Chronicles From Freed Mariupol : Part 6 – Azovstal Smoking Black

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28 April:

“It is a curious way to persuade ordinary people they have a future within #Ukraine..”
Seven years ago in #Mariupol, some British news media actually reported the reality.

🇷🇺 Humanitarian aid from Russia for residents of Mariupol
Philanthropists from the Russian Federation, as well as caring residents of Russia, with the support of the People’s Militia of the DPR, delivered humanitarian aid to the city of Mariupol.

Video from military officer Sladkov:
Boots, helmets, body armor and, of course, trophy shoes.

❗️ The militants blocked at the Mariupol “Azovstal” are trying to probe the situation and continue to fire – Basurin.

Girl and Easter Bunny 😊 Mariupol.

❗️ “Ukrainians burst into our entrances, they wanted to shoot from our apartments.”
A resident of Mariupol, Elena, recalls how the nationalists behaved.
“We closed the door to the entrance in front of them, they threatened that they would knock it out with a grenade launcher,” Elena said.
Help came from Russian servicemen.
“My daughter, son and husband were injured. They helped us, took us to military doctors. The daughter was rescued and given medicines. Then they gave us something from their rations,” says Elena

❗️ Drama theater in Mariupol was blown up from the inside – locals prove that Ukrainian propaganda will not be able to convince people otherwise
No matter how hard we try
Ukrainian propagandists to convince people of an alleged air strike on the drama theater of the RF Armed Forces, in this it is impossible to believe, because the locals observed with their own eyes the inconsistencies of this version, which they told about.
So, young people who tried to catch a connection in that area immediately after the tragic events noticed that the glassed-in restaurant next to the drama theater had no damage. This confirms that there was no air strike, and the destroyed building was the work of the Azov battalion (banned in the Russian Federation), the provocation of which was known
in 3 days.
“You see, if the explosion was outside, everything would have blown up. So, they blew it up from the inside!” a local resident tells Readovka.
Eyewitnesses have confirmed more than once that the explosion of the drama theater in Mariupol was a prepared provocation by the “Azov” people who were mining
building in advance, and at the same time released previously held
people from the building, and also warned others stationed nearby to leave the area.

❗️ Sowing campaign started near Mariupol

❗️ Donbass: I’m alive! Stories from the liberated Mariupol
When the fighting for Mariupol began, many civilians remained in the city – they were not allowed to leave by the Ukrainian military. Fleeing from shelling, people were sitting in basements. They went out into the yards only to cook food on the fire.

Russian soldiers and DPR fighters were greeted here with tears in their eyes. The authors of the film, together with Alexei Smirnov, the founder of the humanitarian battalion “Angel”, visited Mariupol and several other settlements, showed how food distribution is organized and talked

citizens who shared their memories of what they had to endure in recent weeks

27 April:

❗️ The commander of the DPR reserve battalion with the call sign “Kaban” told reporter Semyon Eremin that Ukrainian nationalists in Mariupol disrupted the exit of civilians along humanitarian corridors. According to him, after the fighters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were offered to use the green corridor to withdraw the civilian population, they launched provocations to which the People’s Militia did not succumb: “The ceasefire at 19:00 expired, so the people’s militia was ordered to open fire, but to open fire in return. If the enemy provokes us by firing, or try to break through to the positions of the People’s Militia”,”You could see how they covered the area where movement was noticed. It was automatic grenade launchers”
Correspondent Semyon Eremin showed the work of DPR fighters in the area of the Azovstal plant in Mariupol. The defenders of Donetsk returned fire after 19:00, when the ceasefire ended, during which Ukronazis repeatedly committed provocations

❗️🇷🇺 Yulia Chicherina performed at “Azovstal” for the “Vostok” battalion and reservists of the allied forces of the Russian Federation

🇷🇺 Humanitarian aid from Russia helps Mariupol residents in need
Distribution of planned supplies of humanitarian aid has been organized in Mariupol. It is delivered targeted – to families with children, the elderly, to whom and how much is needed.

Hellish infirmary in the cellars of “Azovstal”.

❗️ “We were told: there are Russian soldiers – run. Do not take food from them, they are all poisoned.”
A Ukrainian refugee told about what she heard about Russia and Russian soldiers from Ukrainian propaganda.
The woman came from Mariupol to the Sverdlovsk region with her husband and mother-in-law. She admits that she was very touched by the way refugees are treated in the region.
“Among all the evacuation bases, places where we have been, here is like in paradise. Without any exaggeration, like in paradise.
We are all very impressed and touched by the friendly attitude towards us here,” said the refugee.
Her mother, daughter and four sisters remained in Mariupol.

Another photo from the basement of Azovstal. With him in dill, they whine about the need to urgently save the wounded “nationalists.”

26 April:

❗️ “Come on bro, come on!
Exclusive footage from Mariupol of RT military correspondent Andrey Filatov, taken shortly before the complete blocking of the national battalions at Azovstal.
A Russian marine was wounded by Azov soldiers while trying to cross the street near Azovstal, but survived, and he had enough endurance under fire to crawl another 50 m.

❗️ Residents of Mariupol are getting ready to celebrate the May holidays
Despite the fighting near the Azovstal plant, civilians go out into the streets to restore and establish a peaceful life: residents began by cleaning the local area

Puffs of black smoke seen over the Azovstal plant
Sky News reports a huge column of smoke over the territory of Azovstal in Mariupol, where Azov militants are now blocked

25 April:

❗️ Mariupol will be rebuilt and peaceful life will come here. He participated in the referendum in 2014. This is our territory.
This opinion was expressed by Alexei Zhigulin, deputy of the People’s Council of the DPR.
“In the 24 x 7 mode, non-stop, we work with the population.
I have not met people who are opposed to the DPR. On the contrary, they speak out in support that they have been waiting for us all these years,” Zhigulin said.

⚡️ “Lying on the floor and praying”
A resident of Mariupol told how Ukrainian nationalists, threatening with reprisals, took away houses from civilians
“How can I not let him go? He will just shoot me. Both me and the dog

❗️ In the forward positions of Mariupol, you can meet the enemy in civilian clothes.
This was told by the military commissar and honored journalist of the DPR Gennady Dubova.
“Walks too calmly for a peaceful, fairly well-groomed woman in her 30s with a teenager.
You can see in her eyes how she keeps track of everything. They come to us, into the ruins where we were, and ours quickly realized:
– Come here, we just changed into Muscovites.
(The guys pretend that they are Ukrainians, they just took the military uniform from the Russians and she immediately gives them several names of the Ukrainian military)
– Oh, my boys.
I, he says, communicated with that, with that. Who she is, a scout or a sniper, we do not know. We sent her to the appropriate services.”

The Nazis from the Azov Regiment told a former soldier in Mariupol that the Russians would shoot him. But the Russians did not shoot, but fed the child and helped to evacuate.

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