War On Westworld: Insisting Rumors About A Colonel Of The 504th Exp.Military Intelligence Brigade of the 3rd US Army Corps Among Azov

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When the Great Library burned, the first 10,000 years of stories were reduced to ash. But those stories never really perished; they became a new story. The story of the fire itself.
Of man’s urge to…take a thing of beauty and simply…

Strike the match….

Lavrov: Russia’s special operation in Ukraine is designed to put an end to the US course of world domination.

Breaking: someone big, very big, is sitting among Azov Commanders of the Last Unit, max 2K soldiers and mercenaries.

There are rumors about a colonel of the 504th Expeditionary Military Intelligence Brigade of the 3rd US Army Corps

It will certainly be funny to see how the lieutenant colonel of the 504th Expeditionary Military Intelligence Brigade of the 3rd US Army Corps, who was brought from Texas through Kaiserslautern to Mariupol, will diligently learn to say “Akhmat is strength!”

The last Azov that surrendered to Russians told of someone important sitting in the last bunker of Mariupol.

There, at Azovstal, someone is sitting. important and secret.
Most likely, the announcement of the names of those very secret and important people will become a sensation in the coming week. Forget about the Marines. And about the dead residents lying on the street where the captivity took place.


Attack on Ukronazis of the Day:

🇷🇺 In the sky over Melitopol, Russian air defense forces shot down another strike unmanned aerial vehicle of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Why is there not a war in Ukraine, but a special operation?
Because Russia is fighting terrorism!

Taken in the morning over Makiivka. Brothers work!

❗️ The special forces of the Russian Guard discovered and neutralized more than 400 kg of TNT in the Kharkiv region, the agency reports

47 foreign sailors captured by Azov Battalion freed by Russia-Donetsk joint force

📹 Destruction of an APU armored personnel carrier at a firing position in an industrial area.
▫ The firing position was opened by the crew of the UAV, after which the object of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was destroyed by the UAV.

The Russian Ministry of Defense published footage of the work of the crews of the Iskander operational-tactical missile systems during a special military operation in Ukraine

The Russian Ministry of Defense published footage of the work of tank crews of the Western Military District during the liberation of the settlement of Topolskoye, Kharkov Region, during a special military operation

It is reported about the destruction of the Slovak S-300, previously transferred to Ukraine, those very long-awaited Slovak C300s were destroyed near Nikolaev. They didn’t even have time to get to the deployment site. So they learn.

“Look, Biden specifically sent us to kill Bandera. They secretly help us, but today I have to voice it. [And will continue to help] No, okay, we’ll finish now. We don’t need more, we have enough”:
Kadyrov sent soldiers of the Akhmat-Khadzhi Kadyrov Special Purpose Police Regiment to Ukraine.


Russian tank T-72B3 vs Ukrainian infantry. For what reason the Armed Forces of Ukraine did not notice the equipment of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation – it is not known, perhaps they thought it was a trophy.

🇺🇦 Arrived in the Central district of Nikolaev.

Locals claim that this is the most powerful explosion since the beginning of the special military operation.


Ukronazi Attacks:

And how did it happen that Raqqa and Mosul were bombed to the ground by the American army for several months, but the Western media never showed a single corpse of a civilian?

In Minsk, they said that the Polish security forces fired at the Belarusian checkpoint “Peschatka”. The security forces also tried to blind the border guards with strobe lights

What, not us, but Biden himself told you?
Canadian instructors trained Azov Nazi Regiment soldiers in Ukraine, Radio Canada reported. According to her, at one of the training grounds in the Zolochiv training center of the National Guard of Ukraine, Canadian instructors worked from February 2019 to February 2022

Americans decided to send Ukraine tactical short-range ground-based missiles MGM-140 ATACMS, they can be used also to contain nuclear weapons. This is a direct threat and dagger pointed at Moscow’s throat…and consequences, as told earlier, will be surely devastating.

Basurin said that Ukronazis blew up a dam in the Donetsk region, flooded houses.

📷 The operational line of the JCCC DPR received information about damage as a result of the shelling of the VFU microdistrict. “Tekstilshchik” Kirovsky district of Donetsk

Nine houses were destroyed in the village of Novoaydar in the LPR during shelling by the Armed Forces of Ukraine using a Tochka-U rocket, the press service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the republic reported

Ukronazi marines set up headquarters and firing positions right in the kindergarten
The Russian military discovered a kindergarten in the Kherson region, where since 2014 the Marines of the Armed Forces of Ukraine have been staying. The Ukrainian military equipped firing positions, dugouts and trenches, and also underwent a special engineering training directly inside the kindergarten. In addition, improvised explosive devices were created here.
The territory of the object is surrounded by barbed wire. Soldiers were trained in demolition and special training in the kindergarten.

❗️ In the evening, shelling was recorded from the side of the armed formations of Ukraine at 19.15 from the direction of the settlement. Severodonetsk according to the settlement Novoaydar, using the Tochka-U tactical missile system.
❗️ A woman born in 1991 died as a result of shelling.
Representation of the LPR in the JCCC

⚡️ In the village of Tavrichesky in the North of Crimea, there was allegedly shelling from Ukraine. There were no casualties. Windows were broken in neighboring houses.


War Crimes:

❗️ Civilians spoke about the crimes of the Ukronazi armed forces in Mariupol
“Thank you for the Liberation! Tell me, dear children, we are alive! Our houses remain!”

“At first they didn’t let anyone out at all. Because they had to hide behind people.

‼️🇺🇦 On April 10, Ukraine attacked Novoaidar in the LPR with a Tochka-U missile and the most powerful Uragan MLRS
Two dead, many destroyed houses.

Ukrainian refugees in Italy post photos of immigrants from Russia and Donbass with calls to “spit in their face”
All Russian-speaking residents who support the special operation on social networks are under threat. Ukrainians calculate their data and glue it on poles in the areas of the alleged
their place of residence photos with their personal details. Italian law prohibits the publication of a person’s personal data without his consent, this is a criminal offense.

❗️ The Ukrainian Armed Forces are mining the territory of the private sector, spitting on the fact that children play in these places
In one of the settlements of Ukraine, women came out to drive out Ukrainian soldiers who were laying mines right between private houses.
“You understand, this is the private sector! What are you doing? There are children running around!” the women say.
But the Ukrainian military does not care about this – in response to demands to stop mining, they only got rude to local residents.

❗️ The reaction of the Ukrainian military to the video of the massacre of Russian prisoners


For you to understand. The main sponsor of this Russophobic “video”, filmed by the forces of Lviv bohemia, is the “Ukrainian National Women’s League of America” and the Ukrainian diaspora in New Jersey (one of the largest in the United States)


Fake News Alert:

World will see a poor child in a touching image, and will fall in despair asking help for Ukraine like mad femen screaming and waving to a goy hat adrift, because they don’t know or this site or that that is:A photo from the movie Brest Fortress

Fake ❗️ Russian military used a thermobaric bomb in Nikolaev. The moment of the explosion was caught on video and distributed in Ukrainian telegram channels.

True ✔️ The video refers to the events of the civil war in Yemen, where in early February 2022 during the fighting were used https://t.me/bigshocktheory/18683
200 mm TOS-1A unguided rockets. Units of the Saudi Royal Land Forces, together with supporters of President Hadi engaged
heavy flamethrower systems during an offensive against areas occupied by the forces of the Shiite movement Ansar Allah.

Another name for this complex is “Solntsepek”, it was used earlier in the wars in Iraq and Syria.

Ukrainian sources tried to pass off the video of the bombing in Yemen as military operations in Nikolaev. One of the telegram channels has already deleted his post, but the publication was fixed by the analytical service https://tgstat.ru
TGstat. UPD: One of the largest tg-channels in Ukraine also posted this fake.


Help to Civilians:

The Ministry of Defense announced the opening of the Russian Federation of humanitarian corridors in Ukraine in two directions. We are talking about Kharkov and Mariupol directions

Residents of Rubizhne risk their lives to feed their families.
There are no safe places outside of bomb shelters and basements of high-rise buildings in the city.
“Part of the cargo was brought to the kindergarten. People are starting to converge,” Vitaly Kishkinov comments on the situation, President of the Donbass branch of the Night Wolves motorcycle club. The humanitarian tank has not yet been unloaded, and civilians are already gathering in line to quickly get food and go down to the shelter again.

❗️ DPR military distribute humanitarian aid to refugees in the Holy Intercession Church in Mariupol.
Humanitarian aid is brought here daily, but food and water are not always enough.
The problem of evacuating disabled people from the combat zone remains acute.


Pro Russia Support:

🇲🇩🤝🇷🇺 “The Russians don’t do that, they kill themselves and pile on Russia! Russia is what we need!” – The citizens of Moldova called “the massacre of civilians in Bucha” a provocation and a fake of the Western media.

In Genichesk, Kherson region, liberated from Bandera’s power, a peaceful life is being established. The flags have been changed. Humanitarian aid is delivered from the Russian Federation.

Back in Italy, meanwhile, Italians, grateful for skyrocketing fuel and gas prices, send their regards to Prime Minister Mario Draghi.
Facciamo così, se scoppia la guerra e mi vogliono arruolare per coscrizione ci andrò ma…solo a patto di avere come compagno d’armi Giacomo Draghi. Caso contrario mi arruolo nell’esercito opposto.

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