Battle For Mariupol : Part 10 – Captured NATO General R.L. Cloutier Already Delivered To Moscow, So They Learn; The End

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Roger Cloutier has been already delivered to Moscow


15 April:

❗️ “As it turned out, Lieutenant Colonel “Azov” mowed down here “like a fool” *”
The lieutenant colonel of the Azov Nazis tried to pretend to be mentally ill in order to leave the hospital in Mariupol. He was discovered during the cleaning of one of the buildings of the Mariupol hospital, where psychiatric department.
“We paid close attention to him when we found a tattoo in the form of a Kolovrat. The medical staff said that it was just a patient they were caring for,” the military said.

“Firing points in basements, underground passages, snipers everywhere”: Ukronazis turned the captured private sector of Mariupol into a real fortress

🇷🇺🇺🇦 APU attempt to break through to Azovstal in Mariupol thwarted
Up to 200 Ukronazis with equipment tried to break through to the neo-Nazis at the Azovstal plant. Thanks to the competent actions of the allied forces, the Ukrainian column did not reach the goal.

❗️ Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation will check the data of the American journalist Patrick Lancaster about the discovery of the murdered residents of Mariupol after the departure of the Azov nationalists.
“The Investigative Committee will analyze the indicated data, comparing them with the information already recorded in the materials.
criminal case on crimes committed by representatives of the security forces of Ukraine against the population of Donbass.
Interrogations of witnesses from among the residents of Mariupol will also continue. The investigation will give a criminal-legal assessment to each fact of the death of the civilian population.
said in the release. By the way, after the release of Lancaster’s story about the atrocities of the Nazis, YouTube hastened to block this video.

⚡️ Mariupol cauldron ⚡️ Situation on 15.04.22 ⚡️ Project @wargonzoo
continues to talk about the situation in Mariupol.
The territory of the Mariupol metallurgical plant named after Ilyich is already in fact completely controlled by the RF Armed Forces and the NM of the DPR.
the Russian military managed to withdraw about 200 civilians from the territory of the plant, whom the Armed Forces of Ukraine and neo-Nazis from Azov, promising them safety, lured into the catacombs and actually held them hostage.

According to the available information, Kyiv, among other forces, was going to throw this grouping at the deblockade of Mariupol, but then the plans changed – due to the complete inexpediency of this operation. The moment was lost – Mariupol came under the control of the NM of the DPR and the RF Armed Forces.

14 April:

❗️🇷🇺🇺🇦 The situation in Mariupol by the end of April 14, 2022
▪️ Primorsky cauldron: fighting with the enemy and clearing of high-rise buildings between Nakhimov and Stroiteley avenues continues.
▪️ At the MMK Ilyich in the Kalmiussky district, the territory is being cleaned up, mass the surrender of the military personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine remaining at the plant (another 160 people surrendered in the morning). Thanks to the cessation of resistance to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, houses in the private sector were partially preserved.
▪️ In the Levoberezhny district, the cleaning of residential areas up to Lomizov and Miklukho-Maklay streets has been completed.
Allied forces went along the entire front to Korotaya Balka and to the factory industrial zone.

❗️ Military Correspondent Alexander Sladkov reports that Lieutenant General Roger L. Cloutier, Commander of the NATO Army, who was previously taken prisoner near Mariupol, has probably already been delivered to Russia.

‼️🇬🇧 The same “great” British warrior “Kozak Gundi” in captivity of the DPR army
Aidan Aislin tweeted that the Armed Forces of Ukraine are sitting in a “cauldron” in Mariupol without food and ammunition and surrendered with everyone.
He managed to fight in the Middle East and hung out with Ukrainian nationalists for 3 years.
Now, with a sad face, he is waiting for the “soon end of the war”, and his family – for the exchange of prisoners.
Fighting evil miners and polite Russians turned out to be somehow not fun at all.

‼️🇬🇧 The same great British warrior “Cossack Gundi” mooing in captivity from our
28-year-old Nottingham native Aidan Aislin tweeted that the Armed Forces of Ukraine were sitting in a “boiler” in Mariupol without food and ammunition and quickly surrendered. Now under interrogation at ours. The Englishman did not want to go to Bandera, despite the inscription on his jacket, which reads “If you are going through hell.”

A little more about the shave from Karnaukhov:
▫️ In the photo, the captured English mercenary Aiden Aslin from the city of Nottingham.
Look at the tattoo: happy days and beyond 🎯 target.
Do you know what that means?
It turned out that in 2016 he called himself an anti-fascist and fought in Syria against ISIS is on the side of the Kurdish militants. He survived, returned, was convicted in his homeland for mercenarism. Now he is fighting on the side of the Ukronazis.
Apparently, his colleagues from “Azov” and “Right Sector” did not know that they fought side by side with the “fabulous cockerel.”
That’s what they call anti-fascists.
If they knew, they would have killed themselves! But he was lucky … in captivity with us.
So this tattoo means that we have before us an ordinary sadist, a serial killer who enjoys the “bloody safari”, from killing anyone, just to pay.

But I won’t be surprised if he does it absolutely free, for fun!

🇷🇺🇺🇦 Mariupol: 10 days of surrender

Here are some statistics on the surrender of Ukrainian servicemen in Mariupol.

▪️ Night from April 3 to April 4: 267 servicemen from the 503rd battalion of the 36th BRMP of the Ukrainian Navy – MMK Ilyich (Kalmiussky district).
▪️ April 5: 30 military APU – the vicinity of the kindergarten № 91 and the Azovstal complex (Levoberezhny district).
▪️ Night from 11 to 12 April: about 160 prisoners who survived after an attempt to break through towards Zaporizhia, servicemen of the 36th Brigade of the Naval Forces of Ukraine – MMK Ilyich (Kalmiussky district).
▪️ April 12: 1026 out of of the 36th OBRMP Naval Forces of Ukraine, of which 162 officers – MMK Ilyich (Kalmiussky district).
▪️ April 13: 134 more Marines, including 14 officers.

Over the past 10 days alone, at least 1,600 Ukrainian servicemen have surrendered as part of large organized groups (in including 176 officers).
Taking into account the numerous footage of the surrender of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in small groups and one by one, the footage of the detention of disguised soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, who, under the guise of civilians, are trying to cross the front line and escape from the besieged city, can be preliminarily assessed the number of captured over the past 10 days in the Mariupol region alone, the military personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the region of one and a half thousand people.
According to information from the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, today 2543 military personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, 14 military personnel of the National Guard are officially in captivity, and 116 servicemen of the State Border Service of Ukraine.