Belize : Jasmine Hartin, Cop Killer, Is Trying To Walk Away From Own Responsibility Asking Help To Justin Trudeau

Last updated on January 1st, 2023 at 09:58 am

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I knew that at a certain point this witch was going to have an exit plan. I knew, so we are preparing our Legions.

Authored by Jasmine Hartin Via Youtube Appeal

She is not asking help randomly calling own President.

She is moving from deep to strict a tie with Trudeau via emotional feelings.

Not for the blatant reasons of a mother estranged from own children, not for a Canadian stranger in a strange land, but she is draining the affair to a subliminal framework.

She used new pictures of her, these pictures look similar to other ones published but there’s a subtle line over them, and not just for the disgusting choice to show openly the face  of her two children, but…for…

Jasmine Hartin is trying to leave BelizeJasmine Hartin is trying to leave BelizeJasmine Hartin is trying to leave Belize

Her likeness with Sophie Gregoire Trudeau…. thing that is clearly impressive…

Jasmine Hartin is trying to leave BelizeJasmine Hartin is trying to leave BelizeJasmine Hartin is trying to leave Belize

Jasmine Hartin is not a victim but a perpetrator.

Further to expose the dark aspects of the crime scene in our forensics analysis done previously, and that dismount in detail the reconstruction provided by the witch,
we are in possess of an explosive information not yet disclosed to the media for what we know.

Lionel Neal, aka Piggy, her ex-lover, told to Police that she trembles when she has to recollect her memories on that night on the pier and that she feels no remorse for what happened to respectable police officer Henry Jemmott, while adding that she considered him a “piece of shit”.

It is clear that this sort of Canadian woman is on this desperate move because she is planning to leave Belize, walking away from own duty, and own crimes.

It won’t end as she thinks. She won’t walk away with a fine after the trial. She killed that man in cold blood and must pay for this as any sinner of this world.

She must not leave the country. She will try illegally to do so but now Police, after also the threats she sent to Police Officer Chief Chester Williams, will keep her under surveillance.

If she will run away from Belize then Mr.Williams could end ingloriously own career. I hope for him, and obviously for all of us, not this epilogue.

She has to pay, and she will under the Eyes of God and of the Law, equal and same for all people as citizens of civilized countries.

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