Battle For Mariupol : Part 8 – Sweep And Wipe For The Last Remaining Azov Nazi Scum (Less than 2K) Continues…


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11 April:


Breaking: someone big, very big, is sitting among Azov Commanders of the Last Unit, max 2K soldiers and mercenaries.

There are rumors about a colonel of the 504th Expeditionary Military Intelligence Brigade of the 3rd US Army Corps

It will certainly be funny to see how the lieutenant colonel of the 504th Expeditionary Military Intelligence Brigade of the 3rd US Army Corps, who was brought from Texas through Kaiserslautern to Mariupol, will diligently learn to say “Akhmat is strength!”

The last Azov that surrendered to Russians told of someone important sitting in the last bunker of Mariupol.

There, at Azovstal, someone is sitting. important and secret.
Most likely, the announcement of the names of those very secret and important people will become a sensation in the coming week. Forget about the Marines. And about the dead residents lying on the street where the captivity took place.


The Story of a Mariupol boy with own family destroyed by Azov Nazis.
❗️ – A shell came, killed my mother and wounded my father, my grandmother was shell-shocked.
— The Nazis fired from the liberal arts school.
— When we were in the basement, a man came out to cook soup. An Azov sniper shot him through the leg from a nine-story building “- We hid in the private sector. Nearby Ukronazis fired from a humanitarian school and two streets below. They put their artillery there and fired in a direction we did not understand. On March 11, while we were sitting in a private sector in a residential building , to the garage projectile hit. Approximately 1/3 of the house was shattered. She flew off. My grandparents and I quickly packed our things and started to “run” to the basement of a nine-story building. My mom and dad stayed there and my other grandmother. A second shell flew into the same place and killed my mother, wounded my father, and concussed my grandmother. When we had already reached the street where the DPR troops were, it was already under control, it was already calm there. People were already calmly walking there, they were already receiving humanitarian aid there. And we came here, to Volodarsk.”
– When there were still Azov people in the city, what happened in general?
“- They understood that they would die, and they wanted to cash in on civilians. They traded cigarettes with them. First, cigarettes cost 100 hryvnias, then 200, 300, 500 hryvnias, and in recent days it has reached 1,500 thousand.
A can of stew cost 300 hryvnia, a liter of water 30 hryvnia. While we were in the basement, our man went outside to cook soup. And an Azov sniper from a nine-story building, from a neighboring street, shot him through the leg.

❗️ A resident of Mariupol said that the nationalists spoke openly about the order to wipe the city off the face of the earth. According to her, the Ukrainian militants simply destroyed the civilian population. The woman told the correspondent Alexei Poltoranin about this.

⚡️ How the orchestra stormed Mariupol ⚡️
The @wargonzoo team found musicians on the front. But not those “musicians” – fighters from PMC “Wagner”. A real symphony orchestra.
Like everyone else, when the war began, the men of the Lugansk Philharmonic were called to the front and took up arms

❗️ The real battle between “Somalia” and “Azov”: UAV footage
Project @wargonzoo has obtained exclusive aerial footage of the Somali battalion artillery, namely D-30 guns, destroying the Azov battalion company retreating towards the Mariupol port.

❗️ The port in Mariupol is completely freed – Denis Pushilin, although Ukronazis mined the exit from the port of Mariupol and flooded the floating cranes, said the senior assistant of the Azov Concord ship that remained in the port

Former stewardess from Donetsk Anna, who takes part in a special operation, talks about the liberation of Mariupol.
Anna is not the only woman in the battalion. She has a fighting friend – the commander of a tank platoon. The fox, she has such a call sign, admits that it can be scary, but she cannot afford to give up, because a whole platoon is following her. Now in the liberated territories, the military is helping civilians. In one of the districts, they equipped a tent camp with a bathhouse. People give food and call relatives.

If you check we wrote for first of these tattoos as doom of neo Nazi Azov:

Such colorful characters are trying to leave Mariupol under the guise of civilians and penetrate through checkpoints into the territory of Russia.
But you can’t erase the tattoos…

‼️ Another 160 Marines of the Armed Forces of Ukraine surrendered in Mariupol
In the morning, 160 people left Azovstal at the same time,” military commander Alexander Sladkov said on the air of 60 Minutes.

❗️ Azov UKronazis attempted to break out of the encirclement in Mariupol, head of the Donetsk-based humanitarian group Angel Alexei Smirnov said.

❗️ Commander of the “Vostok” battalion of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the DPR Alexander Khodakovsky – about the attempt of the blocked nationalists to escape from Mariupol:
“The enemy put our identification marks on the equipment, formed a column and tried to escape from Mariupol at night. In total, about thirty military vehicles, including self-propelled guns, reached out to meet us, not realizing that from the moment the column was formed, we had already controlled all its movements from the air. As a result, the equipment was abandoned, the enemy scattered around the district, ours caught him. He is still fighting, but his position is all hopeless, and such desperate attempts to escape are clear evidence of this. Apparently, it’s time to throw agitation on the territory under his control with the terms of surrender – there is information that many would already like to raise their hands, but do not know how.

⚡️ “Azov” burned a foreign ship in the port of Mariupol ⚡️

Ukrainian marines from Mariupol report their doom
The military personnel of the 36th brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, blocked in the industrial zone of Mariupol, published an appeal on the official page in the extremist social network Facebook banned in Russia. In it they report that they are experiencing an acute shortage of ammunition. Their infantry is almost completely disabled, cooks, drivers and even musicians from the orchestra participate in the battles as shooters.
The Ukrainian military report that they are doomed to death or captivity. No help from outside they don’t get.
The most interesting is their appeal to the command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, we will quote it verbatim:
“Wise generals advise taking ammunition from the enemy. Probably, these soviet SUVs have not died out, so a lot of people will die for them in vain. There were chances. Were opportunities, but because of cowardice to report vertically, they are not realized. No one wants to communicate with us anymore, because we are decommissioned. Today there will probably be an extreme fight, since there is no BC left. Next, hand-to-hand. Further, for some, death, and for some, captivity.”

The Armed Forces of Ukraine with Azov terrorized an entire microdistrict in Mariupol for two weeks.
Andrey, a resident of the port city, told about this.
“They moved along the perimeter of four streets: Zelinsky, Bakhchivandzhi, Stroiteley, Mir.
They probably fired mortars. A shot was heard and two seconds later they arrived,” he says.
According to him, once residential buildings can now be compared to slums.

❗️ A resident of Mariupol talks about the atrocities of the Nazis from ‘Azov’
‘The Azov people, namely the Azov people, just started shooting people. The soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine wanted to surrender, but they were shot.
After the shelling from the tanks, the houses were on fire, people tried to flee, but they just shot at us. Friends said that people were sitting in the basement on Kirov and could not get out, the nationalists mined the exit, and they began to suffocate. The Ukrainian military went into the basements and tried people there, or shot them, or simply drove them out into the street and drove them to where there were mines and people were torn apart. When the Ukrainian military entered a shelter where there were people, they literally threatened: ‘If at least someone, at least somehow, is led by someone from Russia, then everyone here will die’

“Today was not easy. They brought more than a ton of food, but people still made a stampede, which almost turned into a fight.”
Volunteer Andrei Lysenko tells about a trip to the quarter of Mariupol, nicknamed the “Pentagon”.

❗️ Shrill. A resident of Mariupol, against the backdrop of the ruins, appeals to the fattening “Russian intelligentsia” with an appeal to learn to love Russia, to learn to be proud that they are Russians, and not to kowtow to the West. Here they are, our people who lived in the occupation for eight years.

✔️ DPR NM continues to evacuate civilians from Mariupol
The NM DPR is doing its best to save civilians in Mariupol. Correspondents of the press service also made their contribution. On the way back from the city, they helped a family with small children to leave.

❗️ At the base of one of the aerial reconnaissance units in the vicinity of Mariupol, home-made ammunition was found, which are designed to be dropped from UAVs, body parts were printed on a 3D printer directly at the base itself, and a huge number of damaging elements were also found.

10 April:

❗️ “Guys, thank you for helping me out and freeing me”: The military of Russia and the DPR evacuated 47 crew members from Russia, Ukraine, Egypt and Azerbaijan from civilian ships seized by Azov nationalists in the seaport of Mariupol.

⚡️ From the port of Mariupol, the crews of civilian ships were taken out, which could not go to sea because of the fairway mined by the Ukrainian Nazis.
The evacuation, under enemy fire, was carried out by military units of the DPR.

❗️ The Russian flag proudly flies over the building of the city administration of Mariupol
Previously, the flags were raised over the administrations of the Ordzhonikidzevsky and Ilyichevsk districts of the city.

“Azov” bombed our city, crippled people, left children hungry, cold, without apartments, without anything.”
So the resident of Mariupol Svetlana Tyshchenko told the Donbass channel.
“Ukropovtsy broke into apartments and sat in apartments, shooting from there. Ukrainian tank arrived stood between our houses, they started shooting and drove off,” the refugee says.
For a month, she, with her parents and three children, sat in the basement of her high-rise building, where there was an ATB supermarket warehouse. About a hundred people hid in it from shelling.
The house in which Tyshchenko lived, almost to the very evacuation of the family was relatively intact, but then burned down.
“Children, of course, are all horrified. Somewhere, some kind of bang, they immediately hide, ”the woman shares.

Together with the assault units of the 5th brigade of the NM DPR, we managed to move deep into the city from the western side. Watch right now the special inclusion of the project @wargonzoo
from the Mariupol seaport.

“There are foreign troops on Azovstal, I don’t know which country, somewhere around 200-300 people, and Azov – 1500-2000” says the “Aryan” prisoner in the video

Servicemen of the Donetsk People’s Republic and the Russian Federation continue to liberate Mariupol from Ukrainian armed formations. During the operation, more than 70 percent of the territory of the seaport came under the control of the DPR. Here, civilian ships with a crew were held hostage.

❗️ A resident of Mariupol tells how Azov treated the locals
“All the people were left homeless, without documents. Those who could run away. And those who could not, fell dead. I want to say that Azov did business. You know, these are just non-humans.
These are not people, I tell you honestly. There are no more tears to cry. Because they were the first to start shelling residential buildings, they drove into our yards, hid, and made targets out of us. And then they themselves left … and our houses … or they themselves came, I heard how the tanks drove in and they fired at our own houses. They thought we were so stupid that we didn’t understand who was shooting. They said it was Russia. Not! Russia was not even Close! Maybe somewhere in the environment they were there. But there was no Russia in the courtyards, only Azov was. It was on the 20-22nd, there were terrible shelling of Mariupol in the yards. People were dying right next to the entrances, which cooked porridge. They were immediately buried, and crosses were erected. All this is very hard to remember. “Don’t rub salt in the wound.” And I don’t even want to remember what happened. God bless everything is good. And in order for the city to recover, I don’t want to leave this city, it was very beautiful. And if Russia succeeds in restoring it, then we will be very happy to return and live the way all Russian people live.”

Video from the battalion “Angel”: Base of Azov

❗️ Rescuers of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the DPR clear the rubble in the residential areas of Mariupol
As a result of the hostilities at 68 Mitropolitskaya Street, the central entrance of the five-story building was completely destroyed: the concrete structures took shape like a house of cards. Rescuers using special equipment carry out the dismantling of interfloor ceilings and reinforced concrete structures, in parallel, the search for victims is underway. Work at this facility has been underway for the third day