Chronicles From Freed Mariupol : Part 1 – Last Nazi Terror Network of Rats Hiding In Azovstal; Last Battle In The Gray Zone

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Mariupol is ours!


16 April:

⚡️ Mariupol is ours! “Somalia” hoisted a flag over the police building.

The first deputy commander of the “Somalia” battalion with the call sign “Son-in-law” hoisted a flag over the main police building in Mariupol and declared that Mariupol is ours! Now for sure.

❗️ The total number of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Nazis and foreign mercenaries who took refuge at Azovstal does not exceed 2.5 thousand people now.
Reported by the Russian Ministry of Defense.
By April 16, the losses of the Ukrainian grouping in Mariupol alone amounted to more than 4,000 people.

Reported by the Russian Ministry of Defense.

📹 DPR flag raised in Mariupol port
The port of Mariupol is under the control of the military personnel of the NM of the DPR, the flag of the republic was raised on the navigation tower of the Mariupol seaport. Also, the next stage of the evacuation of the crews of the ships, which were held in the port by the militants of Azov, was carried out.


17 April:

Objective control of GRAY ZONE in Azovstal

❗️ Representatives of the DPR in the JCCC and investigators of the Russian Investigative Committee work on the front line near the hospital in Mariupol, where several dozen bodies of local residents were found killed by Ukronazis.

The commander of the battalion of the People’s Militia of the DPR spoke about how the attack on the Azovstal plant in Mariupol is going.
He said that several thousand Ukrainian nationalists are on the territory of the enterprise.
“As you can see, the plant is on fire. The Ukronazis refused to surrender. Therefore, active hostilities continue,” the military said.

❗️ The commander of the 36th Ukrainian brigade, Baranyuk, was liquidated in Mariupol during an attempt to break through – People’s Militia of the DPR.

❗️ Hero of Russia, commander of the Special Purpose Police Regiment named after Hero of Russia A. A. Kadyrov of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the Chechen Republic, Zamid Chelaev, spoke about how nazis at Azovstal shot Ukrainian servicemen for trying to surrender.


❗️ Flayer from Azov
As heroes, neo-Nazis from the Azov Battalion take into their pantheon not only real
historical figures, such as Hitler, but also fictional literary characters.
Soldiers from Somali found a chevron with Ramsey’s heraldry at the destroyed Azov base.
Bolton – one of the heroes of George Martin’s novel “Game of Thrones”, with the book of which, basically, everyone is familiar with the series of the same name.
crucify and skin people. Here is a role model chosen by the Ukrainian neo-Nazis.
I would like to recall that Ramsey Bolton was a bastard. This is how, at one time, Nenko Ukraine sinned with the Nazis, and Azov people grew up in her – the inglorious bastards of Ukraine.
Ramsey of the Bolton clan is hard to find a more ugly and disgusting character from the entire saga. Pathological sadist and flayer, he loved

❗️ DPR fighters from mortars attack the positions of Ukrainian nationalists in the area of the Azovstal plant.
Now the active phase of the attack on the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the encircled militants is underway. In the event of resistance, as previously noted by representatives of the Defense Ministry and the troops of the DPR, nazis, mercenaries and Ukrainian military will be destroyed.
Izvestia has received footage of the aftermath of an airstrike on the positions of Ukrainian military and nationalists in the area of the Azovstal plant.
“Before our eyes, Russian aircraft hit a residential five-story building, in which Ukrainian security forces settled.

❗️ “Nazis” of Azov ate and drank in the apartments of Mariupol residents, and they shot from there.
Absolutely terrorist methods were used by the Ukrainian military in Mariupol. Perhaps this is the best inoculation against Ukrainianism, which has been actively planted here for all 8 years.

⚡️ “Changed into civilian clothes and disappeared”
At the plant in Mariupol, they managed to find a recreation area for Ukrainian security forces. As a serviceman of the Russian Armed Forces told Zvezda, the Ukrainian soldiers who fled from their positions “presumably departed for the nearest settlement”

⚡️ “Retreating, they abandoned their banner”: our correspondent visited the metallurgical plant “named after Ilyich” in Mariupol, which was liberated from the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and showed what “gifts” the escaped marines left for the Russian military.

In addition to the battle banner, Ilyich’s factory managed to find military operations log, in which, by the hour, the fighters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine noted the shelling of civilians in Donbass

❗️ The story of a child from Mariupol: “The war is terrible… All the big houses in the city… Burnt out. They were very beautiful. We were fed by DNR soldiers. They gave us bread from the field kitchen, and butter, and once they even gave us pate. I gave one tank (toy), as a gift and told that it would help them finish their battle sooner.”

❗️ Radio Mariupol now broadcasts just like that!
On all available radio frequencies in Mariupol, the Nazis and foreign mercenaries who remained surrounded receive a message about their extremely difficult situation, from which there is only one way out – to lay down their arms and surrender!

⚡️ Exclusive ⚡️ “Azov” company is running away from NM DPR stormtroopers ⚡️
UAV footage showing about 50 fighters from the neo-Nazi Azov group fleeing during an attack on their positions by Somali Battalion stormtroopers.
The idols of Ukrainian neo-Nazism on the battlefield are not at all the same heroes as they are on their Instagram pages. They run from the Donbass fighters – only the heels sparkle.

16 April:

“Hail” on the head of the enemy. The work of rocket artillery of the NM DPR on the positions of the Ukrainian Nazis.
In the frame of the channel, the Donbass decides the BM-21 MLRS “Grad” is working out targets for the positions of “Azov” in the industrial zone of Mariupol.

❗️ The militants blocked at the Azovstal Mariupol plant are in a hopeless situation and demand permission from Kiev to surrender, but the Ukrainian authorities demand heroic suicide from them.
The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation offer the militants to lay down their arms from 06:00 Moscow time on April 17, guaranteeing the preservation of life.

❗️ The plant “Azovstal” in Mariupol began to fire leaflets with a proposal to the Armed Forces of Ukraine to surrender, correspondent Semyon Eremin reported.
The shells are loaded into the 122-millimeter Gvozdika artillery mount, so that, firing into the air over the territory it dispels several thousand instructions on how to give up properly.

The correspondent stressed that about 1,700 Ukrainian servicemen had already surrendered.

❗️ Kiev will not negotiate with Moscow in the event of the destruction of the Ukrainian military in Mariupol – Zelensky
The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation has repeatedly offered Kiev to withdraw the Ukrainian military from Mariupol in any direction in order to save the city and people,while the nationalists were guaranteed life. Kyiv refused to accept such an offer.

❗️ Video from military correspondent RT:
Our footage from Ilyich’s factory in Mariupol. The territory of the plant has been completely liberated, but has not yet been cleared of mines and “surprises”.
The Nazis and the Armed Forces of Ukraine have thrown hundreds of millions of dollars worth of weapons and equipment here.

❗️ Another Briton mercenary was caught in Mariupol.
Sean Peter – English mercenary, served in the 36th Marine Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine attack aircraft, is now in captivity. This is the second Englishman taken in Mariupol.
Now he says that the war is not needed and he wants to go home.

And he advised the actor Sean Penn not to come to fight the Russians, it’s very dangerous, so song for Sean Penn, the CIA agent :

Kyiv deceived the international community when it claimed that Ukraine had destroyed stockpiles of anti-personnel mines.
We found entire warehouses of various MON anti-personnel mines at the liberated Ilyich plant in Mariupol.
Ukraine acceded to the Anti-Personnel Mine Ban Convention in 1997 and several years ago reported on the complete destruction of such stockpiles. Apparently, Kyiv lied

⚡️ DPR fighters captured a NATO mortar in Mariupol
The soldiers of the “Somalia” battalion presented the project @wargonzoo
another trophy – a NATO mortar of Polish origin M57. The thing is convenient in military affairs, it came in handy in the household.

✔️ The battalion commander of the People’s Militia of the DPR told correspondent Alexei Poltoranin that almost all residential areas in Mariupol have already been cleared, leaving only the Azovstal plant, where Ukrainian nationalists are hiding.
The fighting is now going on in the factory territories, which, according to the battalion commander, they are a network of strong reinforced concrete structures.

“As they say, Soviet concrete is strong. As I understand it, the plant was built for military purposes – in order to redirect from the civilian direction of metallurgy to the military-industrial complex. The structures there are very strong, very stable, there are underground workshops,” he said.
At the same time, there is a decrease in the intensity of shelling by nationalists by 85%. The fighter admitted that either a drop in the morale of the nationalists, or a lack of ammunition contributes to this.

❗️ Residents of Mariupol, who managed to escape in the DPR from the hell set up in the city by Ukrainian nationalists, spoke about the atrocities of the Azov militants * who tortured and killed their own compatriots.
“We have Azov here, they go into basements and shoot people: children, men, women. And how they raped girls. They rape, throw them out and kill.
– Ukrainians?
“-Azov. < .. > There is a green corridor. People leave, ours stop them, well, Ukrainians, they say: “Or go home, or we’ll shoot you here. “Some without a word at all. The column passed, and they beat it with a mortar. We were prisoners of our own.”
“- How then to explain to people that we saw how the Ukrainians themselves were shooting at us? A man went out on the balcony to smoke. And he stands on the tank, together he says: “Will you hit him?” He froze, threw the bull out and ran. Imagine all the children, they drive into the yard with two machine guns, some kind of underdeveloped, I don’t know what he used there. So two bursts, they shoot from two Kalash, says, “What are you worth? Become a cancer.”
“- I just don’t understand their (APU) logic. Who are they fighting for, even if the state has abandoned them? They are eating on ropes in all the apartments, like homeless people, whoever had what was left, lowered themselves.”
– They have some kind of device to open the doors. All the doors were opened, all the food was taken away, in towels, in sheets.
“Who are they fighting for? Who are they protecting?”
“- People say:” We collected these canned food, stew, put aside from the payday, just in case that it was, they took it away. “Such a shame!”

❗️ A resident of Mariupol Leonid Nikolayevich Kolomushchenko (74 years old) tells how the Russian military rescued children from the hospital № 4 of Mariupol under the fire of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, how the Armed Forces of Ukraine drove the children to the hospital in Mariupol and then shelled this hospital:
“They (APU) did not let anyone leave (from the hospital). They didn’t let us drive up (with shelling) … ( We) drank 100 grams of water … There were a lot of children … On tanks (Russian troops) drove up and took the children away.
Why did the Ukrainian troops do this?
“It’s like the Nazis.”
“Yes, the Ukrainians were beating (shelling) all night long. Day and night they were beating.
There were some patients there… ”
Why did the Ukrainians shell the hospital?
“They wanted to wipe Mariupol off the face of the earth. There will be no Mariupol here, they said.”
“The Armed Forces of Ukraine did not let them approach or drive up (to the hospital). The (Russian) soldiers took people out on the sly, the soldiers took risks, they put children on their heads on their shoulders and carried them out.”

The Somali fighters found dozens of boxes of ammunition with foreign markings in a bomb shelter. These are ammunition for grenade launchers, and anti-tank systems, and banal small arms.

❗️ The surrender of an entire unit of marines in Mariupol.
After a small fire contact with the units of the People’s Militia, they made the right choice and laid down their arms.
As they say – it was not a bad maneuver so as not to meet with Bandera

Video from military correspondent RT:
The chemical courage of the nationalists: where the Azov militants are, there are drugs.
The People’s Militia of the DPR continues to find a large amount of drugs – pills, syringes, ampoules and powders – on the bodies and positions of Azov militants.
Stimulants and amphetamines in war is not a new thing. The same ISIS (recognized as a terrorist organization in the Russian Federation) distributed packs of Captagon pills to its fighters: the drug made it possible for the militants to fight for days without sleep, food, and even water.
One of the many side effects of stimulants is suppression of empathy, separation from reality, which just contributed to the terrible reprisals against people in Syria and Iraq.
And, judging by the number of civilians shot dead by Nazis for trying to escape from the city, in Mariupol too

⚡️ “Somalis” on the central beach of Mariupol
The fighters of the legendary Donbass battalion “Somali”, together with other units of the NM of the DPR and the RF Armed Forces, finally drove the neo-Nazis out of the city and went to the sea from the northern direction. Right on the central beach of Mariupol.

✔️ Mariupol is returning to normal life. The city is gradually being restored, volunteers have been attracted to this task.
In the liberated quarters of the city, civilians killed by the nationalists are still being found. Correspondent Semyon Eremin met a local resident who found among