Chronicles From Freed Mariupol : Part 8 – NATO Bio Laboratory Burned The Day That Special Operation Started

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🇺🇦🇩🇪 Video with stories of Azovstal evacuees removed from Spiegel website due to “inconsistencies”.

Another German publication Jungle Welt drew on this. In a three-minute video called “I Thought I Wouldn’t Survive” published by Spiegel, one of the residents of Mariupol

told how Azov militants prevented their evacuation and kept them in bunkers.

She said that she decided not to return to Mariupol. “Ukraine is dead to me as a state,” she said.

After some time, Speigel removed the video due to “belatedly revealed content inconsistencies.

❗️ What a brilliant wording!

However, nothing surprising. The West is pouring millions and millions of loans into the Zelensky regime not to show the inconvenient truth to its viewers…

6 May:

⚡️ Andrey Turchak and Denis Pushilin returned home 9 sailors from Kherson, who were held hostage by the Azov Nazis in the port of Mariupol for a month and a half

📹 In Mariupol, the work of a sewage pumping station is being restored – Ministry of Construction of the DPR

❗️ About 500 people were evacuated from the Azovstal plant in Mariupol and from nearby areas, the UN Secretary General said.
The headquarters of the territorial defense of the DPR specified that 518 people, including 67 children, were taken out of the plant per day

💥 Footage of the detonation of Ukrainian mines, which the Armed Forces of Ukraine installed at the entrances to Mariupol.

❗️ In the liberated Mariupol, the first bus was launched, following the route “Metro-Sartana”.

5 May:

⚡ Ours resumed the assault on Azovstal. Aviation, artillery and infantry were used. Just yesterday, the ghouls from Azov were squealing that their situation was critical. And now they don’t feel good at all.

⚡️ Siege of Azovstal ⚡️ Situation on the evening of 05.05.2022 ⚡️

❗️ Caring residents of Donetsk help injured animals from Mariupol
“They call, ask for help, or someone was abandoned somewhere, or they need to be sterilized. Basically, we have problem animals. We just don’t grab from the street,” the volunteer said.

❗️ Mariupol has finally become Mariupol – updated road signs appeared at the entrance to the liberated city
Today, at the entrance to Mariupol, which is controlled by Russian troops, information signs in Russian were installed – the work was carried out under control

❗️ Nazi rats hidingin “Azovstal” offered to exchange civilians there for food and medicine. Exchange is made with hostages. Nazis clearly are admitting this knowing that Western Press
supports them and their atrocities.
“The indicated terms of the deal are fifteen hostages per ton of food, as well as medicines.”

4 May:

❗️🇷🇺 The Russian Defense Ministry announced that on May 5, 6 and 7, from 8 am to 6 pm Moscow time, the Russian military will open a humanitarian corridor for the evacuation of civilians from the territory of Azovstal.

⚡️ Video ⚡️ Marine of the 810th brigade told about the battles at Azovstal ⚡️
A fighter of the legendary 810th brigade of the Black Sea Fleet with the call sign “Panda” in an exclusive interview with the project @wargonzoo
spoke about the current situation at the Azovstal plant

❗️ – I read German news, and they write that Russia destroyed everything in Mariupol …
Tell those Germans of yours: fuck them!” Russia feeds us!
A resident of Mariupol briefly but succinctly conveyed “hello” to the German media through the German journalist Alina Lipp.

Peaceful life continues to return to the liberated Mariupol.

3 May:

More footage from the fighting at Azovstal – artillery and aviation are working, as a result of strikes, black smoke rises above the plant
It is likely that the Russian Armed Forces and the DPR army attacked the fuel depot on the territory of the plant.
Suppression of the Nazis, who decided to take advantage of the silence regime and went to firing positions, continues.

⚡️ NATO laboratory in Mariupol was burned on the day of the start of the NWO
This was reported to the wargonzo project by sources from the special services of the DPR, who are in control of the situation related to the investigation into the activities of the “Donetsk Regional Laboratory Center”, located in Mariupol and formally located under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.
The building was set on fire by the Ukrainian security forces on February 24 (the day the SVO began), before that they removed a large number of samples and materials from the biological laboratory. That is, they acted on the principle that this facility was a military, security facility and data of increased secrecy was stored on it.

📹 The Ministry of Internal Affairs of the DPR published footage of the work of the operational-combat tactical formation on the territory of the Azovstal plant in Mariupol