Battle For Mariupol : Part 9 – When Nazism Looks Defeated; No Chemical Weapon Was Used By Russians In This War Yet

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13 April:

As of the evening of April 13, 1350 servicemen of the 36th Separate Marine Brigade surrendered in Mariupol

✔️🇷🇺 Mariupol, April 10, 2022

During the distribution of aid to civilians who, for various reasons, refused to leave the city, two boys approached us and asked only for a bottle of water.
And these children, who spent a month and a half under shelling in cold basements, did not stop believing in victory and friendship.

Video from military officer Rudenko:
“A captive marine named Vitya tells how they tried to escape from the Ilyich plant.
He tells that the whole brigade tried to escape – more than 1500 people.
Many had thoughts of giving up, but after two Marines tried to do so, they were caught by their own and they disappeared.
Accordingly, if the statement that 1,000 people surrendered is true, then more than 500 soldiers were killed. I want to remind you that the command came to the Marines to break through, they were told by their leadership that help was coming towards them. And he indicated the direction of movement to the village of Zachatovka, which is located near Volnovakha and has long been under our control. The deaths of these marines are in the hands of Zelensky and this bloody gang. They were deceived in order to make martyrs out of them.
Just bastards!!”

❗️ Ukronazis equipped full-fledged barracks in the cellars of the Azovmash plant in Mariupol

Bandages with blood and used syringes are scattered on the floor. In the shelters, the militants left valuable equipment – batteries and generators.

❗️ One of the last strongholds of Ukrainian nationalist gangs, Azovmash in Mariupol, was removed from a copter. Exclusive footage of the plant, where fighting is still ongoing, was provided by journalists

🇷🇺 Ministry of Internal Affairs of the DPR publishes footage reflecting the attempted breakout of Ukrainian marines from Mariupol
On the night of April 12, units of the 36th Marine Brigade of the Ukronazis attempted to break out of the surrounded “Ilyich Plant”. Tanks, armored vehicles, self-propelled guns and vehicles were in the column

When Nazism looks defeated…
Video from military officer Sladkov:
And the opportunity was to die. Although … At first they hoped for the West, – threw the West. Then they hoped for Kyiv – they also threw it.

Well, first of all, it’s beautiful. A smart move on the part of the Armed Forces.
Only now the hospitals of Donbass are already full of prisoners, they are put together with the wounded civilians, whom they also fire at. Yes, and with medicines tension – to treat hundreds of men who are being asked to lay down their arms to the last.

⚡️ 2 Battalions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine surrendered in Mariupol ⚡️

⚡️ Azov group liquidated during an attempt to break through ⚡️
The operation to identify and eliminate small enemy groups began yesterday immediately after an unsuccessful attempt to break through from the Ilyich plant. As we wrote earlier, several groups (up to 10) dispersed after a warning breakthrough strike by the NM NM and tried to infiltrate Zaporozhye.

12 April:

Today, at the filtration center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the DPR, a militant of the Nazi Azov regiment Timonin Nikita was identified, who, dressed in civilian clothes, tried to dissolve among the refugees. But something went wrong. It tells a lot of interesting things.

❗️ It will not be possible to dismiss evidence of how Ukrainian nationalists shot from the houses of civilians, turning them into human shields. Literally every met resident of Mariupol speaks about this.
“It was both Azov and Ukrainian infantry. They settled in our houses and fired from them. It was worth slamming the door, or saying something loudly, they fired a burst from a machine gun” ,- Tatyana, a resident of the Ilyichevsk district, told the Donbass channel.

‼️🇷🇺 Battles for Mariupol:
special forces from the Chechen Republic stumbled upon a group of military APU
Ramzan Kadyrov: Russian fighters, freeing one of the buildings, stumble upon the enemy. The surrendered soldier reports that there are 4 more inside.
Isa Taymaskhanov “Hamas” offers the enemy to surrender several times.

But the soldiers, frightened by Ukrainian propaganda, are even afraid to lean out of the hole. Hamas is not accustomed to holding lengthy negotiations.
“Once again I remind all the soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and employees of the SBU – give up and stand next to us. We are not fighting against you, we are fighting against evil spirits.”

Trophy flag in Mariupol.

Azov Nazis Shoot Reporters.
⚡️ URGENT ⚡️ Channel 1 military commissar was wounded by a grenade launcher ⚡️
Russian military commissar Irina Kuksenkova received multiple shrapnel wounds in Mariupol.
At present, nothing threatens the life of the journalist and she is being evacuated by military aircraft to Moscow.
According to our information, the fire was aimed at the film crew, which the neo-Nazis spotted with the help of a UAV. The shelling from the AGS was corrected from a drone, the “Azov” could not help but see that they were shooting at reporters

Today, during a humanitarian mission, we witnessed a concert from our artists. Our brothers – Aleksey Poddubny and Pyotr Lunstrem decided to raise the spirits of civilians in the city of Mariupol, destroyed by Ukrainian “nationalists”.
May God bless you and good luck!

Video from the “Angel” battalion in Mariupol

❗️ Interviews with locals in Mariupol chill the blood in their veins – according to them, the “defenders of Ukraine” shot at civilians even before the active phase of urban fighting.
“From our company, a friend’s husband was killed. Two shots in the back. My parents live in the Evening Market, they were driving from the Evening Market, they went to check – how was the house?! Here they started shooting at Pashkovsky without warning, they started shoot cars. They (friends) drove here, between the house and the kindergarten, threw the car and got out. My nephew returned normally, but Vitalik was killed, in the back, with two shots! We couldn’t approach him because they (UAF/teroborona) were waiting. And my nephew’s car was taken away. It was the 22nd. There was no Russia here yet! And they fired cannons, they could shoot anywhere!”
– Did the Ukrainian military just shoot at you?
“- Yes, yes, I’ll tell you more. The tank stood there for three weeks, the morning began – it just went there (shooting), here (shooting).
He began to fire in a circle, then we understand that he is moving – the shots are closer .. look what is here! You see what’s going on here! Russia hasn’t been here yet!”
“You see, there are no words for him! They just shoot tenants, children, people and burn houses!”
And for whom do you have no words?
“For Vladimir Zelensky!”
“There was an arrival for no reason at all. And before that, a quadrocopter flew. And after that they noticed that after 10 minutes the shelling began!”