Second Worldwide War : What About The 150,000 Jews Who Served, Fought, and Died For Adolf Hitler and The Third Reich ?

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German-Jews who did not profess Judaism were considered by the Third Reich to be fully and rightly Germans, true Aryans.

And this is not even incredible as will be demonstrated later by the Khazar Indo-European Knowledge .

For a first example, Adolf Hitler’s ” little treasure ” was an Ashkenazi Jewish girl, she was named Bernile, we will write about her later.

A European does not become a Semitic Jew just because he/she professes the Jewish religion.

This is why the image of Werner Goldberg , a German of paternal Jewish descent, was used in the Berliner Tagesblatt newspaper , under the supervision of Goring, with the caption ” The Ideal German Soldier “, and from there it was also used on recruitment posters.

On July 19 1934 , the Jewish-German weekly CV-Zeitung published an article entitled “Cross of Honor“, which it addressed the theme of the decorations that the Nazis had assigned to the Jews who had fought in the first war world, and affirmed: ” German Jews will proudly carry the Cross of Honor and keep alive the memory of the great days of the common German-Jewish history“.

The Nazi-Jewish medal awarded to German Jews who promoted the Haavara Agreement.
Ashkenazi Jews in Palestine waving Third Reich flags to honor the Haavara Agreement.

Werner Goldberg and Bernile represent only the tip of the Iceberg of the Jews and Jewish Half-Bloods who were full members of the Third Reich.

It is estimated that at least 150,000 Jews served in the German armies during World War II

Among these one hundred and fifty thousand we mention some who had some quite significant role in the context.

Hans Eppinger , Jewish half-breed, SS doctor and medical researcher who served in the Dacau concentration camp. He apparently started the experiment of quenching several Roma prisoners with salt water.

Walter Hollaender , Jew, Colonel of the Wehrmacht, awarded the Cross of the Knights of the Iron Cross.

Emil Maurice , a Jewish half-breed, was one of Adolf Hitler’s first personal chauffeurs, and also a member of the SS, but prior to that, Maurice was a member of Adolf Hitler’s Personal Guard, Stabswache , and also one of the active and allied conspirators. Hitler’s side in the Munich Putsch in 1923, and imprisoned after his failure in Landsberg with the other Nazi members of the plot, the same prison in which Hitler served his sentence.

Von links nach rechts: Hitler, Emil Maurice, Oberstleutnant Kriebel, Rudolf Hess, Dr. Friedrich Weber 

But the more attentive will now remember that Maurice later became mistress of Adolf Hitler’s niece, Geli Raubal , which thing was disliked by Hitler, and because of this Maurice was removed from the inner circle of the Party’s top, but he was allowed to remain an integral member of the SS, organization where it reached some time later the rank of SS-Oberfuhrer .

When Himmler reached the top of the Reich in 1935, becoming Absolute Head of the SS, he tried to discredit Maurice and remove him from the organization for his now known Jewish ancestry, but Hitler , once informed, immediately moved in defense of the old revolutionary comrade, and peremptorily ordered that Maurice and his brothers were to be considered Arians in all respects and integral parts of the Reich .

After the war, he was sentenced to four years in a labor camp, he died in 1972.

Erhard Milch , Jew, Luftwaffe Fedel Marshal, worked alongside Albert Speer, architect of the Reich. Like Hollaender, he was awarded the Knight’s Cross of the Iron Cross.

He was beaten by British soldiers, when arrested after the conflict ended, so badly that they fractured his skull. He was later imprisoned for war crimes in Landsberg, and released in 1954, died in 1972.

Bernhard Rogge , a Jewish half-breed, was an Admiral in the German Navy during the Second War, and was remembered for the respect with which he treated enemy prisoners, which cleared him of any accusations at the end of the war.

Leo Skurnik, second row, second from the right

Leo Skurnik , Jew, Medical Officer in the Wehrmacht and awarded the Iron Cross.

Alexander Lohr , a Jew, was a Luftwaffe Colonel, responsible for bombing city targets on the Central and Eastern front of the war.
At the end of the war, he was imprisoned, tried and sentenced to death.  His execution, it seems, was carried out with a flamethrower.

Ernst Bloch , a Jewish half-breed, Major in force at the Wehrmacht, appears to have actively helped some Jews to safety during the war.

Alexander Stahlberg , Jew, Colonel of the Wehrmacht.


Even in the rest of the nations loyal to the Axis, the Jews fought for the glory of the Third Reich: at least three hundred of them were among the Finnish military forces swearing allegiance to Adolf Hitler.

True history is not what Marxist books tell, the history you know is only a pale shadow of facts and circumstances. 

However, this study, for those wishing to deepen, was excellently conducted by the American historical researcher Bryan Mark Rigg .

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