Chronicles From Freed Mariupol : Part 2 – Mariupol People Always Loved Russia And Waited 8 Years Their Saviors

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Mariupol people is Russian, always loved Russia, and always hated Nazis and especially Azov scum, this is the truth.

18 April:

‼️ Patrick Lancaster interviews families in a bomb shelter
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🔥 Mariupol residents say that the Ukrainian army blocked the city and fired on civilians, agreeing to evacuate the wounded.
🔥 UAF prevented the medics from evacuating the hospital and hiding the wounded.
They stole all the ambulances.
🔥 A man lost his wife and mother during a bombardment by the Ukrainian army. His daughter is injured.
🔥 The girl and her father survived the bombardment of the Azov battalion.
Mariupol residents: Patrick Lancaster interviews families in a bomb shelter.
🔥Ukrainian army blocked the city and shelled civilians after having agreed with an injured evacuation and didn’t allow doctors to evacuate the hospital
🔥and hide behind the injured patients. They stole all the ambulances.
🔥Man lost his wife and mother during a bombing from the Ukrainian army. His daughter is injured
🔥Young girl and her father survived a bombing from Azov Battalion.

☝🏻 The deep bunker did not save the Ukrainian fighters.
In the seaport of Mariupol, they found a protected bunker in which Ukrainian security forces took refuge. The closed recessed room became a grave for them.

⚡️ Exclusive ⚡️ DNR CSO fighter talks about the assault on Azovstal ⚡️
A commando with the call sign “Goodwin” in an exclusive interview with the project @wargonzoo
told how the forces of the DPR and the Russian Federation stormed the positions of neo-Nazis at Azovstal, in what mode the cleaning of shops takes place

❗️ “Better give up.” The commander of the “Vostok” battalion of the People’s Militia of the DPR, Alexander Khodakovsky, published a video of air strikes on the Azovstal metallurgical plant in Mariupol, where Ukrainian “nationalists” are hiding “In the video, the work of aviation, even a kilometer away from being hit by a blast wave, pushes noticeably. It falls on their heads, and there is no chance – just raise their hands.
We are crushing them, gradually driving them into a heap, but we have no choice: either we, or aviation and artillery – and they. It’s better to give up,” said the ex-Minister of State Security of the DPR.

⚡️ Assault on Azovstal ⚡️ Situation on the evening of 04/18/22 ⚡️
The assault units of the DPR and the Russian Federation took control of the northern sector of the industrial zone of the Azovstal plant and are currently cleaning up there, including underground utilities.

❗️ “The evil military left, the good ones stayed”
Mariupol children are well aware of who is their own in this military situation, and who is a stranger. Meet the boy Artyom, he is 8 years old. Artyom likes all the armored vehicles of the Somalia battalion, he covered them all.

❗️ A well is being drilled in Mariupol to provide residents with drinking water.
This was announced by the director of the department of the Ministry of Construction of the DPR Ruslan Teryaev.
“Due to the fact that it is not yet possible to launch a centralized water supply in Mariupol

❗️ The former base of “Azov” was located in a sanatorium on the shores of the Sea of Azov.
In the village of Yuryevka, a correspondent of the Donbass decides channel captured the Nazi symbol “Wolfsangel”, borrowed by the “Azov” from the SS Panzer Division Das Reich.
Medicines, clothing and footwear, propaganda and educational literature remained here.
Neo-Nazi symbols abandoned by fleeing Ukrainian punishers are found in abundance at their places of deployment.

❗️ Azov militants, while retreating from Mariupol, blocked civilians in an underground shelter – “so that they would not come out,” said a citizen named Mikhail.
“The troops that are Ukrainian, the National Guard – those surrender, but these [“Azov”], they do not surrender, they will be to the last”

Military bakers will supply the inhabitants of Mariupol with bread.
The bakery of the Ministry of Defense of Russia has started working in the village of Markino, Novoazovsky district.
Its productivity – 8 is tons of bread per day.
The military of the DPR and Russia will deliver the products of the plant to the liberated Mariupol.

📹 Restoration of houses in the liberated part of Mariupol
In Mariupol, the restoration of houses in the liberated areas began. Blockages are cleared from the streets of the city and infrastructure is being restored.

After the surrender of the Illich factory, the area was filled with the corpses of civilians used by Mariupol nationalists as human shields. ‘Why didn’t they shoot at the plant instead of shelling civilians,’ wondered Russian fighters.

Ministry of Internal Affairs of the DPR published footage of an attempted breakthrough from Azovstal in Mariupol on April 15
On April 15, units of the operational-combat tactical formation of the DPR recorded about 400 military personnel of the VFU, 65 units of automobile and armored vehicles lining up in a column.

❗️ Video from military officer Sladkov:
This is not the First World War, changed clothes and that’s it. It’s useless even to burn documents here, everyone will understand who you are and where you are from.

We have been waiting for you very much. The people embrace us…

🙏🏻 Video from the “Angel” battalion from Mariupol:
Children and dogs of the Primorsky district