Provocations In Donetsk, Kramatorsk, Bucha and Irpin Were Prepared By PsyOp Units Of Ukraine Trained by NATO

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A Russian warfare analyst explains how and why the provocations have been set. And why others will come, next is Kharkiv.

❗️ The methods of work of the Special Operations Forces employees are confirmed by a former high-ranking officer of the command of information and psychological operations. So, meet: Sergey Vitalievich Tsygipa. He decided not to wait for really serious men to come to him and gave up.

An officer of the Special Operations Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine told very interesting things. The provocations in Donetsk, Kramatorsk, Bucha and Irpen were prepared by the units of information and psychological operations of the SOF of Ukraine. Kharkiv is next.

NATO specialists were engaged in the training of officers of the CISO.

And taught them how to work through social networks. In particular, women were gathered through social networks in the center of Donetsk to strike with a Tochka U missile.

The goal is to intimidate the residents of the DPR.

Also, through social networks and announcements, civilians were gathered at the station in Kramotorsk. For their own citizens of the Armed Forces of Ukraine also struck with a Tochka U missile.

The goal is to intimidate their own population, disrupt the evacuation, convince the Ukrainians that the Russians are fighting civilians.

The story about the alleged executions in Bucha is aimed not so much at an internal audience as at an external one and aims to distract use of chemical weapons.

Sergey Vitalievich tells very interesting things.

Take 20 minutes to watch this video where a senior IPSO officer of the Special Operations Forces talks about the goals and methods of work.


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