The Ukrainian Journalists that Glorify Nazism and That Are Protected From The Western Warmongers : Meet Natalia Kotskovich

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Nazi bitches and journalism protected by the Western Elite and criminal Nazi Press.

The Polish site posted an article:

A young Ukrainian journalist at the front. The courage and determination of Natalia Kotskovich are admired by the media

. Her weapon is not a gun, but a camera, a microphone and a camera. Natalia Kotskovich, 28, describes the daily life of the Azov Battalion, which is fighting in southeastern Ukraine.

– I went to the front to fight against Russian propaganda – she says in an interview with Wirtualną Polską. The courage and determination of the young journalist are admired by the Ukrainian media.

Video attached to the article:

Natalya Kotskovich is a well-known journalist and TV presenter in Ivano-Frankivsk. She volunteered for the ATO zone in the Azov regiment. Where, according to her, she is engaged in providing information and analytical activities of the unit. They really wrote about her in the Ukrainian media. For example, here are excerpts from an article on Censor : Kotskovich noted: ”

What’s up? If a Prince or whoever have a shot like those would be banned from all over the System, but not if those shots are coming from Ukronazis, solid allies of Western hypocrites and warmongers.

Pro-Ukraine are a solid idiot.

They really wrote about her in the Ukrainian media. Here are some excerpts from an article on Censor:

Kotskovich noted:

We have a set of tasks. The first thing to do is to keep track of what the separatists and the media that support the Russian intervention are writing. Because simultaneously with the armed war in the Donbass, the information war continues. The separatists and their supporters prescribe things that won’t fit on their heads. Babies in canned food, which ukry feast on, is no longer news. The current topic is punishers raping old women. Refined insanity is written out in social networks, mainly Vkontakte. They send me greetings with threats. Some feel sorry and ask to get out – “So beautiful and already a fascist. It would be a pity to kill!”

Others send detailed descriptions of perverted sexual fantasies. For some time, I even thought about taking a grenade with me on combat trips so as not to be captured. And I even wanted to turn off my VK page, but there is a lot of information on social networks to work with. It shows when it starts, how it unfolds and where the information attack is heading. Against Azov in particular. In accordance, you understand how to react, what to write and where to post. You need to know your enemy and be able to resist his methods of influence . ”

She declares:” We protect our people, Ukrainians, in those cities that the Ukrainian army has already liberated. It is necessary not only to talk about it, it is necessary to shout. The problem is that we are too soft in the information war. Ukrainians, unlike the Russians, who do all the propaganda for the separatists, do not know how to be tough and rude. We do not know how to put pressure, we try to present everything culturally, intelligently – “people must understand.”

But we are confronted by a brazen, cynical machine of lies. The Ukrainians certainly would not have pretended to be a message that the soldiers of Novorossiya rape women and put polyurethane foam inside from the nearest supermarket. And these are their most affectionate fables. And the most amazing thing is that a lot of people who remained in the occupied territories believe in this. A lot of Russians write out even more insanity in their comments. Russian propaganda uses images that kindle animal instincts in a person – fear, hunger, blood, violence, sex. And it works because that’s their audience. That is, such a level of those people who support the separatists and endure this Russian-Ukrainian war , “

Tomasz Maciejczyk wrote:

” Polish media: Natalia Kotskovich went to the front to fight Russian propaganda. Russian propaganda says that the DPR and LPR are fighting against the Nazis. Probably Natalia wanted to prove that this is a lie … what do you think? Will it work? “

Comments of the Poles on the site

– Banderówka !!!

– The portal protects and promotes Bandera. A shame.

– Azov is a terrorist group. They even kill children. For me, she is the same heroine as Bandera

– SS Zzow… banderowska suka

Tomasz Maciejczyk himself has already forgotten how the Ukrainian Nazis threatened him for publishing their photo in the Majdanek camp, he took up the old business – to collect money, thermal underwear, thermal imagers, etc. for the Ukronazis in Poland and other countries for the ATO punishers, not for fear, but for conscience, launder them in the Polish media and help Polish, um, volunteers get into the ATO.

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