Chronicles From Freed Mariupol : Part 5 – The Hive

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24 April:

The story of a former employee of Azovstal about the underground utilities of the Mariupol enterprise

⚡️❗️ A “nazi” from the “Azovstal” underground was captured by the RF Armed Forces, who told where the main forces of the militants of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the “Azov” nazi battalion are located.

🙏🏻 Easter services were held in the main church of the liberated Mariupol. Hundreds of residents of the city, as well as the head of the DPR, Denis Pushilin, gathered for the service.
The Cathedral of the Archangel Michael miraculously survived during the active hostilities that took place in the area. On its walls traces of shelling are visible, domes are destroyed. Now, in addition to the services, the temple organizes the collection of humanitarian aid for residents of the liberated areas controlled by the Russian military.

❗️ The nationalists of the “Azov” regiment, retreating from Mariupol, leave a lot of “surprises”, trying to mine as many objects as possible. Several such deadly traps were shown by correspondent Semyon Eremin.

In Mariupol, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the DPR organized the work of regional police departments

❗️🙏🏻 Bread and Easter cakes were brought to Mariupol to celebrate Easter

❗️ Mariupol, a captured sniper of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
Glory to the Marine Corps of Russia!!!👊🏻⚓

Mariupol. Country road.
Another crime scene committed by non-humans from the Azov regiment.
They fired point-blank at a humanitarian convoy that was carrying food for the residents of nearby streets.
After the execution of the column, the wounded Azov soldiers threw grenades at them. In their networks, they passed off this crime as a military operation …

23 April:

🙏🏻 On the eve of the Holy Resurrection of Christ, volunteers from Donetsk brought Easter and food packages to Mariupol.
The head of the Heart Foundation, Inna Sasim, distributed holiday gifts, including Easter cakes and krashenka, to people who had gathered at the Intercession Church.

Video from the “Angel” battalion:
Evacuation of children from Mariupol. One of them is only 9 months old

“Azovstal” is covered with a heavy one.

⚡️ Exclusive ⚡️ How “Azov” mined the seaport in Mariupol ⚡️

Breaking : Azov Nazis thwarted the evacuation from Mariupol by opening fire from mortars at a gathering place.


Mariupol. A citizen of asks if he can keep the flag of the Chechens who liberated his city.

‼️🇺🇦 Footage of the destruction of militants in Mariupol and interrogation of prisoners
Ukrainian prisoners of war admitted that they were abandoned by the command.

⚡️ In Mariupol, they started restoring the seaport ⚡️

❗️ Azovstal is blocked so the fly won’t fly through. All according to the order of the President.
The forces of Russia and the DPR hold back the periodic attempts of the Ukrainian military to find weaknesses and break out of the encirclement. Some soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine come out with a white flag and surrender, others trying to blend in with the civilian population and escape.

The Hive

It’s obvious that the Nazi rats can be kept like closed in that underground cage even for weeks, eventually they will blown away themselves while Ukronazi Media will tell that Russians bombed the hive. In one way or in another, like flooding the tunnels with water, they are ended.