War On Westworld: List Those Nazi Journalists That Spread Fake News And Bring Them In Moscow

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When Alexander was told there was an infinity of worlds, he wept, for he had yet to become the lord of even one.

Western Journalists known as distributors of fake news will be arrested and brought to Moscow as war criminals, this is the resolution we are pressing to impose as primary objective.

The State Duma adopted a law prohibiting Russian banks from sending information about clients and their operations to unfriendly countries
Russia is turning into the real Switzerland

Sent in a personal. Just Lviv. Just schoolchildren. Just celebrated Hitler’s birthday. In Ukraine, in which, as you know, there is no Nazism.



Attack on Ukronazis of the Day:

✔️ Map of hostilities and the situation on the fronts on the evening of April 21

How to understand that TOS of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation is working? After being hit, no one runs anywhere.
Destruction of a nationalist checkpoint and a dugout with personnel on the outskirts of the village of Zelenaya Dolina.

⚡️ “Somalia” marched victoriously to Donetsk, where they were greeted with flowers and flags

Attacks on Zaporozhye. 04/21/2022

⚡ Russian special forces carried out a special operation in the Kherson region at the place of residence of one of the members of the Ukrainian illegal armed formations Andrey Mikhailovich Stepanov, born on May 25, 1967. Stepanov ATOshnik, fought against the population of Donbass, and as soon as the fighting

❗️ Captured Ukrainian Teroboronets Alexander Gurinenko told how they were left to fend for themselves and how his platoon leader Anatoly Zenich tried to shoot himself.

❗️ Captured sailor of the 35th brigade of the Ukrainian Navy Malyuga Maxim tells how he was captured and how their commanders abandon their soldiers.

❗️ Footage of the work of the Russian special forces on the patrol of the Ukrainian forces.

⚡️ Semyon Pegov transmits frames of the Victory inclusion from the liberated Mariupol.
After Shoigu announced victory in Mariupol, the assault units of the DPR and the Russian Federation are being transferred to another sector of the front.

🇷🇺🇺🇦 Briefing of the Russian Ministry of Defense (21.04.2022)

◽️ Units of the Russian Armed Forces and the People’s Militia of the Luhansk Republic took full control of the settlement of Kremennaya, which was turned into a fortified area by Ukrainian nationalists. As a result of the rapid and The well-coordinated actions of the assault squads managed to avoid serious destruction of urban infrastructure and residential buildings.

💥 During the night, operational-tactical and army aviation of the Russian Aerospace Forces hit 20 areas of concentration of manpower and Ukrainian military equipment in areas of settlements Shnurki, Novonikolaevka, Aleksandrovka.

💥 Rocket troops and artillery carried out strikes on the 1001st military object of Ukraine in a day. Among them, 58 command posts, 162 firing positions of Ukrainian artillery were hit, and 771 strongholds and areas of accumulation of manpower and Ukrainian military equipment in the settlements of Mayaki, Dibrovnoe, Mazanovka, Dolina Krasnopolye, Velyka Kamyshevakha, Chervonoe, Vernopolye, Pashkovka, Dmitrovka, Novaya Dmitrovka, Vysokiy, Chernoglazovka, Slatino, Zolochiv, Partizanske, Aleksandrovka, as well as Shevchenkovo, Mykolaiv region.

💥 Russian air defense systems destroyed 13 Ukrainian unmanned aerial vehicles in the areas of Berezovaya, Brazhkovka, Verkhnetoretskoye, Debrovka, Izyum, Kalinovka, Kiselevka, Lozova, Novobogdanovka, Novoaleksandrovka and Chuvakovka. Also, in the Donetsk region, a Ukrainian tactical missile “Tochka-U” was shot down in the air.

📊 In total, since the beginning of the special military operation, destroyed: 140 aircraft, 106 helicopters, 511 unmanned aerial vehicles, 254 anti-aircraft missile systems, 2,410 tanks and other armored combat vehicles, 262 multiple rocket launchers, 1,046 field artillery pieces and mortars, as well as 2,259 units of special military vehicles.

Russian journalists showed the work of the MLRS “Smerch” in this special operation: the power of the missiles they fired even left the funnel on the ground.

❗️ LPR Interior Minister Igor Kornet said that the troops reached the border of the Kharkov region and cleared the road to Kharkov.

The assault battalion of the DPR “Somalia” makes a forced march through Mariupol to “Azovstal”, residents greet the fighters on the streets.


Ukronazi Attacks:

❗️ Footage of a projectile from the national battalion “Azov” grenade launcher hitting the armored personnel carrier of the marines of the Russian Federation.
Even after two direct hits, there was no fire on board. Important radio equipment remained on board, the guys decided that it was possible to tow it right under enemy fire.

⚡️ In the case of the use of weapons of mass destruction, the UK reserves the right to strike back on its own, without consulting with other NATO countries
— Boris Johnson

❗️ In Chernihiv, local Ukrainian vandals demolished the monument to Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya
The demolition of the memorial sculpture to the Hero of the Soviet Union took place in the courtyard of one of the Chernihiv schools, which previously bore the name of Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya

The fire occurred on the territory of a chemical plant in the city of Kineshma, Ivanovo region, 143 people were evacuated from the building. Firefighters put out the fire


❗️ Poland is secretly preparing a “liberation campaign” against Ukraine.
Several formations of the Polish Army – the 18th motorized rifle division and the 6th airborne brigade – are preparing for a “peacekeeping mission”..

The Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed a private poultry farm in the village of Tokmak, Zaporozhye region, with a Tochki-U missile strike, the Russian Defense Ministry said

‼️🇺🇦 An officer of the Armed Forces of Ukraine wished death to the inhabitants of Nikolaev
“Do not interfere with natural selection” – this is how the press officer of the Nikolaev military administration responded to the mayor’s call for residents to go down to the shelter during positional battles and explosions.


War Crimes:

The Investigative Committee recorded the consequences of the shelling of Gorlovka by Ukrainian servicemen. It was established that on April 19 the settlement was fired from artillery pieces.

❗️ Ukrainian nationalists are fighting against Russian troops using the tactics of Islamic terrorists.
Military experts of the Russian Defense Ministry found that the US military handed over to the national battalions the strategy of the terrorists of the “Islamic State” banned in Russia.
We are talking about the “human shield” tactics used by the neo-Nazis of Azov (banned in the Russian Federation) and other national battalions. It was previously used during military conflicts by ISIS militants in the defense of cities, which they actually turned into fortresses. This is evidenced by the experience of the US Army, accumulated during the fighting in Syria.
According to Russian military experts, it is likely that the United States purposefully trained the Azovites for urban battles, using the experience gained during the wars in the Middle East.

Just pay attention to where the barrel of the Ukrainian gun is pointed – at residential buildings….

💬#Zakharova: Russia’s Investigative Committee, in cooperation with the International Public Tribunal on Ukraine, is gathering information on the Kiev regime’s crimes.
❗️ Not a single Ukrainian nationalist involved in these crimes will be able to avoid justice


Fake News Alert:

I am always surprised at the cynicism of the enemy, I can’t help myself, I’m a naive person.
Today, the main news agency of Ukraine, UNIAN, published a video of the shelling of Kharkiv by Russian troops with a rather cynical commentary.
But in reality, it turns out that it was the Armed Forces of Ukraine that yesterday hit Point U with cassettes on the rear of Shakhtyorsk. Earlier, this video from surveillance cameras was posted by OUR colleague and comrade Donetsk military commander Andrei Rudenko. https://t.me/RtrDonetsk/4938
The rocket disintegrated in the air and the charges fell within a radius of several hundred meters. A girl died from the rupture of one of the tapes, two children were injured. https://t.me/RtrDonetsk/4949
This is how the grin of the beast is hidden behind the bright faces of Ukrainian propaganda.

❗️ Ukrainian TG channel once again gives an excellent illustration of the principles of its work –
“here, at the link, which for the sake of such a case we will even give, as an exception. The illustration is that they have this signed “video of the arrival of a Russian rocket into a residential building in Kharkov”, and the video is actually from 2016, and it shows a gas explosion in a residential building in Ryazan (see screenshot). Let’s say they don’t publish the real objects of hits by Russian missiles and shells, so that the Russians can’t correct the next strikes. But why are they posting fake videos instead of real ones, cutting off the date if they’re not lying? 🤔 question is not even rhetorical, but diagnostic, you can not answer.


Help to Civilians:

Azov and military first, civilians and children later. Clear demonstration of 🇺🇦priorities.

❗️ Residents of Mariupol implore the world to hear the truth: “Let the world hear – we were bombed by the Ukrainian authorities. Ukraine.”
And the first aid that the residents of military Mariupol saw came from the DPR military.
“It was they who gave us bread and water. We have a lot of old people, walk to the Metro, where they give out humanitarian aid, they won’t be able to” ,- Alena, a resident of Mariupol, told the Donbass channel. Now, after the cleansing of the rest of the Mariupol districts, many volunteers are delivering humanitarian aid to the corners of the city, which were under shelling yesterday

❗️ A train with Mariupol refugees arrived in the Far East in Nakhodka, a total of 308 people arrived in the city, including 90 children. All people will be sent to a temporary accommodation facility in Wrangel, where they will be provided with housing, food, assistance with documents and employment.

Pro Russia Support:

Russian hackers are having fun!
TG channels are forcing a video clip from the air 1 + 1, where a slogan invented by militias in Mariupol appeared in the running line: ‘I hear ZOV – fuck Azov’. This text was just under the news from Mariupol. funny

❗️ The military-civilian administration of Dniprorudny, Zaporozhye region, dismantled the trident from the building of the city council.

FM #Lavrov: US, UK & other Western countries have a very interesting habit: they just throw in news when they believe this news will work ideologically for their benefit & when it comes to facts putting a big question mark on their assertions, they just lose interest

❗️ Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova responded to Johnson’s call to “show mercy” to British prisoners:
“Boris, we understand that you personally and your Government have abandoned your subjects who became victims of British propaganda and went as mercenaries to Ukraine to kill people.
Don’t pretend to be worried. You have absolutely no interest in the fate of the British in trouble. They did not have fun with you at parties in Downing Street, which means they will not wait for your patronage either. I appeal to the people of Britain who have it’s up to fellow citizens: don’t worry, the Russian side takes care of them. They are fed, watered, provided with the necessary assistance. Unlike Ukrainian militants, who inhumanely shoot prisoners and mock civilians, the Russian armed forces are committed to humanitarian law.
In turn, we call on the British authorities to show the mercy mentioned by Boris Johnson to the citizens of Ukraine and stop supplying weapons to the Kiev regime.”

⚡️ Kakhovka: the flag of Russia (4 meters) was raised on the Square of Labor Glory ⚡️

🇺🇸 USA The New York Post published a video where American bookmakers are starting to take bets that Biden will pass away this year. More than 9,000 people bid.
The growth of those willing to place a bet especially increased after Biden’s sensational handshake with the invisible man

Russian military thank the residents of the border city of Belgorod, Russia for their warm attitude, help and support

For Dogs and cats missing in the Warzone

Map of the shelter “Cat’s house”, Savings: 4817 7602 4184 7361

Contact and find out how you can shelter an animal (transportation to the cities of the Russian Federation is possible): +79847776168 (WhatsApp)

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