Vaccini e Scelta : Forse Non Hanno Più Soldi Per Pagare Le Pensioni e Vogliono Ammazzarci Tutti, Ma Tutto Questo E’ Agghiacciante

_χρόνος διαβασματός : [ 2 ] minutes


Lo sapevo. Lo abbiamo scritto dall’inizio. E se hanno mentito sulla nostra salute, e stanno mentendo sull’Operazione Speciale…

The event name, in italian is:
“Il Diritto alla Scelta” (the right to make a choice, meaning ‘freedom of choice’).
Location: Savigliano (Cuneo), Italy
Date: 17 May 2022

“A documentary excursus, with direct testimonies, in relation to the legacy of the Nuremberg Code”
“Evidence, protections, critical issues in the largest pharmaceutical experiment in history.”

Interventions (in order of appearance):
0:00 Presentation of the event
3:14 Cristian Luca Atzori (event organizer, human rights activist)
20:52 Luciana Beccaria (human rights supporter)
31:48 (video documentation about blood tests)
37:24 Graphene Oxide (found during microscopy observation on a patient’s blood)
44:37 Maria Carmen Valsania (specialist in electron microscopy and nanotechnology)
1:03:11 Carla M.(witness damaged by vaccine)
1:15:09 Alessandra Chiavegatti (magistrate)
1:45:15 Rosario Sorbo (doctor)
1:48:41 Massimo Citro (doctor, writer)
2:03:30 Rosario Sorbo (doctor)
2:07:12 Cristian Luca Atzori (a question to the magistrate)
2:16:10 Stefania Cappellari (lawyer)
2:21:00 Stefano Puzzer e Andrea Donaggio (human rights activists)
2:25:28 Silvana De Mari (doctor, writer)
2:40:06 Rosario Sorbo (press release message)
2:42:44 Arrivederci

Notes on the conference “THE RIGHT TO CHOOSE”: The event was organized with the cue of precise instances in which critical issues were highlighted that, according to the opinion of numerous citizens and health professionals, doctors, lawyers contacted in recent months can not be ignored and require detailed clarifications, in the absence of which there would be no assumption of ‘safety and efficacy’ necessary to justify any pharmacological treatment campaign (voluntary adhesion or even worse obliged with forcing and sanctions). It is completely indifferent whether these requests have been proposed to a mayor or an ASL rather than to other municipal / regional administrators or to managers of professional associations (for example): the most obvious follow-up could have been an active involvement in the solution of questions of such a wide and incisive scope.
The topics covered, mainly focused on the obvious flaws in the field of security, as well as transparency on the part of the producers involved and often also on the part of those in charge of controls, represent only one of the possible approaches on which to open a constructive dialogue aimed at eliminating the conflicts that have arisen in recent months, and which could recur, in the field of limitation of human rights: the issue of health taxation (vaccination or not) must be addressed with scientific honesty and this, by its definition, must always be based on comparison in order to accept doubts and seek answers as close as possible to solutions that meet all the initial conditions ( protection of the human being, in this case).
The testimonies and documents on which the study is proposed constitute an invitation to a multidisciplinary approach that sees as its center the interest in the protection of the human being, through the search for evidence that with great effort are emerging thanks to the independent works of numerous researchers, activists, doctors and jurists who deserve to be heard and deepened.

The work and evidence presented here have as their primary purpose to preserve the health of human beings and, above all, of human rights as an indispensable foundation for the future of our children.

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