Chronicles From Freed Mariupol : Part 7 – Russian Green Corridors Have Been Opened From Days But Azov Nazis Deny


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2 May:

From Mariupol they report that now a column of black smoke is rising from the territory of the Azovstal plant. The fire may have occurred as a result of the denazification of the militants of the national battalion who settled at the enterprise

❗️ The Russian Defense Ministry publishes footage of the evacuation of civilians from the territory of the Azovstal plant in Mariupol

1 May:

“Medical facilities in Mariupol suffered the most as Ukrainian troops and Azov held the line there.”
RT military correspondent Hassan Nassr spoke with a nurse in the Mariupol hospital, which was occupied by the Ukrainian military.
She said that the soldiers broke into the building and demanded to leave it together with the patients. And then they plundered and destroyed everything, before leaving they mined the area around.
“There is no leadership. We ourselves gathered all those who remained, doctors, while we are recording. Let’s start raking, ”the woman notes.
Residents of the areas where the Ukrainian troops were defending confirm that they forced them to leave in order to set up barricades there.

❗️ Employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia have started clearing up the rubble of houses in Mariupol.

❗️ A civilian who came out from the neighborhoods adjacent to Azovstal said that the nationalists intimidated people, threatening to shoot them if they left the bomb shelter.
The man suggested that about three hundred people remained on the territory of the plant.

❗️ “We realized that everything we were told about Russian soldiers was a lie. They weren’t going to shoot at us.”
Cuban Gabriela Gomez married a Ukrainian in 2019 and moved to Mariupol.
At the beginning of the special operation, Azov fighters occupied the upper floors of her house, and residents were forbidden to leave the building.
“I could not even imagine that Ukrainians could be afraid of the Ukrainians themselves… At some point it became very dangerous to go out into the street.
I stopped going to the building where we cooked food. The neighbors came to my house because they thought something had happened to me,” the girl recalls.
According to Gabriela, she never received help from Ukraine, the Russian military helped her to evacuate to the Russian Federation: “Only in Russia did I feel calm.”
Video in Spanish with Russian subtitles

30 April:

❗️ People who managed to leave the Azovstal plant today said that they left the shelter on their own and did not know about the buses.
They went out at their own risk. They made their way through the broken fence.

❗️ This is what Mariupol looks like today: shops, stalls, car services, bakeries have started operating in the city. The streets are full of people and cars.
Also, new equipment of the Ministry of Emergency Situations for clearing debris is massively imported into the city.

❗️ To avoid epidemics, all spontaneous burials in Mariupol will be moved to cemeteries.
During active hostilities, Mariupol residents buried their fallen and dead fellow countrymen in the courtyards of residential buildings, in city squares.
“All of them will gradually be transferred to cemeteries, to avoid an outbreak of epidemics in the city, because not only the place, but also the depth of the burials were violated” ,- said Vladislav Berdichevsky.

❗️ Representatives of the UN and the International Committee of the Red Cross are trying to evacuate civilians from the Azovstal plant in Mariupol. Izvestia correspondent Semyon Yeremin reports this. Two dozen buses of 30 seats are ready to take civilians out of the plant

Russian special forces servicemen provide security for the UN delegation and the Red Cross, which arrived at the talks on Azovstal.

📹 The territory of “Azovstal” is encircled
Units of the NM DPR stop any attempts by neo-Nazis to break through the encirclement. Artillery of the DPR destroys open firing positions of militants.

29 April:

🙏🏻 In the liberated Mariupol, Metallurgov Avenue is being successfully restored. These shots taken from a height appeared at the disposal of Izvestia.
The city is gradually returning to normal life. Locals walking along the avenue, children ride bicycles, says correspondent Alexei Poltoranin.

Even in combat there is a place for cute stories. When our militias were liberating Mariupol, a dog came to them, brazenly jumped into the service car and sits as if nothing had happened. You could say I volunteered. And immediately became her own.
He is shy, but he is not afraid of shelling. A beautiful, strong dog, and the look is sad and proud. Faithful comrade.

“Azovites” kicked down the doors in the apartments of Mariupol residents, and what they couldn’t open, they blew up.

Ukronazis rounded up local residents in basements or garages. Meanwhile, their apartments were robbed, and then firing points were set up there.
“You should come and see what’s going on!
All our apartments were ruined by the “Azovites”. They couldn’t open my door and just blew it up with a plastid” ,- a local resident told the Donbass channel.

⚡️🇷🇺🇺🇦 Soldiers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the DPR identify and disarm Ukrainian servicemen who, under the guise of civilians, are trying to escape from Mariupol