War On Westworld : Russian Special Operation As Revolt Against The Modern World

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Mankind is poised midway between the gods and the beasts.That may have been true in Plotinus’s time, but clearly we have fallen quite a bit since then.

Attack on Ukronazis of the Day:

In these hours you could read in western press that Azov Leaders deny that they surrendered to Russians. Anyone does what most like with own mind, I suppose.
❗️🏳 Footage from the drone of the surrender of the Ukrainian military from Azovstal.
The footage also shows the preliminary surrender of weapons.

A friend sent. Somewhere under Izyum, classical music sounds, which re-educates Ukrainian warriors.

Jewelry pass of the attack helicopter Mi-28N

🇷🇺 Russian attack helicopters Ka-52 and Mi-28N near Severodonetsk.

Tanks T-72B of the People’s Militia of the LPR are moving forward, sweeping away the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine with fire

❗️🔥 Artillery of the 100th brigade of the army of the Donetsk People’s Republic, correcting fire with the help of a drone received from the Veche, destroys and puts to flight tanks and infantry of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Avdiivka direction.

ZS-88 broadcasts the Russian anthem to the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Then there will be a test for knowledge of words and a separate test for performance

Ukronazi Attacks:

❗️ Since early morning, Ukronazi cowards have been hitting the cities of the DPR: under fire Gorlovka, Donetsk, Yasinovataya.
Two wounded are reported from Yasinovataya. The city is ironed with “GRAD” and heavy mortars.

❗️ Ukrainian “Tochka-U” was shot down by our air defense over Debaltseve. As a result of the rocket detonation, more than ten houses were damaged.
Rescue services and the mayor of the city Igor Zakharevich are working on the spot.

Usual ukronazi tank fighting in the midst of residential buildings…

War Crimes:

[none atm]

Fake News Alert:

About the Bucha Massacre Set:
❗️ Another ukrofake about Bucha. On all published videos, everything superfluous was eliminated by editing, something was added, but on one video they forgot to eliminate the color of green grass. Judging by the surveillance camera, the shooting was carried out on March 3rd.

Well, the constant question – WHY was it published only after two and a half months???

Fake ❗️ Ukrainian air defense 🇺🇦 shot down another Russian aircraft. The video is distributed by Advisor to the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Anton Gerashchenko and Ukrainian Telegram channels.
True ✔️ This time, the creators of the fakes do not even try to give at least the appearance of authenticity to their video. In the video, you can watch how one plane is chasing another, then the viewers are shown a photo (!) of a rocket launch and the next frame is a photo of a downed plane.

Fake ❗️ Major Ukrainian telegram channels are spreading a video that allegedly depicts the work of artillery of the Armed Forces of Ukraine shelling the positions of the Russian army in the Luhansk region
True ✔️ This video is eight years old. Indeed, we are being fired upon by the artillery of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which is shelling the positions of the LPR fighters in the center of Lisichansk. It only happens in July 2014.
At the same time, this video was published on Youtube, which can be easily verified by clicking on the link.

The publication of the archives speaks of the lack of real informational reasons for Ukrainian propaganda. This time, Trukha channels (more than 1.8 million readers), Ukrop News (11 thousand), Centrum Novum (5 thousand) and others were noticed in the juggling of facts.
ZY: The name amused. “Jewelry work of artillery on the positions of the Russians” 🤦🏼‍♀️ , perhaps for 8 years it sounded normal. But now, without showing the result of the work, and that same jewelry accuracy of arrival, to sign the video with such headlines means to take readers for morons, it’s ridiculous ..

Help to Civilians:

❗️🇷🇺 Russian pilots on Mi-8 help a convoy with humanitarian cargo to get to the liberated settlements. There, civilians were waiting for the delivery of medicines and essential goods, Izvestia correspondent Yaroslav Bogat said.

Pro Russia Support:

EU transferred to Ukraine, a nation defeated and on the verge of collapsing, a new tranche of macro-financial assistance in the amount of € 600 million of €uro (European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen)
It is so sweet to see how Europeans lose their money in a total failure as deal.

Having 600 Millions from Europe, Ukraine can buy and recycle 600 Millions of dirty money from activities like that of Cartels.
Thus Americans take their part and parcel in this and make weak Europe that bit that is enough to keep them rolling ahead in their Western leadership

‘The fact that the man who presided over this horrible war has the nerve to call out Russia’s actions in Ukraine is a display of narcissism’ – Bradley Blankenship

For Dogs and cats missing in the Warzone

Map of the shelter “Cat’s house”, Savings: 4817 7602 4184 7361

Contact and find out how you can shelter an animal (transportation to the cities of the Russian Federation is possible): +79847776168 (WhatsApp)

If you are interested in any of the issues raised in this article, please call the Samaritans for free on +44 116123 or visit their division at: www.samaritans.org

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The Russians are fine now. Europe is suffering a lot because the US has not delivered on its promises.”

American military analyst Scott Ritter noted that Joe Biden himself warned Vladimir Putin about the impending sanctions:

“The US is sitting with its petrodollar, the price of which hangs above a bottomless debt hole. Very soon no one will buy petrodollars.

Soon they will buy other currencies, such as the Russian ruble, which is also backed by the gold standard. Russia has been buying gold for 20 years in a row under Putin.

Russia tied the ruble to the gold reserve.
The ruble is stronger than ever in a long time.

Europe suffers greatly because the US has promised them something they cannot deliver. If Europe cuts itself off from Russia, their economy will stop, not temporarily, but permanently.

Putin has effectively delivered a checkmate to the West in the game of sanctions.”

American military expert Scott Ritter