Chronicles From Freed Mariupol : Part 3 – Testimonies On Azov War Crimes and Atrocities Increase Day After day

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239 years ago, Catherine II accepted the territories of Crimea and Novorossia under the protection of the Russian Empire

Under the Empress, Crimea became one of the brightest pearls of her crown, and Donbass a little later became the heart of Russia.

20 April:

❗️ Video from the “Angel” battalion from Mariupol:
DramaTheatre, Ministry of Emergency Situations began to clear the rubble, while 4 dead were found

⚡️ The first video of the assault on the hangars of “Azovstal” by special forces
The consolidated grouping of the DPR and the Russian Federation continues to clear sector by sector of the territory of the Azovstal plant, which neo-Nazi militants have turned into one continuous fortified area. Project @wargonzoo publishes exclusive footage of the assault

The Greek Nazi from Azov, who was advertised by Zelensky, was eliminated during the battles for Mariupol.

Bodies of #Ukraine️ soldiers found in #Mariupol, shot in the back as they carried white flags and other white signs of surrender. The work of #Azov fascists.

For the inhabitants of Mariupol, tons of bread are baked at the field bakery.
Vladimir Biryukov, deputy commander of the bakery platoon, spoke about this.
“A real humanitarian catastrophe is happening in Mariupol. A bakery deployed at the initiative of the Russian Ministry of Defense to some extent smooth it out,” says the source of the channel.
He clarified: the bread baked in the village of Markino is delivered to different parts of the long-suffering city. The products of the mobile bakery are also received by servicemen who liberate Mariupol. It is planned to bake 8 tons of bread per day here.

⚡️ In the area of “Azovstal” the “silence regime” was again introduced.
According to military officer Poltoranin, 5 green corridors have been opened from the territory of the Azovstal plant.
Buses for civilians were on duty near the corridors. Ambulances were also on duty there.
⚡️ All the civilians who were there came out along one of the corridors from two houses adjacent to the Azovstal industrial zone – 28 people, including 7 children.
Reported by correspondent Alexei Poltoranin.

❗️ Ukrainian nationalists deliberately shelled a hospital in Mariupol. According to nurse Yana Opanasenko, the staff of the medical institution even refused to take care of the wounded soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. She told the correspondent Roman Polshakov about this.

⚡️ Soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine massively shot civilians in Mariupol.
Senior Lieutenant of the Marine Corps of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Vadim Bondarenko admitted in an interview that his colleagues KILLED EIGHT CIVIL RESIDENTS of Mariupol before his eyes.

⚡️❗️ Video urallive: eyewitnesses about “Bucha in Mariupol“.
“Nazis” committed a massacre of civilians near the checkpoint of “Azovstal”. Several dozen bodies were dumped near the hospital № 4, they were discovered by the correspondent Andrey Guselnikov.
Mariupol residents told us what happened in this terrible place.
Apparently, the neo-Nazis used the medical staff and patients as hostages, and the hospital itself as a firing point.
But the Russian army and the DPR fighters did not begin to hit the “human shield” – from our direction, from which the DPR attacked – the hospital building is almost perfectly clean.
Retreating, the neo-Nazi gangs committed a war crime – they fired at the hospital they had left.
Many innocent people died.

❗️ Representatives of the DPR in the JCCC and investigators of the Russian Investigative Committee work on the front line near the hospital in Mariupol, where several dozen bodies of local residents were found killed by Ukrainian militants.
❗️ Major General Ruslan Yakubov, head of the DPR representative office in the JCCC, told RIA Novosti that more than 20 bodies of those who died at the hands of Ukrainian militants were found in the Mariupol hospital № 4

❗️ The Ukrainian military lied to those wishing to evacuate that the road from Mariupol was mined by the Russians.
Women with children were ready to leave Mariupol, but the Ukrainian military assured that the road to Volodarsk was mined and did not let the residents out of the city.

❗️ Fighting normally, let’s bring down Bandera! Tribe, wait!
Russian volunteers at Azovstal send greetings to their relatives and invite all the boys to visit the Donbass front line.

Underground part of Azovstal. It was built in Soviet times, including in case of a possible nuclear war …

❗️ Five Ukrainian servicemen took advantage of the offer from the NM of the DPR and the RF Armed Forces, voluntarily laid down their arms and left the Azovstal plant.
They learned about the offer to surrender from special leaflets that had previously been dropped on the territory of the industrial zone of Mariupol.

19 April:

⚡️ More than 120 civilians left their houses in the Azovstal area
Taking advantage of a short lull, the civilians of Mariupol, who became hostages of the “nationalists”, were finally able to get out of the basements of houses that stand directly at the main Azovstal checkpoint

‼️🇷🇺 The DPR army together with volunteers helped the residents of the liberated districts of Mariupol
Food, medicines, sweets and milk for children were delivered to the residents.

📹 Broken positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine at the plant. Ilyich in Mariupol
At the plant liberated from Ukrainian militants. Ilyich in Mariupol left not only a lot of broken equipment and ammunition that were supplied to Ukraine by Western curators.

❗️ A resident of Mariupol spoke about the criminal actions of Ukrainian militants in the city: they took away cars, occupied residential buildings, where they equipped combat positions. The man showed footage showing the ruins of his house, where “nationalists” were hiding. “We lived in the Ilyichevsk district, the village of Mirny. < … > Since March 2, when they (the Armed Forces of Ukraine) came to our village, they began to occupy houses, there were cases when they kicked out our neighbors, pleasing them with weapons, shooting window. Cars were taken away and there were constant mortar attacks – cotton and immediately “arrives”.
How do you feel about the APU?
“- Negatively, in our village everyone saw everything. People are not bad.
Why don’t everyone leave Mariupol?! Some people stayed there and do not want to “return” to Ukraine after what happened.”

❗️ – The husband managed to say: “Girls, the shelling has begun.” And in front of my eyes, he is dying. Hit in the right temple.

“I explained that I was looking for a son. And he (a soldier of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. – Note) hit me on the head with a butt. My face was all bloody.
Residents of Mariupol in tears told how their relatives and friends died from the bullets of the Azov nazis.
“The nazis are very pedantic, because at half past seven the shelling began. My mother and I were in the house.
Primakov’s husband Anatoly Dmitrievich was on the veranda. Two shells landed on the roof. The only thing he managed to do was fly into the house, say that “girls, the shelling has begun.” We jumped out into the yard, and in front of my eyes he was dying. Hit in the right temple.”
“- The guy was lying about five meters from me. And a hundred meters away was an armored personnel carrier of these Ukrainian dogs. When I began to approach, he began to shoot at my legs, I stopped. I explained that I was looking for my son. And I bent down to turn this dead man over guy. He hit me on the head with a rifle butt and I fell. My glasses are shattered. He broke my nose. I had blood all over my face. These are normal defenders, tell me, please?”
“- We were left without water, and we got water from wells. From the wells, after we gathered five – ten people, mortar shelling was carried out. At the points of extraction of water from wells, so, if offhand, about 50 people, here at my well they were killed.
“- But I believe that… Excuse me… People will return, and then everything will be revived, because there is no other way.”

❗️ A resident of Mariupol, Igor Evgenyevich Zheltoukhov, tells how Ukrainian troops killed civilians in places where they collected water:
“… two women were killed on the pond with small arms … There were no Russian troops yet.”
How did you lose your hand?
“Let’s go get some water. We got it. Explosion. The mines were small… My arm was broken, hanging on ligaments. There were 9 of us, seven were injured.”
Who was shooting?
“Most likely, Ukrainian troops. From the sector from the Selpo store. (There were) Ukrainian troops …
If it were Russians, then they would (shoot) from a greater distance and the spread would be large and the weapons would be heavier. The day before, people were also shot at with small arms. Two women were killed on the pond.
On the same day where I was, on the same fire pond, people were also fired at, near the hospital. Bullets whistled overhead. I won’t say exactly who fired, but the Russian troops weren’t around yet.”