment because it is already a sum insult to intelligence of a common human being.


Attack on Ukronazis of the Day:

🇷🇺🇺🇦 The situation in the east of Ukraine as of 18.00 April 9, 2022

▪️ In the Izyum direction, the RF Armed Forces are methodically advancing, destroying suitable reinforcements of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and continue to form a strike force to develop an offensive against Slavyansk.

Heavy fighting continues in Popasnaya and Marinka.

▪️ From the side of Zaporozhye and Hulyaipol, the front is unchanged: most likely, the offensive will be developed after taking control of the whole of Mariupol.

According to the military, recovery usually takes no more than 5 days.
Among other vehicles, the T-72B3 UBH of the Hero of the Russian Federation, commander of the tank company of the 126th separate coastal defense brigade, senior lieutenant Anton Starostin, whose tank was the first to break through to Kakhovskaya

Captured Ukrainian GMZ-3 (Crawler mine layer – 3)

🇷🇺 Russian military seized weapons from Kherson’s defense
The commander of one of Kherson’s territorial defense companies, Igor Likhnov, fled the city, but planned to use armed militants to attack the Russian military and pro-Russian residents.

🇺🇸 The US military abandoned expensive equipment, fleeing from the fighters of the Lugansk People’s Republic
Soldiers of the LPR found the American portable radioisotope identifier Verifinder SN20 of the Symetrica company on the positions recaptured from the Nazis, said the Captain of the NM of the LPR Filiponenko.

Arrival to Kharkov. Something serious. Hit the dot again?

MoD Russia Federation published footage of the discovery and destruction of a disguised warehouse with ammunition of the Armed Forces of Ukronazis

The Russian military cleared a settlement in the Kharkiv region, the Russian Defense Ministry said

The Russian Ministry of Defense publishes footage of combat sorties of Su-30SM and Su-35 fighters: the destruction of air defense systems of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

“We took him prisoner. He immediately gave all the coordinates. He handed over all the frequencies. Who is where.”
Tankers of the Russian army from the front line near Izyum talk about how they got unbeaten, unpainted tanks with minimal mileage, body armor and other important things for battles. T-72 tanks on
weapons of the Ukrainian army are the same as ours (made in Russia), and you don’t even need to retrain. And the common Russian language helps to quickly find out from the prisoners that they: a) did not want to fight at all; b) they will tell everything about anything they ask


Ukronazi Attacks:

Soest station near Dortmund, Germany. Tanks go to the East.

Shipment from Slovakia to Ukraine by rail of the Soviet-made S-300PMU air defense division.


War Crimes:

Patch “SS Galizien” on the body armor of an SBU officer in the report of TheSun…

Another manifestation of the “care” of the Armed Forces of Ukraine about its own population.
Soldiers of the 25th Airborne Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, during the retreat, mined a bridge in the village of Malaya Kamyshevakha. Thanks to the rapid advance of the Russian troops, the pyrotechnics left their positions in a hurry and did not have time to blow up an important infrastructure for local residents.

In Rubizhne, on the territory of the Zarya plant, the Armed Forces of Ukraine blew up a tank with nitric acid, – said the head of the regional military administration of the Lugansk region Serhiy Gaidai. “Nitric acid is a dangerous compound that has a toxic effect on the human body.

As a result of the shelling of the Petrovsky district by Ukrainian militants, an employee of the ritual service was killed near the temple.

Journalists of the Italian TV channel “LA7” filmed a video report from the crash site of the engine compartment of the missile 9M79-1 OTRK “Tochka-U” in Kramatorsk, where they covered it in all details with the number Sh91579.

❗️ “Bloody Tochka-U”, which claimed dozens of lives of civilians in Kramatorsk, was listed on the balance of the Armed Forces of Ukraine – its serial number was deciphered
The “serial” tactical missile “Tochka-U”, which fell on the square in front of the railway station of Kiev-controlled Kramatorsk a day earlier, turned out to be identical to the same shells that had previously “lit up” during the shelling of the Donbass.
Earlier, Ukrainian missiles Sh91565, Sh91566 were launched on the territory of the LDNR. The same series as in Kramatorsk, the differences are the last 13 units.
Before that, Ukrainian missiles Sh91565, Sh91566 were spotted in the Donbas.
The same series as in Kramatorsk, the differences are 13 units in the serial.
You will have your own Nuremberg for that.

In Ukraine, the head of the Donetsk OVA, Pavel Kirilenko, said that the number of victims of a rocket attack on a railway station in Kramatorsk had risen to 50 people, including 5 children.
38 people died on the spot, 12 died in hospitals.

❗️ “They tore the ribbons off the veterans, made them shout ‘Glory to Ukraine!'”
Ukrainian nationalist Oleksandr Pugach, a member of the Azov group (banned in the Russian Federation), was detained in Melitopol.

⚡️ Captured in Kherson, the “hero” of the Armed Forces of Ukraine explains what he wanted to say with his tattoos with neo-fascist images
Despite all attempts by the Ukrainian authorities to deny apparent pandering to Ukrainian radicals and nationalists, stubborn facts point to the contrary.


Help to Civilians:

‼️ For 10 days, residents of the city of Dmitrovsk, Oryol region, meet the convoys passing through the city in this way and hand over food and water to Russian servicemen.
This is what the support of the army looks like by the people

Chechen fighters rescue women from the rubble. The poor people spent 4 days in the basement without food. At the end, the dog was pulled out 🤗

Video from the battalion “Angel”:
Mom didn’t know for a month that with her daughter, we brought good news, they took mom away, we’re taking her to her daughter.

Chechens save civilians.

❗️ Moscow Zoo and the Union of Zoos and Aquariums of Russia will help needy zoos, aquariums and zoo corners of Donbass.
They will be supplied with food, medicines for animals, building materials for the restoration of enclosures.
“We plan to provide targeted assistance to each of the zoos”


Pro Russia Support:

Another video from the Oryol region.
“Three and a half minutes of video and endless pride for our citizens!
The city escorts its army to the NVO zone: they hand the guys the Banner of Victory, all the cars honk, the residents greet the column of Russian military personnel.

In Ulaanbaatar (Mongolia), a rally was held in support of the NWO of Russia in Ukraine Participants gathered at the Zhukov House-Museum
They held posters with the inscriptions: “Bandera was a Ukrainian fascist and an agent of Hitler”, “We support Russia”, “NO FASCISM NO NAZISM!” and etc

In Kherson, liberated at the very beginning of the military special operation, a peaceful life is being established, now it has become safe in the city. Cafés have begun to operate in the city, people are taking to the streets, a full range of goods is presented on the market, correspondent Ivan Litomin said.

Zelensky’s grandfather was fighting the Nazis…
His grandson is hostage held by Nazis…

Commander of the Airborne Forces, Colonel General Andrey Serdyukov, presented combat awards to paratroopers who distinguished themselves during a special military operation in Ukraine, the Russian Defense Ministry reported

Just Ukrainian refugees. They just rented a house from a compassionate German. They just can’t do without #свастика . #Украина . #Германия .

💥 “Chinese journalists who went to the outskirts of Kiev in search of the so-called Russian “atrocities” found no evidence. Instead, the locals say the Russians gave them food, water and were friendly to them.”

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