Chronicles From Freed Mariupol : Part 4 – Europe’s Last Stand To Save The Last Azov Nazi Unit In The Azovstal Hive

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📹 The flag of the DPR is raised on the TV tower of Mariupol. Footage of the highest point in the city appeared in social networks.

22 April:

🇷🇺🇺🇦 Briefing of the Russian Ministry of Defense (22.04.2022)

◽️ In Mariupol, the situation has returned to normal. Residents of the city were able to move freely around streets, not hiding from the shelling of the Ukrainian Nazis. Humanitarian aid is being delivered: food, water and basic necessities. The authorities of the Donetsk People’s Republic are organizing the clearing of the streets from rubble and the removal of the affected Ukrainian military equipment.

◽️ All remainders Ukrainian Nazis “Azov”, together with foreign mercenaries from the United States and European countries, are securely blocked on the territory of the Azovstal plant. Our demands to release the women and children allegedly with them for free travel in any direction, the Nazis ignore. The procedure for the exit of civilians, if any, from the territory of Azovstal for subsequent evacuation is brought to the Nazis hourly. This information is also communicated to representatives of the Kiev regime through Deputy Prime Minister Vereshchuk.

◽️ Nazi retention of Azov and foreign mercenaries of civilian hostages, if they are there, proves that they are not “defenders”, but complete terrorists.

◽️ In this regard, the strained attempts of the speaker of the US State Department habitually lie about allegedly maintaining control over Mariupol by the Nazi rabble – fake and direct complicity to terrorists at a high state level. The State Department habitually misinforms its own citizens, and everyone else. Ukraine itself, its inhabitants in Mariupol and other cities, Washington are interested only in terms of profits from the supply of weapons there and fight against Russia, even “until the last Ukrainian”, as all its satellites repeat at the suggestion of the State Department. @mod_russia

‼️Secret regulations and manuals of the US Army were found at the Azov base near Mariupol, in particular for intelligence units‼️

The broken base of Azov in Mariupol. They called themselves defenders, but they brought only misfortune, death and devastation to the country.

📚 The first school opened in Mariupol
Photojournalist Vladimir Velengurin saw how ordinary life is gradually returning to the city. In Mariupol, explosions and shootings are still heard on the outskirts. And for many students, the school year has resumed. 53rd renovated school third day

❗️ The 36th Marine Brigade of Ukraine lost more than 700 people killed, wounded and missing in Mariupol, said the head of the medical service of the brigade, who decided to lay down his arms

‼️ They kill their own: a captured Nazi told a lot of interesting things about the situation at Azovstal
Ramzan Kadyrov published the interrogation of a prisoner from Mariupol.
“Most of the factory locked under thick walls want to leave this territory with a white flag in their hands.

This initiative is categorically not welcomed by the current command of the national battalions. Moreover, there is confirmed evidence of the killing of their own soldiers who expressed a desire to lay down their arms.”

21 April:

❗️ Anti-Russian propaganda failed!
Japanese journalists were forced to publish an interview with a Ukrainian girl: “Azov is shooting at civilians! Russians don’t shoot at civilians!”
Despite the total control of information published abroad, to hide and block the truth in it still won’t work in full.
In the foreign segment of social networks, in particular among Japanese users of Facebook banned in Russia, an interview is being distributed to foreign journalists by a girl from Mariupol, who tells with tears about how she lost relatives, how her house was destroyed, how she herself was wounded. And those responsible for these monstrous crimes are the fighters of the Azov National Battalion, who fired at residential buildings with direct fire.
Genuine in this situation is the surprise of a foreigner who asked her several times, weren’t the Russians shooting?
No, the Russians don’t shoot at civilians!

❗️ Biden has just urged Russia to secure a civilian exit from Azovstal. Grandpa just woke up 😁
And on the video – a humanitarian corridor from Azovstal, which the RF Armed Forces opened for two days in a row. Nobody came out.
if the nazis do not want to go through the humanitarian corridors provided by Russia, but ask third countries to intervene, then this is their problem. They will not have other corridors – either captured, or to Bandera!

“Our tankers literally accomplished a feat – under enemy fire, they came close to the armored personnel carrier, hooked it and dragged it away,” says our military commander Andrey Filatov. The footage was taken shortly before the complete blocking of the Azov militants at the Azovstal plant.

❗️ Wounded children from Mariupol are rescued in Donetsk.
14-year-old Denis was wounded in Mariupol in his own house. Under shelling, Lyudmila and her son managed to get to the local hospital.
“A nightmare was going on there – the wounded, the dead, someone was giving birth, people were lying on the floor everywhere. Here my son treated the wound, put a cast and sent home” ,- said the woman. However, the wound was bleeding, Denis lost a lot of blood until the evacuation to Donetsk became possible. Here Donetsk doctors save the guy’s hand.

⚡️ Exclusive ⚡️ “Somalis” march out victoriously from Mariupol ⚡️
After the statement of the Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation on the liberation of Mariupol, the legendary Donbass battalion “Somalia” completed the assault operation and is now sent to another sector of the front.

❗️ An exhausted old man literally crawls out of the territory of the Azov nazis in Mariupol. Creeps out.
“Don’t even think about going out. We will shoot to kill. And it doesn’t matter to whom, ”the Ukrainian militants said so.
A week ago, when the old man and his wife went to fetch water, in a residential area where the nationalists are sitting, the sniper decided to teach him a lesson and shot him in the leg. Now the bones are sticking out of an open wound the size of a tangerine, and the wound is infected, festering. The leg rests on the tendons.
Taking advantage of the rotation of the nazis, the old man and his wife escaped. At first, his wife carried him in a cart. When her strength simply ran out, he walked on his own, leaning on two mops. In the end, he just crawled to the DPR fighters. Look, Ukrainians, what your heroes are doing. Here is their “glory”

⚡️ Shoigu called Mariupol the capital of the nationalist Azov, the city itself was liberated, but militants remain in Azovstal
⚡️ Russia guarantees life and decent treatment for the Ukrainian military who will leave Azovstal – Putin

⚡️ A group of 10 people tried to leave Mariupol.

They were discovered by our units, in order to neutralize them, they shot exclusively at the legs. The wounded were immediately taken to the hospital, where they were treated.

Mariupol is under control – Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu

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