Belize : Jasmine Hartin Arrested Again, This Time She Ordered To Her Lover “Piggy” To Kill Williams And Cayetano

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She is the killer of Police Officer Henry Jemmott, she is still free to walk around, she….

Authored by Ben Ashford and Cherisse Halsall Via Daily Mail

She sleeps with many locals, after a while or they submit to her requests or…they die or are accused of rape.

It’s the last episode of that vulgar bitch and slut named Jasmine Hartin, Jaz for friends and lovers.


The Canadian socialite awaiting trial for ‘accidentally’ shooting dead a cop in Belize is back in custody over explosive new allegations that she ordered a hit on the country’s police commissioner, can exclusively reveal.

Jasmine Hartin, 33, is also accused of plotting to assassinate the magistrate overseeing her child custody battle with former partner Andrew Ashcroft, the son of Britain’s Lord Ashcroft.

The mom-of-two has become increasingly frustrated with Belizean authorities, claiming she’s being unfairly blocked from seeing twins Charlie and Elle while she waits to go on trial for the May 2021 manslaughter of Henry Jemmott.

She was detained Thursday night after Commissioner of Police Chester Williams said he received information suggesting an unnamed woman had hired a Belize City street gang to carry out the contract killings.

An attorney for Hartin confirmed she was the individual under suspicion but dismissed the allegations as ‘preposterous’ and expressed confidence she would be exonerated.

Jaz is a witch alike Amber Heard, but with much less class, at least until now we can not tell that Amber tried to kill Johnny Depp.

Instead this vile whore planned to kill Chester Williams and Dale Cayetano.

Hartin was arrested Thursday night after Commissioner of Police Chester Williams (right) said he received information suggesting an unnamed woman had hired a Belize City street gang to carry out the contract killings. She is also accused of plotting to assassinate Dale Cayetano, the magistrate overseeing her child custody battle


She asked help to his last lover, a criminal dude named Lionel Neal AKA “Piggy”, now arraigned because the witch told to the cops that he tried to rape her…
Former murder suspect, 33-year-old Lionel Neal AKA “Piggy” has just been arraigned for burglary with intent to rape & threatening words to Jasmine Hartin.


Piggy…already his nickname is all a program. Who knows how she liked him for all these months in the sand rolling on cocaine and condoms.
Indeed Neal aka “Piggy” claims he and Jasmine were in a 7 month relationship.

Hartin is currently facing charges for killing a high ranking Belizean cop, cocaine possession and she is fighting her former partner, Andrew Ashcroft, for custody of their children.

Meanwhile allegations have been made against Jaz: she arranged a hit on Police Commissioner Chester Williams and the Public prosecutor Cayetano.

The first wasn’t surprised to apprehend that Hartin planned to kill him because she used to send him many text messages claiming various things but he never replied to her texts.

Here what she replied on this last rape event:

We just remind you who this bitch is

We had previously posted about her in Italian, although translation it’s pretty clear.

We also reached Jemmott’s sister, Cherry, instructing her about crime scene forensics.

Our reconstruction about what happened that night in the pier is more credible than anything she thought to use for covering her crime in cold blood.

They were not sat in the pier, but standing up at the center of it, she pointed the gun to Henry’s head, she executed him, then got rid of the Police officer body by dropping him in the sea but things went out of control at that point….

The motive?


After she faced many “milk” rains on her face is time to pay luxury and degeneration in full.


She will be brought to Justice in this life and in the other.

And we are here and there because we will be part and parcel in accomplishing this.

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