War On Westworld: 3000 Turkish Gray Wolves Deployed In The Warzone Against God’s Army; Rubicon Is Crossed

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By most mechanical and dirty hand…I shall have such revenges on you both. The things I will do. What they are, yet I know not, but they will be the terrors of the earth.

Nato Interference Shall Lead The West To A Nuclear Winter and Possibly To Humankind Extinction

⚡️ Russia will do everything to ensure the maximum safety of journalists, attempts to intimidate them are doomed to failure – V.Putin

⚡️ If someone wants to intervene in the situation in Ukraine from the outside and creates a strategic threat, the strikes will be lightning fast – V.Putin

❗️ The West’s stake on Russophobia and neo-Nazism is a new geopolitical weapon – V.Putin

Attack on Ukronazis of the Day:

✔️ Map of hostilities and the situation on the fronts on the evening of April 27

🇷🇺🇺🇦 During reconnaissance and search activities in one of the settlements of the Kharkiv region, employees of the special forces unit of the Russian Guard identified an armed group of nationalists and a camouflaged self-propelled artillery mount in a combat position.

⚡️ There is a full-scale assault in Popasna. Denis Kulaga shared footage from the front line – the whistle of flying shells right on the head, explosions and thick smoke.
“The situation is alarming, but working. Now we will show how the front positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine look like,” the journalist said.

“Real combat work”: our correspondent spoke about the situation in the city of Rubizhne. Now there is a cleansing of the outskirts of the settlement from Ukronazis

⚡️ “Given a German bulletproof vest, NATO glasses – generous guys”: a Russian soldier told what “gifts” Ukronazis presented to our military

⚡️ Front-line report for the morning of 04/27/22 ⚡️
The boundary has been crossed: units of the People’s Militia of the LPR entered the city of Rubizhnoye, where the fortified area of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is located.
Zaporozhye direction: Russian troops storm the city of Gulyaipole.

🇷🇺🇺🇦 Briefing of the Russian Ministry of Defense (27.04.2022)

◽️ The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation continue a special military operation in Ukraine.

💥 Destroyed by Kalibr sea-launched long-range high-precision missiles on the territory of the Zaporozhye aluminum smelter hangars with a large batch of foreign weapons and ammunition supplied by the United States and European countries for Ukrainian troops.

💥 Operational-tactical and army aviation of the Russian Aerospace Forces hit 59 Ukrainian military facilities overnight. Among them: 50 areas of concentration of manpower and Ukrainian military equipment, four warehouses with weapons and ammunition in the areas of the settlements of CHERVONOE, DOLGENKOE, PASHKOVO and VESELOE, as well as the Buk-M1 anti-aircraft missile system in the SLAVIANSK region. As a result of the strikes, over 120 nazis and 35 armored vehicles and vehicles.

💥 Rocket troops and artillery completed 573 fire missions during the night. Affected: 432 areas of concentration of enemy manpower and military equipment, 67 artillery positions, two batteries of multiple launch rocket systems, as well as seven ammunition depots.

💥 Russian air defense systems shot down 18 Ukrainian unmanned aerial vehicles in the areas of OLEKSANDROVKA, BALAKLEYA, BRYANKA, ZAPOROZHSKOE, IZYUM, KAPITOLOVKA, PEREMOGA, PETROVKA, PAPASNOE, PROLETARSKOE, TRUDOLYUBOVKA, including two UAVs “Bayraktar-TB2” in the area of the settlements of KALESNIKOVKA and KRASNY LYMAN. In addition, a Ukrainian tactical missile “Tochka-U” was shot down over the settlement of ILYCHEVKA.

📊 In total since the beginning of the special military operation, destroyed: 141 aircraft, 110 helicopters, 607 unmanned aerial vehicles, 273 anti-aircraft missile systems, 2,596 tanks and other armored combat vehicles, 296 multiple rocket launchers, 1,134 field artillery pieces and mortars, as well as 2413 units of special military vehicles.

“Foreign instructors trained only “Nazi regiments”, we were not trained at all. < … > We were thrown by the unit, we were not paid a salary. We had no fuel, no food, no water. We ate hares, marmots, rabbits, whatever comes to hand < … > When I called my mother, she said that she was informed about me that I was no longer alive. Even though they couldn’t be sure. Mom, don’t worry about me! We are all clean and well fed here. They even treat people who came here with injuries. You can not believe the Ukrainian authorities, Ukrainian news – they are all lies! < … > I have never been beaten, they feed me three or four times a day, you don’t have to worry. There is no intention to kill anyone here. We’ll just be exchanged.”

⚡️ Javelin, NLAW and Soviet weaponry: a consignment of weapons left by Ukrainian nationalists during their retreat on the territory of the LPR fell into the hands of the Russian military

Destroyed fortified area of Ukronazis and the Armed Forces of Ukraine
◽️ The positions of the Ukrainian units had an extensive network of trenches and equipped firing points.
💥 Ukrainian nationalists, who did not want to voluntarily lay down their arms, were destroyed by artillery fire.
◽️ Retreating, the Ukrainian nationalists left small arms, ammunition and more than 30 dead soldiers in their positions.

❗️ “This morning, in the sky near Voronezh (on the territory of Russia), the air defense system detected and successfully destroyed a small-sized reconnaissance UAV,” the governor of the region said

🇺🇦 Missile strikes are also carried out on the Zaporozhye aluminum plant.
⚡️ “Caliber” in the territory of the Zaporozhye aluminum plant destroyed hangars with a large batch of foreign weapons and ammunition
Ministry of Defense of Russia

Ukronazi Attacks:

Hit on the city of Donetsk Leninsky district.

⚡️ The military of the Armed Forces of Ukraine continue to destroy the infrastructure of their own country, this time they destroyed the bridge in the Krasny Liman-Seversk section near Yampol

Air defense work in the Belgorod region, bordering Ukraine in the Valuyek region.

❗️ Transnistrian media report shooting in the area of ammunition depots near the village of Kolbasna
Let me remind you that the largest ammunition depot is located there, not far from the border with Ukraine.

❗️ At night, air defense systems in Donetsk were triggered many times.
Ukronazis are hitting a peaceful city with Grads.

Do you remember the Gray Wolves? A terrorist organization to who Mehmet Ali Agca belonged,

Pope John Paul II speaks with Mehmet Ali Agca, the man who tried to kill him. | Location: Rebibbia Jail, Rome, Italy.

3000 of them are now in Ukraine fighting side to side with Ukronazis against Russia.

⚡️ 3,000 “gray wolves” deployed to Ukraine via Poland
“This is reported by the sources of the project @wargonzoo, living in the territories temporarily occupied by the Kiev regime.
The participation of Turkish far-right nationalists in the hostilities on the territory of Ukraine is also confirmed our interlocutors who have access to radio intercepts. The first information about the arrival of 3,000 “gray wolves” at the Ukrainian-Polish border appeared about ten days ago, but only now we have learned that they have already been transferred to Kharkov and Odessa-Nikolaev

This is already a third worldwide war.

Air defense work in the Belgorod region, bordering Ukraine in the Valuyek region.

The open burning of the fire near the village of Staraya Nelidovka was eliminated. According to the report of the chief head of the Ministry of Emergency Situations for the Belgorod Region, Sergei Potapov, there were no casualties among the civilian population. There are no damages to residential buildings and houses, – Governor of the Belgorod Region Gladkov

War Crimes:

❗️ Residents of Volnovakha: “Ukraine mocked us very much.”
Natalya lost two close people – her grandmother and mother-in-law. The Ukrainian military drove the grandmother out into the cold in just a dressing gown and slippers.
“A shell flew into a neighboring apartment, a huge hole formed. She was in the apartment at the time. Ukraine came in (Ukrainian military-approx.), kicked her out. She stood in slippers and there were two icons in her bag, she had nothing else. We have not found her documents. Found her two days later with frostbite,” said Natalia
The elderly woman died two days later.
“My husband’s mother also died because of the fighting. She was lying down. We started shelling – they shelled us, we couldn’t help but pull her out, or go to her, nothing. Ukraine shot at the house from a tank. < .. . >
Ukraine mocked us very much,” said Natalia.

Fake News Alert:


Help to Civilians:

❗️🇷🇺 Russian military provides medical assistance to the residents of the Kharkiv region and takes them out of the danger zone on armored vehicles, then handing them over to civilian doctors.
In the field, if necessary, first aid is provided – up to surgical intervention.

The number of arrivals in Russia from Ukraine and Donbass exceeded 1 million

⚡️ More than 40 tons of humanitarian aid from Russia was delivered to Kherson.
Food, baby food, as well as essential goods were delivered from the Republic of Crimea by the already well-known white KAMAZ trucks of the Russian Emergencies Ministry.

Pro Russia Support:

So they learn series.

❗️ Learn from the mistakes of Russian oligarchs: “Members of the royal family of Saudi Arabia sell houses, yachts and art in the US and Europe. The total value of the property sold was already more than $600 million.”

❗️ In the liberated city of Golaya Pristan, Kherson region, the Russian military lit an eternal flame on the Alley of Glory of the Heroes of the Great Patriotic War – for the first time in eight years.

For Dogs and cats missing in the Warzone

Map of the shelter “Cat’s house”, Savings: 4817 7602 4184 7361

Contact and find out how you can shelter an animal (transportation to the cities of the Russian Federation is possible): +79847776168 (WhatsApp)

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❗️ On this day of “Russian Spring”

April 27, 2014 – the LUGANSK PEOPLE’S REPUBLIC was proclaimed in Lugansk

Ahead of the people was a referendum, an official declaration of independence and a long-term struggle with the Kyiv regime

which in the very near future will end with the victory of Donbass! In the meantime, let’s remember together how it was 8 years ago…